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Listening InstituteJanuary 2008 - Présent

*As an iPhone app consultant, I did work for CityMaps, which is now part of TripAdvisor. I refactored code, fixed issues, gave advice.

*I designed and wrote many iPhone and iPad applications currently in the Apple iPhone App Store, related to music, sound experimentation, and art. My website gives details, but in short, many of them have innovative interfaces to support the rather hard to describe music they create. See this webpage for more info: http://www.jhhl.net/iPhone

*I wrote and am still updating the iOs version of AUMI, the Adaptive User Musical Instrument, for Pauline Oliveros' Deep
Listening Institute, which is now part of Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute. AUMI is an app that helps severely disabled (and "temporarily abled") users play improvised music by tracking a video image. http://aumiapp.com

* More iOs apps are on the way, for me and other clients.

*Programming in PHP, Javascript, Python, Drupal, C, Objective
C, C#, Java, Processing, MySQL, SQLite3, CSS, HTML, Wordpress, Web design.

* Converted a proprietary server from using MYSQL to SQLite

* Built Web interface for MySQL database using Ajax

* Created a self-contained promotional app for iPod Touches with content (video, PDFs) customized for each recipient.

* Converted a Dreamweaver website to Drupal, with PHP extensions.

* Designed and coded an XML-based API regression test system (in Python)

*Helped put WFMU on the Internet, wrote many of its original web features like the Marathon pages, picture-of-the-day
scheduler, quizzes, surveys, the WFMU Catalog, The Internet
Museum of Flexi/Cardboard/Oddity Recordings, and DJ web
pages and playlists. I also wrote their first iPhone apps. See their website at: http://www.wfmu.org
Station Manager Ken Freedman mentions me in this article:

Clients: Brand Expression, eSommelier, WFMU-FM, Game
Face Web Design, Sustainable Hudson Valley, Ignite Sales, Black Coffee, CityMaps, Deep Listening Institute
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Stationhead, Inc.February 2016 - July 2016

Stationhead makes an iOs app that imitates radio streams. It plays music from Spotify playlists which you can talk over like a broadcast radio DJ can. I was one of the iOS programmers, developing and maintaining the code, did some internal design, testing, and wrote some small external servers.
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Send Word Now Communications, Inc.January 2006 - January 2008

Send Word Now ( http://www.sendwordnow.com ) writes and maintains an online application that sends message as quickly and simultaneously as possible to a predetermined contact list via a number of media: voice, email and text messaging. The infrastructure is built on MSSQL, with a large number of Windows services and web services processing the requests and message I/O. This service provides the email infrastructure of many mission-critical systems, including "Notify NYC": https://a858-
The following work was done in C#, Java, PHP, and Python:

* Designed and wrote Windows services to process incoming events (specified as XML files) and turn them into messages on phone, email and SMS platforms using SendWordNow's internals. Wrote test procedures that simulated the triggering of these events. SWN calls this feature "Weather Blast." https://

* Designed and developed the UI interface that allows all the message transmission history of every message to be traced. SWN calls this feature "Alert Tracer."

* Designed the web service client that transmits messages via Blackberry PIN.

* Designed and implemented a Windows service which updates batches of contacts via XML files, and the test programs to create various kinds of batches.

* Re-engineered the email subsystem to add mail bounce processing and be able to be run on several servers. It also has a custom mail retry system that I designed.

* Wrote a custom SMTP server that could produce
SMTP errors and delays on demand, while not actually delivering messages, in order to test the system.
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Cisco SystemsJanuary 1997 - January 2003

Webline Communications (acquisition)

* Designed and wrote an email processing server that was integrated into a customer contact system. The email processor used a web interface with a custom written server-side template engine. It transcoded incoming messages, and processed them through a rules engine, which could, among other things, feed the message into a group queue for an agent to respond to, automatically respond to the message, assign priorities, escalate priorities, and assign tracking numbers. The same program used HTML and a dedicated HTML server to create the agent's
interface, the administration interface, writing and editing the email rules engine rules, configuring the users and groups, and many, many other things. At the time, most programs were using native interfaces.

*This system was so interesting it was acquired (along with support staff) by Webline Communications in July of 1999, which in turn was acquired by Cisco Systems in November
1999. Renamed "Cisco ICM Enterprise Edition, E-Mail
Manager Option," the system was also internationalized, and could identify and process international character sets in the incoming and outgoing messages. The interface supported
English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

The server which I designed, wrote and maintained was a C- based back end that communicated with a suite of Java programs which acted as wrappers to the mail server, database servers, and other parts of the total customer support system. All programming was developed in accordance to Cisco's ISO 9001 standards.

This product is no longer being sold by Cisco, but the following copy of a White Paper will give you an idea of the scope of this product:


NOTE! While I wrote and designed a large part this part of this system, I am in no way a Cisco engineer anymore, and have no experience with any of their current products.
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Information Builders, Inc.January 1980 - January 1993

Designed and maintained parts of the business oriented "fourth generation" language FOCUS, including :

*graphics on many devices

*the form entry system, (FIDEL)

*the database maintenance language (MODIFY)

*the third party API (HLI)

*the ability to simultaneously access and modify the database

Mes compétences

XML, WordPress, Windows, Web Services, Web development, VRML, UI Design, SQLite, Software Design, SMTP, Regression testing, Python, Processing, POSIX, PHP, Perl, Objective-C, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Mac OS X, JavaScript, Java, iPhone, iOS, HTML5, HTML, DSP, Drupal, C#, Apple iOS SDK, API, AJAX