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Mexico City, MEXICO

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TATTVA-ITFebruary 2016 - Présent

Participation in the project for INFONAVIT, BANSEFI, GRUPO EMPRESARIAL ANGELES, which includes the digitization and valuation of documents to store them in a server in the cloud, as well as the organization thereof.
• Architecture, design and work methodology:
o Analysis and proposal of the architecture and design of the applications. or SCRUM Methodology.
o Coverage in the tests.
• Development:
o Use of Scanners (use of the TWAIN protocol) for scanning documents. o Development of the Backend through Python - Django.
o Development FrontEnd through HTML5 (Bootstrap), JQuery.
o Code Versioning through GIT and use of the BitBucket repository.
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TotalplayAugust 2017 - Présent

Development of an application for the administration of incidents, users and a report viewer through a mobile application, for use on the Android and iOS platforms (Hybrid Application).
• Developments:
o Architecture, and layout of the graphic interface. (Angular JS).
o Consume of WebServices (Restful).
or "Highcharts" integration (For the generation of reports - JavaScripts charts).
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IBMMay 2014 - June 2017

Design and Development of Web Services for distinct channels through of BPELs and the use of the Integration Designer 8.5 (IBM) for different internal projects.
That orchestrations was make through a mechanism to decide the order of the services , that mechanism is parameterized and allow select what services are to integrate in the orchestration and the logic of implantation.
Development and orchestration of web services provident by different channels (areas in the projects) and the  integration of that services in the Business Process Manager (BPM).
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Share INJanuary 2015 - February 2017

Mobile and backend development focused on carpooling with the aim of forming a social network focusing on aspects of transport. Activities have been developed to cover the technical aspects such as:
• Architecture y Design of the application.
• Native Mobile Development in iOS using Swift.
• Version control via Git.
• Backend development, using Django (API Rest).
• Nodejs Management (
• Ubuntu Server basic configuration (DigitalOcean),
        o  Configuration of nginx.
         o Configuration of gunicorn.
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Computer Systems EngineerJanuary 2009 - January 2014

Investigation about the use of AspectJ, aspect oriented language built as an extension of Java language. In this investigation was used the modality LTW (Load-time Weaving), It is an option to add new functionality to a minimally invasive way, aided by XML, providing a way to modify a system without compilation.

Computer Systems Engineer

Mes compétences

XML, Web Services, Python, Project Management, Negotiation, Leadership, JavaScript, Java, iOS, Ionic, Firebase, Django, Business Analysis, Android