Damon D.

Mobile Developer

690 dollar
18 ans

Mon expérience

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IndependentJanuary 2014 - Présent

Cross-platform mobile development using Adobe AIR. Develop top shelf mobile applications for iOS, Android and the web. Utilize Starling, Feathers, Flox and other AS3 frameworks. Utilize ANE’s and native code for device specific functionality. End to end application development including graphic design, UI and UX. Deploy mobile applications to Apple App Store and Google Play.
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IGTNovember 2012 - January 2014

Develop and maintain AS3 Facebook game and mobile application - employ Flash 11's Stage3d API via Starling Framework and Feathers UI. Utilize Adobe AIR for iOS and Android mobile port. One code base outputting to multiple platforms @60fps = awesome! Who said Flash is dead?
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Allen InteractionsJanuary 2012 - October 2012

Develop dynamic e-learning interactions for robust actionscript driven LMS framework. Build game-like experiences to engage the learner - this includes animation, UI design, data persistence and outcome rubrics. Use XML to externalize assets and interaction logic in an effort to create flexible and re-skinable learning modules for clients - Google, Apple, Yahoo!, HSBC and others.
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FreelanceSeptember 2011 - January 2012

Developed games, prototypes and interactive experiences in the actionscript language. Built games of chance utilizing combinatorial mathematics and validation outcomes. Game creation and design including concept, prototype, UI, animation (driven by Greensock tweening engine), blitting, sprite-sheets, particle systems, image creation and design, sound design, XML integration, and more.
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Brain Plasticity InstituteMarch 2011 - September 2011

Developed brain game in Flash Builder directed at improving attention, focus and recall using the latest patented neuroscience from UC Berkeley. Game to be used by the VA to treat stroke patients and soldiers with traumatic brain injury.

Developed profiling utility in ActionScript with PHP/MySQl backend for tinnitus sufferers (ringing in the ear) that measures the spectral and temporal components of their hearing profile and decodes their unique tinnitus sound.
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Posit ScienceNovember 2003 - March 2011

Developed brain game for RealAge.com. The brain game rose to the most prominent position on their site, reaching millions of users monthly.

Managed lead generation team. Revamped SEM campaign and reseller program, drastically improving web marketing ROI which, in turn, generated millions of dollars in sales.

Mes compétences






Captivate, UI Design


After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver

IT Infrastructure

Heroku, Git

Environment of Development







CSS, Python, Java, XML, PHP, Objective-C, ActionScript, Flash, Ruby on Rails, ActionScript 3, Ruby, HTML, Flex, HTML5

Mes études et formations

B.A English Literature - University of California, Berkeley1999 - 2001