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RavtechJanuary 2017 - January 2017

Stops - Augmented Reality Social Network
I develop a large part of the app include the
Augmented Reality physical solution to create
and show POI’s based on device sensors ,
camera hardware characteristic (2017).
● 3D - Display and Interaction Prototype
Display 3D object in Android App with
move/resize and click on specific area
interactions, based on OpenGl- ES and
using Rajawali framework ( 2017 ).
● Stylezone - Machine Learning solution for
Garment factory
Lead of development of python plugin for for
Garment factory software to identify and
organize the different part of the garments
before stitching, based on Random Forest and
using Scikit- learn ( 2017 ).
● Maoz - Maoz high school Social Network
Internal social network app for Graduates of
Maoz high school( 2018 ).
● MailPrinter - IOT mailing interface
( RaspberryPi ) .Lead . (2018)
● Chimu - M ake Maoz generic to multiple
communities .Lead . (2018-...)
● Leadermess - Manufactory management
Display manufactory engines infos and allows
problem management.Add features and
refactor bad old architecture .Lead .( 2018-... )

Mes compétences

Social Media, OpenGL, Mentoring, Machine Learning, Kotlin, Java, Firebase, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Android SDK, Android, Agile Methodology