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Muhammed C.


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Istanbul InstituteJanuary 2018 - Présent

Turkish Technic Project Management Program (PMP)
Software Development Team Lead Istanbul Institute / Yıldız Teknik University
Turkish Technic

Software Development Team Lead

I have started at C# Senior Software Developer that using WebForm. After 6 month, i was promoted to Team Leader.
Today i am responsible for development of Angular 7 UI framework.

We are using C# WebForm for old project. We are using mvc + Angular.js for accounting project (cyber security rule). We are using Angular 7 (recently updated to Angular 8) for MRO progress. We are using .net core for API service. We are using identity server with ldap integration.

Astas Alçı Dekorasyon LTD ŞTİJanuary 2015 - January 2019

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Cashfish Mobile App CompanySeptember 2015 - May 2018

It started with the job offer of a company that wants to develop a social platform abroad. I have started to develop and manage the teams. Check the web site for more information:
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Astas Alçı Dekorasyon LTD ŞTİJune 2016 - October 2017

We used Google Firebase,, Object-C, Java, Angular.js

I was in charge of the service before the establishment of a half-century-old company.

-Formation of corporate forms
-Determination of job descriptions
-Preparation of annual budgets
-Transition of the existing accounting program to the ERP program Intellect (C#, MSSQL and Javascript Based)
-Understanding with the Agency for website and social media affairs
-Preparation of social responsibility projects suitable for forest structure
-Including processes for company operations for CNC production (G-Code)

I took part in the managerial role in the process.
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WorksAugust 2014 - June 2016

I chose to work on a freelance and that time i was developing myself and i had a chance to earn money. During this time, i;

-support and customization Wordpress based websites (PHP, MYSQL, CSS, HTML, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT)
-have provided performance and seo services (MYSQL, APACHE, MSSQL, LITESPEED, IIS)
-mobile responsive designs and error correction services for up to 1 million individual sites daily. (RESPONSIVE DESIGN, BOOTSTRAP, CDN, JAVASCRIPT OPTIMIZATION)

At the same time, I have done a lot of different work such as designing concept designs with Angular.js, jQuery & JavaScript in html format.
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Yesar Yapı TicaretOctober 2014 - June 2016

I set up the company's e-commerce operations. My main task are those;
-buy a registered domain
-Setup and customize kobimaster e-commerce software (C# based)
-creating,, market place accounts (API and XML Integration)
-Online payment system operations (3D Payment Gateway Integration with Garanti Bank)
-Set up xml integration for price compare web sites like and (MYSQL and XML Integration)

After 1 year, we changed the software with shopphp and i managed transfer and reinstall progress.
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Yufo Co.April 2014 - August 2014

I have developed ; businiess websites, news websites, wordpress websites, gambling websites.

We have provide; cdn servers, web servers,optimization service for high traffic websites.

Also i managed advertisement network that managing visual team, optimization, video and picture hosting tools and the timing softwares.

We also worked with Google DoubleClick.

We used C# MVC 3.0 for businiess web sites.
We Used PHP for news and wordpress websites.
We have realtime SOCKET and REST API integration for gambling websites.
We managed CDN server with IIS, PHP and .net mvc.
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ENSONTEKNOLOJİMarch 2011 - March 2013

Bilişim Mühendislik ve Danışmanlık Hizmetleri

In the company that we established as a partner, we mainly engaged in construction sector, corporate web sites, corporate identity studies, advertisement promotion projects and multilingual website projects.
Our biggest project with this company is the social media management desktop program project for the Governorship of Istanbul under the name of TekTwit.


Mes compétences

XML, WordPress, TypeScript, Team management, SQL, Social Media, REST API, Project Management, Problem Solving, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, MVC, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, JSON, jQuery, JavaScript, Java, HTTP, HTML, Git, Express.js, Entity Framework, CodeIgniter, CLI, CDN, C++, Bootstrap, API, Apache Web Server, AngularJS, Angular 2+, Angular, AJAX, .NET