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ITEMISSeptember 2017 - Présent

Design and Developing native Android applications,
-Report and correct bugs and anomalies encountered.
-Redactions of plans and unit tests.
-PeerReview, UI tests, production delivery.
-Participation in the elaboration of functional analysis.
Project 1 : Ondus App -client : Grohe Germany: GROHE Ondus is an Android app forms the centrepiece of the GROHE Sense
system, offering the highest level of water safety and allowing to continually monitor and control GROHE Sensors.(alerts of pipe breaks, leakages or unusual waterflows ,monitors temperature and humidity in selected residence ,warns of the risk of frost , shows history of water consumption)
Technologies : java, Kotlin , MVVM ,Dagger 2 ,Mockito , espresso , git , jira ,Butterknife , Okhttps,
Project 2 : Meine Innogy App -client : Innogy Germany: Meine Innogy is an Android app that mobilizes all the important services and make great savings in your area: View and edit contract data, view invoices and request interim invoices, moving service...
Technologies : java , mvc ,Volley git , jira ,Butterknife , Okhttps ...
Project 3 : SENSE App -client : Grohe Germany: GROHE SENSE is an Android app that is the central part of the GROHE Sense system, measuring temperature and humidity and pressure in real time. it is the application extension of Ondus application
Technologies : Kotlin , MVVM ,Dagger 2 ,Mockito , espresso , git , jira ,databinding , Okhttps, Aws,,
Project 4 : Smart Dimmer App -client : Itemis Tunis : Smart Dimmer is an Android application that intelligently controls the "On /
Off" lights, controls dimming and sets the internal timer, all with Bluetooth connectivity.
Technologies : java , Components ,Retrofits 2 , espresso , git ,Butterknife , API rest , json , firebase ...
Project 5 : Smart Meter App -client : Itemis Tunis : Smart Meter is an Android application that keeps track of electricity and gas meter readings, and monitors and analyzes the dynamics of meter spending in real time.
Technologies : java , mvc ,Retrofits 2 , espresso , git , API rest , json , firebase ...
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Bank -IT groupJune 2016 - August 2017

Design, development, testing and validation native Android & ios applications.
-Functional and technical analysis of customer needs.
-follow-up and confirmation of the transactions generated by mobile application (transfer, payment ...)
-Project Coordinator / Right now ORACLE service cloud (SAAS) implementation and customization (Customization and configuration with Caritor Company,Performing testing, defining user procedures and workflow and providing user documentation,Customization and development of reports )
Project 6 : Aman Mobile App Android -client: Aman Bank : Aman Mobile is an Android and IOS application for banking services to create a new account, manage controls, funds transfers, alerts, exchange rate, project and invoices ...
Technologies : java , mvc ,Retrofits 2 , XML , css , API rest , json , photoshop...
Project 7 : Aman Mobile App IOS -
Technologies : objectiveC , mvc ,xml , css ,photoshop ...

Mes compétences

XML, Xcode, Unit testing, SQLite, RxKotlin, Project Management, Oracle, MVVM, MVC, Mockito, Kotlin, JUnit, Java, iOS, Git, Functional Analysis, Dagger 2, ButterKnife, API, Android, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Adobe Photoshop