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33 ans
Stavanger, NORWAY

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Laerdal MedicalJanuary 2019 - Présent

* Working on QCPR Learner and Instructor mobile applications development

* Controlling and monitoring of manikins via BLE interface

* App store links: Android, iOS

* C#, .NET, Xamarin Native and Forms, Azure, BLE, Scrum, Jira, BitBucket, DevOps

* Development of firmware update ASP.NET module

* Updating manikin firmware from cloud via mobile applications

* C#, ASP.NET, Azure, WebAPI, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL, Cloud storage, Backend for mobile
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NXP SemiconductorsJanuary 2017 - January 2019

* Development of smart sensors Monitor mobile applications using Xamarin.Forms

* Controlling and monitoring of NHS family of sensor devices (temperature, humidity and accelerometer) via NFC interface

* Running on Android, iOS, UWP and MacOS platforms

* Exhibited in Electronica 2018, Aipia 2018 and CES 2019

* App store links: Board, Button

* C#, .NET, JScript, Xamarin.Forms, MVVM, HTML, SQLite, FusionCharts, Jenkins, NFC, RFID, SVN

* Porting of existing TLogger Android and iOS mobile applications to Xamarin.Forms

* Controlling and monitoring of temperature sensor logger

* Running on Android, iOS, UWP and MacOS platforms

* App store links: Android, iOS

* C#, .NET, Xamarin.Forms, NFC, MVVM, HTML, SQLite, FusionCharts

* Development of Diagnostics mobile application using Xamarin.Forms

* Obtaining diagnostics information from NHS device firmware via NFC interface

* Running on Android, iOS and UWP platforms

* C#, .NET, Xamarin.Forms, NFC, MVVM

* Development of sensor drivers for NHS family of sensor devices - temperature, humidity and accelerometer

* C, LPCXpresso, Bare Metal, I2C

* Implementation of BLE smart earphones demo application using NxH3770 ADK

* Exibited in CES 2018

* C, MCUXpresso, BLE, MicroOS, Git, Scrum

* Development of Smart Microphone (Knowles IA610) and PMIC (Maxim MAX77650) chip drivers

* C, MCUXpresso, MicroOS, I2C, SPI, Git
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IntelligraphicsJanuary 2004 - January 2017

* Development of Thermostat and Sensors AWS IoT Android applications using Xamarin.Android

* Exhibited in Computex 2017

* C#, .NET, Xamarin.Android, AWS

* Porting IoT C SDKs to QCOM platforms using IGX IoT Framework

* IoT packages: AWS, Open Thread, ZigBee, Google Weave and IoTivity

* QCOM platforms: QCA4010 Ruby and QCA4020 Quartz

* Thermostat and Sensors device demo applications

* Development of IGX IoT Framework

* OS abstractions: ThreadX, FreeRTOS

* Platform abstractions: Boot, Console, ADC, DHCP, DNS, Filesystem, GPIO, HTTP, I2C, I2S, Net, PWM, Reset, Socket, SPI, SSL, UART, WLAN

* HW abstractions: Accelerometer, Air pressure, Ambient light, Battery, Button, Codec, Humidity, IR, LCD, LED, Magnetic field, Motion detector, Temperature, Tilt

* C, SW Architecting, API design, SoCs and their FW integrations, JTAG debugging, ARM, GNU tools, Xtensa cross-platform builds, Hierarchical build system, SVN

* Development of IGXModules, licensing services for drivers and user layer modules

* C, C++, C#, .NET, Windows/WEC7, System tray app, Crypto, CAB/MSI Installation packages

* Modification of WiFi driver to run Kali Linux penetration tools on Moto X Style phone

* C, Android, Linux module, Linux cross-platform kernel build

* Adding 25 STA support to ath6kl WiFi driver firmware in AP mode

* C, SDIO, Host/Target communication, Linux WiFi

* Reverse engineering of Moto X phone WiFi firmware to add monitor mode

* ARM assembler, ELF, IDA reverse engineering tool, FW patching, Additional debug commands, Host command decoding, Register decoding, Interrupt path tracing, Data path tracing, 802.11ac

* Development of Nuvoton NAU88K24 audio codec driver on Intel bay- trail platform

* C, Windows, SST, I2S, ALSA

* Porting of EAP FAST code to WEC7

* C++, Ported from Cisco code

* Development of Realtek ALC888 Avionics DO178B certified audio driver

* C, DEOS, OpenArbor tools

* Development of Ocular multi-monitor touch panel driver

* C, Kernel debugging, HID

* Development of user mode driver kit like Jungo WinDriver

* C, C++, C#, .NET, KMDF, GUI test app, Device manager WPF
GUI app, DMA, Interrupt, PCI, ISA, register access from user space, Shared buffers between kernel and user space, Event signaling on transfer completion, Virtual device creation for ISA

* Development of LG Optimus 3D phone WiFi injector.

* C, API design

* Development of WiFi picocell fast roaming algorithm for NYSE on driver layer

* C, Windows embedded, Filter driver, Kernel debugging, On- floor testing, State machine with events

* Extension of Windows supplicant to support EAP-TTLS authentication

* C++, Windows embedded, DLL, PAP, 802.1x enterprise authentication, EAPOL, IHV extensions, Key management, Network profile management, Certificate management, 4-Way
handshake, WPF Client utility app in C#

* Porting of wpa_supplicant and openssl packages to WINCE6.0

* C, EAP-TTLS/EAP-FAST authentications

* FIPS addition to Intel wireless 6000 series.

* C, Windows, Kernel debugging

* Porting of Broadcom BCM4329 WiFi driver and wpa_supplicant to eCos

* C, Ported from Linux

* Development of Windows WiFi sniffer

* C, Native WiFi, WinPcap, Wireshark

* Development of audio echo canceller for Windows GFX and LFX APO

* C++, DLL, Real-time windows process, System tray app

* Development of HTC Diamond 2 phone WiFi sniffer

* C, FW modifications, Add radiotab packet headers

* Development of m:n NDIS mux intermediate driver

* C, C++ test app, Mapping n physical ethernet adapters into a single virtual adapter for redundancy, Notify object DLL, Kernel debugging

* Development of Windows smart card driver

* C, KMDF, (U)SIM based authentication, EAP-SIM, Kernel debugging

* Development of COM server middleware for Razer mouse device

* C++, DLL API design serving GUI app, Events/Callbacks

* Development of software only Windows GFX APO

* C++, Capture audio stream, Store to WAV file

* Development of Windows microphone array GFX and LFX APOs for Knowles beamforming device

* C++, Windows service, Co-installer, Control panel GUI

* Development of Windows USB CDC library

* C, API design

* USB operations: read, write, notification, pipe creation etc.

* Development of Linux GPS driver and reader thread


* Development of test applications running on Symbian Techview platform

* Java
Benchmark and Test apps: Application load, Audio client, Boot

time, Camera, Encryption, File operations, IR term, Phone UI, Reboot, USB and Touch screen calibration

* Development of PACE2 platform BSP for Symbian

* C++, OMAP2420, Board Startup, Kernel extensions, Bootstrap, JTAG debugging
Device Drivers: Camera, DMA, Ethernet, GPIO, I2C, Interrupt,

Keypad, NAND, NOR, LCD, Power control, RTC, Sound, SPI, Timer, Touch screen, UART, USB and Watchdog

* Development of Symbian large NAND driver for Spansion and Samsung devices

* C++, FTL layer modifications, Benchmarking

* Porting of IGX network driver codebase to Symbian

* C++, OS/Media/HW abstractions

* Development of automatic J2ME TCK test tool for Symbian

* Java, Overnight testing
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SymbianJanuary 2001 - January 2004

➢ Java team • Java ME, MIDlets, CLDC1.1, MIDP20, JTWI and 3D Graphics • Code coverage

➢ Messaging team • C++, WAP, OBEX, SMS, MMS, Email, BIO messaging • Automation of the nightly builds and testing framework • Change request implementations and fixing defects

➢ Telephony team • C++, GSM/GPRS, ETel server, TSY extensions, Watchers, AT commands • Change request implementations and fixing defects
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PhilipsJanuary 1998 - January 2001

* Home audio video interface (HAVi) transcoder project

* C, 1394 FireWire, MIPS, BSP, JTAG debugging, JNI, pSOS
Real time encoding, decoding and transcoding of DV and

MPEG streams

* Advanced Signal Processor for Car Audio (ASP2) MOST bus project

* C, BSP, JTAG debugging, MOST stack, VxWorks
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AlcatelJanuary 1990 - January 1998

* Various projects

* C, C++, Assembler, PowerPC, API design, Board startup, JTAG debugging, Firmware, Logic analyzer

* Object oriented OS wrapper running on pSOS, VxWorks, Solaris, Windows and Linux platforms

* Porting and integration of the omniORB2 CORBA package, static naming service, event service, IDL additions, GDB extensions

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ZigBee, Xamarin, Wireshark, Windows Mobile, Windows, WAP, VxWorks, USB, UART, Symbian, Sun Solaris, SQLite, SQL, SMS, RFID, REST, Razor, PowerPC, MVVM, MVC, MOST, Mac OS, Linux, JTAG, Jscript, Jira, Jenkins, Java, iOS, HTTP, HTML, GSM, GPRS, GNU, Git, GDB, FreeBSD, Firmware, Ethernet, Entity Framework, DevOps, Debugging, Corba, Cisco Switches/Routers, C/C++, C++, Bootstrap, BlueTooth Low Energy, Bitbucket, Azure Cloud, Azure, Assembler, ASP.NET Core, ARM, API, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), .NET