George M.

Mobile Developer

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9 ans

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McDonnell Technology ServicesJune 2016 - Présent

I design, develop, deploy and maintain iOS and Android mobile applications for my clients. I also teach iOS app development classes. So far I have developed an application to help users discover and navigate to parking locations, helping to ease congestion and pollution in the cities across the UK. I have also developed an iOS application to allow researchers track the recovery progress of patients with traumatic brain injuries. My most recent project was a mobile application for events at a sports, concert and conference venue.
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Reroo LtdMarch 2015 - Présent

Reroo exists to make sure you get the best deal for your train tickets.

- What is Reroo?
Reroo is a mobile app to help train travellers save up to 55% on long-distance train tickets. (Yes, even on last-minute tickets). How do we do this wizardry? Re-routing; we find alternative indirect routes to show you the cheapest options available, as well as the most direct and fastest routes.

- Why have we started Reroo?
As students we were super-frustrated with forking out a small fortune to go visit family and friends in different cities in the UK. In an ideal world, we’d book tickets months in advance, but that’s almost never realistic. There must be a cheap and convenient way to get to your destination. Coaches are cheaper than trains, but long and uncomfortable. But what if there was a way to get trains that are cheap, but not as long as coaches? That would be a win-win.

- When can you try it?

Download it now on:
iOS -
Android -

- Are you regulated as a train ticket vendor?
We’re getting there. We’re in the process of getting accredited to be a third party retailer to sell train tickets from our app.

- Stay in touch
You can sign up for email updates at
chat with us on Twitter at @rerooapp
Hit us up with feedback, questions, concerns, requests or anything else email us on
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DCA Design InternationalFebruary 2019 - February 2020

In this role I designed, developed and
tested Android applications which were used for the internal development
and testing of Bluetooth-enabled medical devices developed by the
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One CrewAugust 2018 - February 2019

In this role I implemented an iPhone and iPad application which allows users to access on demand rowing workouts. The application connected to a rowing machine via Bluetooth and streamed performance data into the app in real-time.
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The AAAugust 2017 - August 2018

At the AA I worked on various different aspects of their mobile app, including improving the user experience of how users report a breakdown, and improving the performance of how users access their member benefits. I also worked on the product showcase section of the app which explains more about the AA's products.

I worked as part of a large agile team and regularly communicate with key stakeholders about planning releases, brainstorming new features and improving the app's stability.

Ricoh ArenaMay 2017 - August 2017

Training DragonFebruary 2017 - February 2017

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EthosVOJune 2016 - November 2016

In this role I worked on the iOS and
Android application called GEOmii Parking, which allows users to
navigate to parking locations around the UK and Europe, with live
parking predictions available to help users always find a parking space
which meets their preferences.

I worked alongside the client team through the analysis, design, development and maintenance of this application.
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Freelance Mobile App DevelopmentJune 2013 - June 2016

I developed an e-ticketing iOS application which allows users to purchase tickets for night club events in Oxford. Combined with this I developed a QR scanner iPad application to authenticate users into the events.

I developed an iOS and Android application to aid psychological recovery for stroke patients.

I developed an iOS and Android application for my University radio station using Objective-C and the iOS SDK and the Android SDK respectively. This solution was beneficial to the radio as it means that more students can access the content from wherever they are using Wifi or mobile connection. It provides good promotion for the radio itself showing that they are up to date and looking to expand themselves as a group. It shows they are willing to meet the customer's needs. The applications are now on the iOS and Google Play stores.
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AccentureJuly 2014 - July 2015

I worked as an iOS developer during my
time at Accenture, where I worked with a number of Accenture's clients
and also internally as part of Accenture's Innovation Programme. I
worked on a total of 7 different applications while working there - some
for iPhone and some for iPad, everything from Social Media applications
to Biometric Security.

I worked in Agile teams and became well
versed in using the Agile methodology and its practices. This work
allowed me to hone my skills in using technologies such as Git and
Continuous Integration. As well as building unit tests and performing
code reviews.
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Oxford Brookes Information SolutionSeptember 2013 - May 2014

In this role I worked on the IT Service
Desk in the library at Headington campus. I was the first port of call
for all staff and students who are experiencing IT related issues.

This involved:
- Communicating with customers face-to-face, over the phone, by e-mail and through our ticket-based support system
- Working under pressure and react in real time to queries from staff who have issues with equipment in their lectures
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Going SpareJuly 2012 - July 2013

- Designed and developed a product database containing all the products sold by the company;
- This database was used by a web design company to be made into an e-commerce website;
- Returned to the company a year later to work on an image database for his website;
- Data normalisation and attention to detail: Working with product data meant variations in products,

I had to develop a database which allowed for all the products to be
entered, however the fields would remain the same for each product.
Formatting data codes and measurement values required standards to be
set for each field of data.

- Gained experience working with a real client - delivering the database to his specifications and within the agreed time frame;

As this business is in a very competitive market, it was my
responsibility to ensure the database was delivered to a high standard
and on time, so that the business could gain the maximum benefit and not
fall behind competitors in e-commerce.

Mes compétences

Environment of Development


Embedded and Telecom


IT Infrastructure

iOS, Git


HTML, Swift, XML, Java, Objective-C, Kotlin, Python, C#, SQL


Android, RxSwift

Analysis methods and tools








Mes études et formations

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer Science Grade First Class (Honours) - Oxford Brookes University2012 - 2016