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10 ans

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First Data Corporation / RemitcoJanuary 2009 - August 2018

    • Writing SQR (Structured Query Reporter) programs that convert raw client data produced by the Image RPS system to create custom reports and posting files with specific client requested information outputted to them in requested formats
    • Setting up connections between Wausau Image RPS and Microsoft Fox Pro Reformatter program and client specifications on Reformatter.
    • Setting up client specific FTP protocols for the Lockbox Control Utility (LCU) program so information from Reformatter can be sent securely via internet to customer specified locations
    • On call on a 24/5 shift Mon – Fri, handling HD tickets from the Computer Associates (CA) ticketing system for IT troubleshooting.
    • Writing MS script files and batch files for efficient workstation performance.

    • Developed an algorithm (C#.NET) that reads an input file and searches for specific data to count events (clicks) by comma-carriage delimitation and created a report with this information. This became a daily function that gets executed everyday for companywide billing purposes.
    • Developed a zip file resend program (C#.NET) that searches for zip files that contain tif images that need to be sent to an ftp repository for their production clients. Once specific info is entered into the app, it runs a search across multiple servers for the file in multiple states across the country. These files can either then be copied, modified, or sent with simple commands. This made a procedure that was very tedious and daunting very simple.
    • Successfully adapted to the SQR programming language after having no exposure to its syntax and functions

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XNA, XML, Xcode, Windows Server, Windows, Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio, VB.NET, Troubleshooting, Swift, Software Development, Software Design, Social Media, Mobile App Design, Mac OS, JavaScript, iOS, FTP, C++, C#, API, Android Studio, .NET