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Texas BlockchainSeptember 2019 - Présent

* Developed out our own smart-contract token using Solidity and Python to be used throughout the local community

* Gather weekly to discuss, learn, and teach others regarding -day uses and advancements with blockchain.
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Self-EmployedSeptember 2014 - Présent

Created multiple iOS apps including Know Snow and CTSports.
Created a Chrome Extension for Staples High School called the SHS All in One.
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Varfaj PartnersJanuary 2019 - Présent

* Created an API in Node.js for an eCommerce website to retrieve a set of proxy IPs from remote Linux servers by SSHing in and running Expect scripts

* Incorporated the backend with MongoDB so orders could be created, filled, and instantly retrievable from a user's dashboard on the frontend or through the admin dashboard (written in Pug)

* Programmed autonomous scripts in JavaScript and Python so the client could easily instantiate new Linux servers, merge users from the previous platform, and create batch orders

* Built a React Native bot to monitor an eCommerce site and rapidly purchase limited boutique items at release

* Operated as a project and development manager by communicating between clients and off-shore developers.
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Loeb Enterprises - DGDeanJune 2018 - August 2018

* Spearheaded development of a proof of concept augmented reality iOS app which would display virtual discounts at participating liquor stores

* Incorporated Google Maps and Firebase to manage and accurately display locations of participating stores.
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Kitchen BrainsApril 2018 - June 2018

* Upgraded and maintained a Visual Basic IoT kitchen controller editing software that was released to over 1000 fast-food restaurants worldwide

* Compiled an Android and iOS quality product management software

* Developed skills with Jira, Linux, Docker, code restoration, and the quality assurance process.
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Know SnowApril 2017 - June 2017

Know Snow is a mobile app that provides school closing chances for Connecticut based on the likelihood of snow. The app uses a unique formula combined with meteorological analysis to calculate the odds of a delay, early dismissal or closing for each individual town out to 3 days. In 2014 the app had an accuracy rate of 84%. Know Snow has been featured on CNBC, 99.5 The Fox, The CT Post, and News 12 CT, has more than 15,000 downloads, and is now listed at number 19 for Top Free Weather Apps in the App Store.

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Swift, SQL, Solidity, React Native, Quality Assurance, Python, PostgreSQL, Node.js, MongoDB, Linux, JavaScript, Java, iOS, Docker, C, Blockchain, API, Android, Amazon Web Services EC2