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Flatiron SchoolMay 2019 - Présent

Leading the teaching of full-stack development to cohorts of around 20 students.

Responsibilities include:
- delivering lectures across the full curriculum
- determining the pace of teaching
- delivering feedback to students after assessments
- working with the curriculum team to keep the material relevant to modern full- stack development
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Clearly SimplerFebruary 2018 - Présent

Worked on various projects for churches and councils, many in a consultant role during the proposal process.

Built the front end for Parish Dashboards https:// The app, built using React, empowers users to follow the safeguarding rules defined by the Church of England.
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Flatiron SchoolJuly 2018 - May 2019

Working alongside Lead Instructors to ensure students succeed in becoming full stack developers.

Responsibilities include:
- debugging code with students
- 1:1 sessions to determine ability and reinforce learning
- leading code reviews
- helping students plan projects
- plan and reorganise classes based on cohort progress
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Instant Win GamingJuly 2013 - July 2018

Built dozens of web games using Pixi, GSAP and proprietary libraries maintained by myself and the team.
Built design and animation tools used by the art team to construct game assets for the development team to efficiently build the games.
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Self-employedApril 2013 - June 2013

Tutored underachieving students, significantly improving their understanding of game development

and the consequent grades they achieved.

ArtsTempsNovember 2012 - May 2013

MA Doc ShowOctober 2012 - December 2012

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Web development, Web Developer, Vue.js, Software Engineering, Ruby on Rails, React.js, Pixi.js, Node.js, JavaScript, Game development, Game Design, Debugging