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FreelanceNovember 2017 - Présent

▪ Conducting Social Media Audit (analyzing the client's online assets, identifying the target audience and the competition & the perception of the brand in the online space) ▪ Creating & implementing online marketing strategies in key with the client's general marketing objectives ▪ Defining the buyer personas and delivering them relevant & valuable content ▪ Developing multipurpose written content that can be easily adapted & distributed on every social media platform that the clients own & to its specific audiences - whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blog or website. ▪ Implementing and monitoring Facebook & Instagram Ads Campaigns ▪ Analyzing the results and adjusting the strategy accordingly ▪ Managing Online Communities (aggregating and solidifying the online community around the brand & expanding it)
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BLACKSQUAREMay 2015 - December 2017

• Analysis: Face to face sessions with the clients, setting internal objectives, establishing supplier lists. • Preparation of the activities: contacting &contracting suppliers and maintaining a positive relationship with them (hotels, catering, technical equipment suppliers). • Implementation: problem interception, solving unforeseen situations, mediating the meetings, animating the course of the meetings. • Reporting: Writing the activity reports. PR & Communication • Participating in brainstorming sessions, advancing and implementing ideas, concepts and other creative elements for the communication/information campaigns. • Conducting research in order to generate new suppliers, clients or partners. • Logistic responsibilities: assisting the manager at preparing the budgets and time schedules for the company's activities. • Participating in creating concepts and turning them into viable, marketable products. Developing projects • Identifying potential partner organizations, target audiences and mechanisms through which the company's portfolio could be extended and improved. • Suggesting and developing concepts, writing the copy, keeping in contact through direct mailing and phone calls with the organizations responsible with the target audiences, setting up the meetings with the organizations' reatives.
• Supporting the company with administrative tasks, researches, schedules and press kits. • Assisting the company with PR activities and organizing events. • Writing and editing media materials. • Participating at developing strategies of communication, promotion and marketing for the company and the company's clients. • Maintaining positive relationships with internal and external partners.
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Euroexpo FairsAugust 2017 - October 2017

• Establishing and following up the progress of the partnership contracts/barter agreements with professional and trade magazines, portals, on line and printed publications, in order to promote company's fairs and exhibitions. • Transmitting company's communication and promotional materials towards the media partners and monitoring their appearances (banners, layouts, press releases, articles, Facebook posts). • Conducting research in order to generate new partners. • Managing data bases. • Managing the partners on site, during the exhibitions. • Popularizing the conferences and workshops and ensuring the audience for these events. • Managing the speakers and the space designed for the conferences. • Maintaining the contact with the exhibitors (through direct calling and emails) in order to obtain materials and information that would be adjusted and used for our various marketing campaigns (Exclusive Discounts, Innovation, Eco, etc.
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Distinct ImageJanuary 2017 - April 2017

▪ Contacting and maintaining a favorable relationship with potential exhibitors (through direct mailing, phone calls and meetings); ▪ Negotiating and signing the contracts with the exhibitors; ▪ Managing the accounts of the exhibiting clients; ▪ Identifying new partners and sponsors, arranging barters; ▪ Planning and organizing the exhibition's adjacent events (scientific conferences, workshops, demos); ▪ Managing the event's activities during the 3 days of deployment.
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AIESECOctober 2011 - June 2012

Promoting the organization's internships using specific means: organizing events, signing
colaboration contracts with NGOs and other student organizations.
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the Communication Department (Volunteer)March 2010 - September 2010

Taking part at developing and implementing PR campaigns to promote the NGO's programs and to
increase the organization's visibility.


Mes compétences

Social Media, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content marketing, Community Management, Branding