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Rosoftlab s.r.l.July 2018 - Présent

Responsible for the development and maintenance of several android applications for different industries.

1) "OPIRIA" is an application developed from scratch having in mind the Clean Arhitecture and SOLID principles. Implementation it based on:
- Kotlin, RxKotlin, Koin;
- Retrofit, GSON, Room;
- Firebase (notifications, dynamic links, crashlytics);
- WorkManager (used to run things in background, like uploading);
- TensorFlow (used to detect user emotions while using the app);
- JsonLogic (used to send logic from server to the client);
- ExoPlayer, Glide;
- Video compression;
- Zebra Crossing;
- OpenSreetMap.

This project was implemented in close contact with the customer using a Scrum working approach and for source code management we used GitLab.

2) The second application implemented from scratch and released was for one of the biggest chocolate factory in Switzerland, Chocolat Frey.
The app is written in Java and C++ (Android NDK) using Android Studio and is able to create augmented reality experience using device camera and different markers.
Depending on the video frames the app can show:
- Different augumented reality 3D models;
- Different surveys which user can respond on;
- Audio (UDP connection was used) ;
- Video (using Android Media Player)
- Custom views and animations, jumping and moving different objects on the screen, playing Gifs, etc.

The first difficult point was to develop a native C++ module for detecting and getting the position of the marker in images. For this it was used: Android NDK; CMake; OpenCV; Aruco markers
The second point was to draw an augumented reality 3D model on a device which doesn't support ARCore. For this it was used LibGDX library modified for our needs.
The last point was to make a content management system for the client and for its implemtation it was used:
-RESTful APIs; RxJava; Retrofit; OkHttp; Moshi JSON parser; CRUD operations on internal files.
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IBMAugust 2015 - July 2018

Android development for the IBM Insurance Service Hub (ISH).
ISH is a communication platform that connects health insurance companies with multiple data providers such as clinics and physicians, as well as customers via their mobile devices to effectively exchange information.

The IBM final product is called "GesundheitsApp", an application which encapsulates three sub-applications: IBM FotoApp, IBM BluePostbox and IBM Gesundheitsakte.
▪ Mostly I worked on the UI part of the Android applications, but also on SDK part which
processes and stores data locally in a secure manner, communicates with the back-end over
MQTT and provides data/features to the UI;
▪ Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, implement, and ship new features;
▪ Android Studio, GCM, Data binding, XML, JSON, Activity lifecycle, ProGuard ,Shared
Preferences & SQLite, multithreading programming and other framework elements;
▪ Write using JUnit and Espresso frameworks Unit and Instrumentation tests for code robustness, including edge cases, usability, and general reliability;
▪ Jenkins continuous integration;
▪ Git source code management;
▪ Scrum working approach.
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Stabiplan RomaniaJuly 2014 - July 2015

Develop an internal tool which shows statistics about internal automated tests of company's main product.

In implementing this tool I was involved in all process of developing, from discussing user stories with product owner, clarifying rounds, coming with solutions and adapt requirments to the tehnical solutions. All work was made in an Agile environment using TFS source code management.

Working with Asp.Net MVC, SQL Server, LINQ, C++, Entity Framework, Bootrstrap, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and other web tools. 
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FreelancerJuly 2013 - August 2014

Create web pages tailored to the needs and desires of the clients.

Working with: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Photoshop CS5.

Mes compétences

IT Infrastructure



SQL, XML, Kotlin, HTML5, Java, C#, C/C++, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, Matlab, CSS


ButterKnife, Android SDK


AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap

Analysis methods and tools

Agile, Junit, MVP, Gradle, Scrum



Environment of Development

TFS, AVR Studio


RxAndroid, RxJava, Gson, Retrofit


SQL Server




Adobe Photoshop

Computer Tools

MS Office

Mes études et formations

- - Courses

Master of Science - MS - Internet Technology - Transilvania University of Brașov2016 - 2018

Bachelor of Science - BS - Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - Transilvania University of Brașov2012 - 2016