Gail S.


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32 ans
Philadelphia, UNITED STATES

Mon expérience

WillowTreeNovember 2018 - Présent

CoreDial, LLCJanuary 2017 - November 2018

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SCOIRFebruary 2015 - November 2016

Design and development of Android and iOS apps that support the Scoir platform.
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NimbleSmith Consulting, LLCJuly 2009 - February 2015

NimbleSmith Consulting, LLC provides software and product development contracting services targeting website development/hosting, desktop and mobile product development. Member of Apple Developer Program, Android Developer /Google Play, Amazon Developer and Affiliate.

Contracted Website Projects

Photographer's Gallery. Designing a photo gallery-based website with e-commerce integration using WordPress and PayPal.

Concierge services. Designed, developed, and hosted a WordPress-based website with custom theme and plugin development that enabled an errand service business to fulfill service requests online and monitor service request acceptance and completion.

Music Promoter/Producer site. Designed and hosted promotional music site using WordPress with custom theme development.

Contracted Desktop Application

Decision Support application. Written in C# using Visual Studio for Office (VSTO). Mined spreadsheets for data points that identified error levels associated with shipping tasks. Software monitored files stored on cloud-based storage accounts and updated spreadsheet tables when file contents changed.

Invoicing support application using (add-ins) for Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks. Add-in component extracted invoicing data from selected spreadsheets in Excel and generated QuickBooks invoices from data sent via QuickBooks DDE application programming interface.

Mobile applications

Applications listed below are ongoing development efforts targeting Android and iPad/iPhone platforms and are in various stages of development.

Shift-Minder. Collaborative work-shift scheduling and reminder tool that manages shift work including clock-in and clock-out, work breaks. Creates/proposes schedule and users accept it or propose additional changes. For many hourly, schedule based systems, schedule changes/requests are performed manually.

Follow My Order. Provides order placement and notifications app using Twitter API.
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Teletronics Technology Corp.May 2007 - April 2009

Teletronics Network Products Group designs and manufactures network-based telemetry products for the commercial and military aerospace industries that allow customers to create data acquisition networks that provide two-way communication between sensors, recorders, switches, gateways, and transmitters.


- Development Team Lead producing a browser-based network configuration and real-time monitoring desktop software product using Java, JavaScript, HTML4/CSS2, XSLT, and XML.

- Rewrote legacy VB 6.0-based data recorder and management application into C#/ .NET. Established and automated build processes and application installations using Ant, and NSIS installer.

- Researched and developed an automated software build and deployment solution for all software products using open-source software that included Ant, Luntbuild/Jetty, InstallJammer, and Launch4J.

- Train and mentor junior staff in commercial software development process, design principles and practices.

Skills Required

C, C#, Java, JavaScript, XML, XML Schema, XSLT, HTML, HTTP, Tcl/Tk, SNMP, Ant, Subversion, Linux, Win32, .NET, COM, Software design and development processes, Design patterns, SCM Processes,
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GuideWorksDecember 2003 - May 2007

GuideWorks, a joint venture formed by Comcast and Gemstar-TVGuide, Inc., creates guidance and navigation systems for digital cable and home entertainment including the most widely-used interactive program guide (IPG) in the cable industry.


- Served as Project Staff Engineer working on next generation, Java-based, navigation software product for the OCAP cable platform.


Member of the architecture refactoring team developing a data-driven architecture to support runtime application configurability.

- Involved in process improvement efforts to bring iterative development processes in-house to support SCRUM initiative.

- Provide staff training and mentoring for previous employer's VOD (Video On Demand) product integration.

- Developed runtime VOD (Video On Demand) logging and reporting component for company's legacy (C-based) Interactive Program Guide (IP).

Skills Required:

C, MFC 4.x, Java (J2ME, J2SE), JDBC, SQL, XHTML/XML/XSLT, Design Patterns/UML, Scrum/Agile practices
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Change InternationalJanuary 2001 - September 2003

Digital Video Arts, a wholly owned subsidiary of SeaChange International, a leading provider of Video On Demand (VOD) systems serving the Cable industry. DVA provides in-house client/server software development and contracting services to support SeaChange VOD systems


- Project, product, and staff management responsibilities for C/C++-based digital cable set-top client software deployed at 40+ customer sites comprising millions of cable set-tops.

- Responsible for managing the development, testing, deployment, technical support, and maintenance of digital cable set-top interpreter and primary engineering interface to customers, company Program/Sales managers, Service and Support Groups, and external system hardware vendors.

- Initiated and lead the re-engineering effort in C/C++ that transformed the company’s primary cable set-top software from a low quality, demonstration-only product to achieving cable industry certification quality.

- Responsible for all project and product documentation including project plans, schedules, status reporting, product requirement specifications, high-level design, product test plans, customer installation procedures, release notes.

- Hands-on experience in product test planning and development, test execution, issue tracking, and customer acceptance testing.

Skills Required:

C/C++ (Cygwin), HTML, SMIL, XML, Network Protocols, Documentation, Customer Management, Project Management, Staff Management
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Ravisent Technologies, Inc.May 1997 - January 2001


- Project Lead for Ravisent Media Player product. Performed team lead duties comprising scheduling and reporting, analysis, design, and implementation of application and media components.

- Part of the project team that developed software-only MPEG-2 encoding, decoding and time-shift-enabled Windows software product. Primary objective of the project was to be the first company to obtain Microsoft WHQL certification for this type of product.

- Development Lead for Media Manager Components. Provided training, mentoring and implementation for the COM-based Media Manager subsystem written in C++, ATL 3.0, DirectShow, and proprietary COM interfaces to the underlying encoding/decoding streaming media engine.

- Senior Project Engineer. Performed product customization for Major PC OEMs. This included User Interface modifications, developing custom playback features, providing product localization, product testing, and customer acceptance.
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Applied Optical MediaOctober 1988 - July 1996

Small, privately owned company involved in commercial software product development for the retail CD-ROM marketplace.


- Served as Software Development Manager from 1993 through 1996.

- Principle designer and developer of commercial, cross-platform software in C/C++ for all of the company’s products on Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, DOS and various set-top platforms (Commodore CDTV and Tandy VIS systems).

- Provided project and staff scheduling in cooperation with Editorial, Graphic Production, Marketing and Sales groups.

Skills Required

C/C++, Win32, Mac OS, Project Management, Customer Management, Staff Management.

Mes compétences

VSTO, UML, Swift, Software Design, RxKotlin, RxJava, PHP 5, PHP 4, OS X, MySQL, Linux, Kotlin, iOS, GitHub, Git, Embedded, C++, C, Bitbucket, Apache 2, Angular, Android, Agile