Mircea M.


586 euro
8 ans
Constanta, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

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NTT DATAOctober 2018 - Présent

✅ Clarvision Mobile

The client owns a big Enterprise Resource Planning solution that is sold to hundreds of
companies. As part of this solution, they have 5 mobile applications developed in
Xamarin.Forms for Android. Along new features, these apps needed a major overhaul in
the architecture, performance, design and code quality sectors.

• Decreased future development time by 40% and ensured the long term
maintainability of the apps by making improvements to the architecture, code style
and review process.
• Improved the performance and page load times by up to 80% by completely
refactoring the UI and creating a library of reusable components for all the apps,
consolidating the UI and implementing a modern design in the process.

Skills used: Xamarin.Forms, Android, C#, UI-UX, Rest API, Onion Architecture, Agile,
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BrainloopOctober 2018 - January 2020

✅ Secure Rooms NG, Boardroom

The client required 2 greenfield IOS applications to be developed with Xamarin.IOS. These
apps needed to communicate with the client’s existing infrastructure for ultra secure file
sharing. Amongst other duties, I was the person responsible for all the security aspects of
the apps.

• Successfully passed 3 penetration tests done on the apps by external companies under
my supervision. They couldn’t find any high risk vulnerabilities and this was a great
success for the app.
• Other features that I worked on: complex custom controls and animations, web API
communication layer, server authentication, local authentication with biometrics,
secure parallel file download and upload, encrypted local storage, lockout and data
wipe mechanisms.

Skills used: Xamarin.IOS, IOS, C#, UI-UX, Rest API, Onion Architecture, Agile, Security,
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CONNECT 24-7September 2017 - October 2018

✅ Waiterflash, Operations App, Review App

The client is a big provider for horeca software solutions. They required 3 new Android
applications that would communicate with their existing systems: a review app, an
employee management app and an app for waiters taking food orders on the go.

• Increased the time efficiency of waiters by up to 200% by implementing an all-in-one
mobile system for waiters, basically eliminating the need to go back to the POS to
register orders. This was achieved by creating a library for communicating between
the app and the device hardware (printer, card reader, barcode scanner).
• Increased profits by 30% due to the new applications that were added to the client’s

Skills used: Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Android, C#, Java, UI-UX, Rest API, Mobile
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ERNIOctober 2015 - October 2017

✅ Ugomo - Conn3ctr

The client had an Android and iOS app for managing small, team-independent tasks and
projects within corporations.

• Reduced development time by 20% by delivering a small library of customizable and
reusable UI components to be used in multiple apps (calendar, radial slider, custom
transition animations, etc.)
• Improved the stability of the app by 10x by clearing a backlog with over a hundred
reported bugs.

Skills: Xamarin.Forms, iOS, Android, C#, UI-UX, Agile, Rest API, Mobile

✅ Erni - Virtual reality office tour (video), Augmented reality demo (video)

The outsourcing company I was working for wanted to set their foot into VR and AR
software for new opportunities and R&D purposes.

• I used Unity3D and Google VR to implement a 1:1 replica of the office, including 3D
scanned holograms of some employees. I also implemented an interaction and
navigation system with head gestures.
• I used Unity3D and Vuforia to create an application that shows augmented reality
instructions in 3D space around objects. These apps have been used in many sales
pitches for potential clients.

Skills: Unity 3D, C#, Google VR, Vuforia, Computer Vision, Maya, Zbrush, Agisoft, Mobile
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Uster TechnologiesOctober 2016 - June 2017

✅ Mobile Alerts

The client is one of the industry leaders in developing hardware and software for hundreds
of textile mills in factories across the world. I developed a Xamarin.Forms app for iOS,
Android and Universal Windows for receiving and managing alerts.

• This app has helped improve average response time for mill faults up to 2 times by
connecting it to the client’s Azure backend and implementing a cross-platform
notification system.
• The app was used in hundreds of mills by integrating with their existing Azure Active
Directory infrastructure.

Skills: Xamarin.Forms, iOS, Android, UWP, Azure, C#, UI-UX, Agile, Rest API, Mobile
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Novo GamesSeptember 2014 - April 2016

✅ Mirror Dash, Bobblehad Mania

Novogames is a start-up that I co-founded to develop mobile games in Unity3D. We
released 2 titles on Android and IOS over 18 months.

• The games had over 10000 downloads over Android and iOS.
• I worked on most of the game mechanics and features: player input, movement,
collisions, random level generator, power-ups, persistence, progression, online
scoreboard, facebook integration, in-game shop. I was also responsible for 3D
modelling the characters and environment and co-design-ing the games.

Skills: Unity 3D, C#, Android, IOS, Maya, Zbrush, Mobile, Game development

Mes compétences

ZBrush, Xamarin, Web Design, Virtual Reality, Unity3D, Test Driven Development (TDD), Teamwork, SQLite, SOLID, Software Development, REST API, REST, OOP, MySQL, MVVM, Mobile, Maya, Leadership, JavaScript, Java, iOS, HTML, Game development, CSS, C/C++, C#, AWS, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Agile Methodology, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop