Alex G.


490 dollar
5 ans

Mon expérience

GitHub - Part-timeOctober 2017 - Présent

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Peeps DemocracyDecember 2019 - Présent

Worked with Web2 and Web3 technology do deploy user generated DAO's to the Ethereum Blockchain.
Built PeepsDAO's DApp with a React interface to allow easy user interaction with data stored on-chain.

Built a GraphQL API to interact with web2 data stored in MongoDB.

• Built API integration with Ethereum Mainnet to deploy smart contracts from React frontend
• Saved more than 100 hours of development time by building a custom form generation and validation process using React Hooks
• Reduced deployment and operational costs by implementing a lightweight, serverless, architecture using AWS, Node.js, GraphQL, CircleCi, and MongoDB
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Quadrant 2April 2019 - December 2019

• Engineered real-time RFID notification system with 98% delivery at zero cost by combining Angular and Firebase’s Push Notification, Cloud Firestore, and Cloud Function features.
• Trained 7 junior developers by teaching best practices in git, functional programming, web development, mobile development, and UI/UX design principles.
• Cut redundant work in half by merging duplicate code from two applications into a shared engine deployed to a remote server.
• Created UI optimizations to reduce development time for three applications by utilizing Angular’s SCSS mixin and theming features.
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General AssemblyDecember 2018 - April 2019

• Created freelancer invoicing app that took user data and produced an itemized pdf invoice using React and Express.
• Implemented Reddit submission analysis application that ran sentiment analysis on over 8000 posts from 200 subreddits using Django, React, and Spacy.

Mes compétences

TypeScript, Swift, SQLAlchemy, Spanish, SCSS, Sass, SaaS, Redux, React.js, React Native, Python, PostgreSQL, Node.js, NativeScript, MongoDB, Machine Learning, JavaScript, GraphQL, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), GitHub, Git, Firebase, Express.js, Express, Django, CircleCI, C#, Bitbucket, Azure, AWS, AngularJS, AngularFire, Angular Material, Angular, Amazon Web Services (AWS), .NET