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Adfleet - ParisJune 2020 - February 2021

Lead the development of a cloud based fleet management software for a vehicle conciergerie based in Paris that connects concessions to their clients throughout the French territory. The company required tools to increase efficiency in managing their operations with intent to expand market share.

- Establish requirements, advise and accompany clients in an Agile framework.
- Build a software suite in React coupled with a Node AWS cloud backend.
- Set in place CI/CD branch base triggered builds allowing for quick deployment of development servers and seamless integration on production builds.
- Setup user database and Auth with Cognito, IAM, Lambda and GraphQL.
- Extrapolated core intelligence into Lambdas allowing developers to work insularly on specific requirements and continuously integrate with feature mindset.
- Built an automated database feed engine.
- Establish testing framework and methodology with jest, react testing library and cypress
- Deliver a code base ready for expansion by successive teams.
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Tata, Air France, KLM, SafranOctober 2019 - April 2020

As lead JS developer in a joint effort between Air France, KLM, Safran and TATA consulting I was in charge of building a platform for big-data.

- Establishing and the architecture and necessary dependencies for the projected vision in the AWS cloud.
- Provided expertise in key decision making for the perseverance of the project in the long term and the relevance the code base in the future amidst rapidly changing technology.
- Provisioning micro services to enable integration between cross platform resources.
- Orchestrating the exchange of resources, and intelligence between local and overseas teams and between management and production.
- Ensuring the training of developers for a seamless project handoff.
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Digital Audio WorkstationJuly 2019 - July 2019

I built the foundations of a Digital Audio Workstation including audio functions and a spectrometer using the Web Audio API in JavaScript and node with React Hooks.

- Built a DAW and a spectrometer using the Web Audo API, React JS with an Express backend.
- Implemented reducers with useContext for handling state, errors and a-synchronous middleware.
- Built an API to handle file uploads, storage, audio data analysis, and streaming.
- Primed the project for deployment on AWS.
- Consulted on intellectual property rights.
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RTB serviceMay 2019 - May 2019

I proposed a solution for an RTB service to save on runtime costs that could be executed in a very short timeframe at minimal cost (2 weeks).

Elaborated an execution plan consisting of :
1. Upgrading all server side packages and language to latest versions
2. Rewriting the core server app and implementing async over clustering to automate multithreading across available servers in the network.
3. Deploy a development server for testing then transferring traffic for production
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Marketing tech startupMarch 2019 - March 2019

I built a module for data analysis and projection for a marketing tech startup founded around TensorFlow.

- Built a custom interface to interact with the data in real time.
- Increased the interpolation and granularity of data points for deeper analysis.
- Defined custom HTML DOM elements with ECMA2016 class declarations.
- Canvas and requestAnimationFrameRate custom animation engine for no lag real time feedback and projection.
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-January 2017 - January 2019

This is a desktop CMS built in the electronJS framework meant to sit at the tail end of a professional photographer’s workflow.

- ElectronJS, NodeJS, JS, HTML, CSS.
- Implemented image editing tools and batch processing functions in JavaScript
- Designed and coded an ergonomic interface to cut the time of building and maintaining a photography website to mere minutes.
- Drag and drop from desktop to interface for fast image imports and layout placement.
- Implemented FTP protocols for batch file uploads.
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Professional photography website www.cedricindra.comMarch 2017 - July 2017

Professional photography website built in vanilla JavaScript, Python and PHP. The goal of the website is to create a unique experience for the user to be fully immersed in the photographer’s vision.

- Design the UI and UX to be minimal, responsive and seamless.
- Created a lazy load infinity scroll functionality allowing the user to scroll through an endless array of photos in JS
- Designed a coded a functionality to download only required image sizes for the device in which it is viewed for increased interactivity
- Custom html elements in JS using ES6 class declarations and polyfills.
- Batch image processing and content delivery is executed in Python.
- Server side functions in PHP
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www.ifp-yvelines.frFebruary 2017 - February 2017

Designed and coded a single page responsive website for a small local business. Due to restrictive budget, the challenge for this website was to write a single code base for all devices and to make it simple for users with low technological knowledge.

- careful study in UI/UX design and added effort in the conception of its ergonomics.
- CSS, Vanilla JavaScript in the front end
- Python for image processing and content management
- PHP backend
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-January 2002 - January 2017

Design and Build websites for various clients in various industries with HTML, CSS, Actionscript (now obsolete), PHP, JavaScript, Wordpress, Adobe suite
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PROVOKAT - MontrealJanuary 2001 - January 2002

Web designer and Actionscript programmer at a web marketing agency. tech: HTML, CSS, Actionscript, Flash, Adobe suite

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