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Babylon HealthJune 2019 - October 2019

* Mobile App Development

* Team management
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Populi LtdJanuary 2016 - January 2019

* Mobile App Development

* Making key architectural decisions.

* Framework implementation.

* Code Review

* Leading the mobile team in the role of a Scrum Master.

* Managing Daily and Weekly Scrums and planning and executing Bi-Weekly Sprints.

* Curating and relaying key requirement specs from the middle management to the mobile development team.
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Mauritius Research CouncilJanuary 2014 - January 2016

* Mobile App Development

* Leading the Mobile App Development team.

* Making key architecture decisions.

* Code Review
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BVS Technologies Ltd.January 2011 - January 2014

* Mobile App Development

* Responsible for designing and developing the complete range of Educational Apps.

* Development of REST APIs
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Webrich Technologies Pvt. Ltd.January 2008 - January 2011

1. Babylon Health :

Implemented the “Repeat Prescriptions” workflow.

2. Vox Over WiFi (VOW) : ( Populi ) - Under Development VOW streams audio over the Local WiFi network. The app was developed to enhance the communication between the tour guides and tourists. Two versions of the app are being developed, Broadcaster and Receiver. Multiple Broadcasters can register themselves on the same network, and the Receivers are able to choose the broadcaster they want to listen to. This facilitates simultaneous streaming in multiple languages. The user can choose the desired language stream. Once the connection has been established, the Voice input from the broadcaster is streamed over a TCP Socket connection. Receivers are also provided with the ability to record the audio stream.

Design Pattern : MVVM + Rx

3. POP Guide: ( Populi )
POP Guide is an Audio Tour Guide app, featuring many tourist attractions around the globe. Features : • Outdoor and Indoor Maps. • 100% Offline, turn-by-turn navigation for outdoor maps. • Audio Player for Guided Tours • Autoplay based on user’s GPS location • Functionality for Tour Operators to provide customized tour packages unlocked using pre-generated credentials. • Integration with back-end REST APIs, for authentication, package download, and app usage data collection.

Design Pattern : MVP Frameworks : Skobbler Maps, Realm, Retrofit, RxAndroid, Dagger 2, Conductor, Zxing, ImageZoom, Picasso, Lottie

4. Smart Irrigation System : ( Mauritius Research Council ) The -day commercially available irrigation systems are manually operated and provide no controls for proper water distribution based on the moisture requirements at different parts of the field. This approach results in a lot of useless physical efforts for the farmer, over-watering or under-watering of the field, wastage of water and electricity, soil erosion and fertilizer run-off due to excess water, and negative impact on the ecosystem. This project aims at developing an Automated Remotely Monitorable, Smart Irrigation System, which can promise optimum water usage with minimal human intervention.

The devised framework was based on Arduino Uno microcontroller coupled with Raspberry Pi, controlling a mesh network of sensors equipped with Zigbee wireless modules (Xbee 2B + Teensy). All the data collected from the sensors is processed on the Raspberry Pi and fed to the server. The whole system can be managed through a web-based controller. An Android app was developed to supplement the controller.
Android : Design Pattern : MVP Frameworks : Retrofit, RxAndroid, Dagger 2, Butterknife

REST API : Php Laravel

5. Smart Patient Management System : ( Mauritius Research Council ) The unique identification of every patient in a hospital is a paramount requirement in any clinical workflow. Patients need to be linked to their corresponding medical health records, blood tests, ECG charts, X-Rays etc., to help doctors and nurses provide adequate medical assistance based on the data at hand. Current technologies fail to properly and uniquely identify patients resident in hospitals especially in under-developed regions of the world. The aim of this research is to establish the use and application of latest technology, as a contributor to health care services, where medical personnel have access to up-to-date patient data whenever and where ever necessary.

The devised framework was based on NFC Equipped Android devices. Every patient is provided with an RFID Tag (NTAG216 13.56 MHz) as an identifier. Simply by scanning the tag, the app provides an interface to create and consume all the data related to the patient.
Android : Design Pattern : MVP Frameworks : Retrofit, RxAndroid, Dagger 2, Butterknife, Glide

REST API : Php Laravel

6. Grammar Expert series of apps : ( BVS Technologies Ltd. )

Key Project Milestones were as follows : • Market Research. • UI flow layout design. • Data structuring and Database design. • Communicating and Obtaining data from educators. • Designing & Developing the app engine from scratch. • Coding the Restful APIs using Php for app-server communication. • In-house unit testing and field testing with students. • Feature re-design / improvement based on test results. • Finalizing and Publishing the app. id=org.goldenacademy.GE_GrammarAdvanced

7. Educational Apps : ( Webrich Software Pvt. Ltd. )



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Unit testing, Test Driven Development (TDD), Team management, Swift, SQLite, RxKotlin, RxJava, REST API, Project Management, MySQL, MVVM Pattern, MVVM, Kotlin, JUnit, Jenkins, JavaScript, HTML, Git, Design Patterns, Dependency Injection, Database Design, Dagger 2, Continuous Integration, CircleCI, Android