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VSTU, Volgograd, RussiaMarch 2020 - June 2020

I made a mobile application for an institute of people with disabilities.
The app consisted of the daily schedule of the user and the ability to check off activities if they participated.
The most important requirements were to make the app really easy to use and motivate the users to participate in activities.
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Ometa BVBA, Antwerp, BelgiumSeptember 2019 - February 2020

This app was made in collaboration with Ometa BVBA with Duracell as a customer.
Duracell wanted to automate the maintenance of their machines.
Me and my team developed a system that gathered data through sensors. This data got processed by Ometa BVBA's framework. If one of the sensors exceeds a certain threshold, a DLL gets excecuted. This DLL sends a message to a RabbitMQ server. The message will be placed in the queue of the exceeded sensor.
The employees of Duracell can subscribe to those queues with a mobile app. When they do, they receive the messages in those queues containing information about the sensor's data.

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