Guillaume L.

Mobile Developer

690 dollar
26 ans

Mon expérience

myselfJune 2016 - Présent

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Orange Business ServicesAugust 2015 - June 2016

Work on Orange iOS Mail application : code maintenance, rework of Core Data stack, prototyping of

alternative solution for authentication process, introduction of Swift
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Intellicore ServicesNovember 2011 - March 2015

iOS development
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AmadeusJanuary 2009 - November 2011

C++ development on booking system.
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INRIAApril 2007 - December 2008

Java development on the ProActive project (grid middleware).
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ILOGApril 2001 - October 2006

First did some maintenance on the Views C++ toolkit, then JViews, and finally participated to JRules

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ParasoftSeptember 1999 - April 2001

Mostly C++ programming, first on a license server for Parasoft products, then on a GUI over the
Oracle-based customer database. The GUI (in C++ and Qt) was fully described through an XML file
so as to accomodate both the different schemes of the US and European marketing departments,

and also to be customised for different usage profiles.
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Infoterra / IstarFebruary 1999 - September 1999

Worked on image format converters that were integrated in their processing chain (C++, Perl)
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Octel LucentJanuary 1998 - December 1998

Working as part of the development of a voice messaging system for mobile phone providers.
Development of an error handling library (in C, Lex/Yacc), and a license server (in C++, RogueWave

Tools++, Sun RPC). Maintenance of a crash-detection server (in C).
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CERAMMarch 1997 - May 1997

System Administrator at the CERAM Business School (Sophia Antipolis). Administration of about 20
Unix hosts running Solaris, Linux, HP/UX, AIX, Ultrix, and services such as user account management,
email, web and news server, DNS, NFS/NIS. Maintenance of Perl-based administration scripts and of

a Cisco router configuration.
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IBMMarch 1995 - September 1996

Part of the NWays 2220 project, simulation team. Maintenance and development of a testcase
language based on Tcl, development and debugging of C and C++ programs. Maintenance and

development of shell and Perl scripts for the simulation framework. (Tcl/Tk, C, C++, Perl, Insure++)
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INRIAJuly 1992 - October 1993

Part of the KOALA project, development of a graph formatter (C++).

Mes compétences

Analysis methods and tools





Cocoa Touch

IT Infrastructure

OS X, MacOS, Mac OS X, iOS, Unix, Linux




Java, C/C++, Ruby, Swift, CSS, Objective-C, Python, HTML, Perl, Lisp

Environment of Development


Mes études et formations

- Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis - DEA - Informatique1988 - 1993