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NTT DataAugust 2016 - Présent

- create Android apps designed to help field engineers for Virgin Media - a carrier client from UK
- create an iOS app for the same carrier to be used by it's customers (manage their account, pay bills,
etc.) - MyVM
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FreelanceApril 2014 - Présent

Developed mobile projects for clients from freelancing websites like odesk, pph,

Apps developed:
This app is intended to help the users to easily find and book new family activities around them.
For the booking system it uses payment service. It also has a filter function to help the
clients find the type of activity they're looking for easier.

In addition, the user can also register for push notifications for different family activity categories. As a backend it uses multi-platform services, giving the possiblity to extend the app to Android or Windows OS in the future.

Vetrax - iOS & Android app
Vetrax uses a sensor that can be attached to a dog's collar to monitor the specific behaviors that can
impact medical treatment, providing continuous detailed and accurate insights that help pet owners

and veterinarians evaluate and maximize the effectiveness of a dog’s health care program.

Spray App
This is a social app which allows the user to send a message to a group of people in a certain range. It is really useful for example in case a child gets lost. This way the police can broadcast a message in
the nearby with the kid's description in case someone spots him.It's also useful on events like garage

sales, parties etc.

DBKK eCukai is a mobile payment solution provided by Kota Kinabalu City Hall for the public to easily
view and pay their house assessment fees. The payment is done by using a local bank's API. It has a
dropbox sync function to help the user keep track of his bills.

Binge Instant Messaging
Binge is an instant messaging app, which gives the user the capability to chat in real time. It uses
Firebase as a message delivery platform.

Ballet is Fun ( iOS & Android )
This app provides a collection of video tutorials to help people who are interested in ballet to learn the steps.

Vending Mychine ( iOS & Android )
This app is an easy way for it's users to find nearby vending machines, see and rate products for a
particular one, or send a wishlist to the vending machine owner.
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MovialMay 2015 - August 2016

- develop Android custom image with device locking capabilities
- develop iOS apps for a carrier client from US
- develop macOS app using electron framework
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VuzumJune 2014 - May 2015

- develop iOS apps
- develop android apps
- distribution of android and iOS apps to the appstore / play store

Mes compétences

Xcode, Web Services, Swift, SQL, SourceTree, Retrofit, Photoshop, OOP, Objective-C, JSON, Java, iOS, HTML, Git, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse, Core Data, CocoaPods, Android Studio, Android, AFNetworking