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ORZ ConsultingMay 2019 - Présent

It's gone and it's my choice!
A new adventure begins. I fly on my own.
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EDFFebruary 2018 - April 2019

Setting up agility by drawing on SCRUM & SAFE frameworks. Team 50 FTEs.
Stakeholder training.
Establishment of the new organization.
Establishment and animation of agile ceremonies.
Technologies: Haddop Hive - Oracle ODI - JAVA - Unix - DevOps.
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EDFFebruary 2018 - April 2019

Setting up agility by drawing on SCRUM & SAFE frameworks. Team 50 FTEs.
Stakeholder training.
Establishment of the new organization.
Establishment and animation of agile ceremonies.
Technologies: Haddop Hive - Oracle ODI - JAVA - Unix - DevOps.
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PMUMay 2017 - December 2017

Implementation of detailed budget monitoring.
 Implementation of project reporting tools.
Assistance in driving teams in agile mode. 65 FTEs.
Management of internal program and B.U. communication.
 Technologies: JAVA - COBOL - C - DB2 - Unix AIX - DevOps
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Daylight GroupFebruary 2017 - April 2017

On assignment for the Banque de France. Project Management Office. In charge of internal applications portfolio.

* Pass audit quality on projects. ation of the results.

* Realization of the financial analyzes of the projects.

* Realization of project agility diagnosis.

* Realization of optimization tools for the Project Management Office
Tools / Methods: MS Project - MS Office - Project Piloting Method inspired by Prince2.
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Decision Performance ConseilApril 2015 - February 2017

On assignment for the PMU
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PMUApril 2015 - January 2017

Directeur de Projet adjoint - P.M.O.
Programme EASY de portage technique du S.I. de IBM Z OS vers Unix.
Projet 2016 finalisation de la bascule vers Unix.

* Budget: 12 M€. 18 000 J.H.

* Mise en place du suivi budgétaire. Suivi détaillé du planning.

* Mise en place du reporting automatisé.

* Pilotage des équipes en mode agile. 60 ETP

* Gestion de la communication interne au projet et avec les parties prenantes.

* Pilotage du chantier sécurité.

* Technologies : Mainframe IBM z/OS – COBOL – C – DB2 – Unix AIX.

Projet réglementaire de séparation des masses d'enjeux entre web et point de vente.

* Budget: 8,5 M€. 14 000 J.H. Délais incompressibles. Qualité non négociable.

* Mise en place du suivi budgétaire. Suivi détaillé du planning. Mise en place du reporting DG.

* Mise en place du suivi des actions. Gestion de la communication.

* Assistance au pilotage des équipes en méthode agile : 50 ETP plus parties prenantes.

Technologies : Mainframe IBM z/OS – COBOL – C – DB2. Développements délocalisées sur 3 sites
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TNS WorldPanelsSeptember 1999 - December 2015

Product launch and Projects compliance for « Y2K » :

* Establishment of an emergency organization to go through the Y2K.

* Setting up communication with General Management and IT Management Group in London.

* Identification of the products concerned (5 panels, 40 software, 80 users).

* Reorganization of the team of 10 engineers.

* Software corrections in Visual Basic – C – Unix – Window - Ingres.

Managed the service of computer developments : (10 engineers, budget : € 900,000)

* Implementation of the Information Technology Master Plan.

* Optimization of the budget : 20% cost reduction and transfer to other projects.

* Implementation of methods for taking into account the changes and corrections. Analysis’ needs.

* Recruitment and placement of engineers.

* Organization of the changeover to euro currency.

* Organization of the transition from Ingres to MySQL.

* Prioritization between immediate fixes and significant improvements.

* Reorganisation of tasks distribution between computer team and user team.

* Implementation of a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Restoration Panel ( Analytical marketing tool for purchasing behavior of restaurants) :

* Full management of the redesign of the product (Budget: € 450 000. Reduced costs of € 150,000 / year.)

* Steering committees animation.

* Purchasing steering. Engineers recruitment . Monitoring  the implementation and deployment.

* Users teams work reorganization.

* Change management.

* Implementation of development rules.

* Analysis of a LBO of € 1,000,000 on the Restoration Panel for a spin-off.
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AltecaOctober 2013 - August 2014

Mission for Group Prunay. Insurance experts. 1300 employees. Turnover : € 130 Millions.
Led the new business information system implementation
Managed and recruit 10 engineers
Selected subcontractors
Technologies: PHP - Symfony - TALEND ESB - Java
Methodology : Praxeme
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Diverses PME & TPE ( various SMEs & VSEs )December 2012 - September 2013

Location Normandy, Brittany, Nantes area, Paris area, and Limoges area.

led this activity until I found a job as an IT project manager.
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SuperdevJanuary 2006 - January 2011

Start-up specialized in the development of real-time 3D Web interfaces without plugin.

Project Virtual Ocean Races. Offshore sailboats race simulator in persistent universe. 5 engineers. JAVA, PYTHON, MYSQL, LINUX.

Project management:

* Implemented the Information Technology Master Plan.

* Drawn up  development rules.

* Offered computable development solutions

* Team management: planning, assigning tasks, monitoring progress, financial monitoring.

* Applications testing.

* Creation of technical documentations.

* Implementation of a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Functional aspects:

* Documentary researches and processes collection with industry experts (professionals skippers, coaches, physicists, mathematicians, experts in meteorology).

* Writing algorithms. Development of the simulator. Continuous optimization of response times.

* Design and implementation of a four-daily automatic processing chain with fault tolerance, alarms, and many checkpoints.
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-January 2001 - December 2005

Restoration Panel : Overhaul of the data collection and reorganization of production

Budget: € 450,000 ( year 2001 ) NPV over 5 years: € 250,000
ROI: 5 years: 32% ; 3 years: 12%

For all phases:

* Needs analysis. Designs, costings, and achievements of solutions.

* Users teams work reorganization.

* User Training. Change Management.

Phase 1: Consolidation of data collection: Replacing the paper's input by a seizure on laptops:

* Purchase of 100 laptops for investigators.

* Completion of two software:
1 / Entering purchases on laptops.
2 / Coding and Corrections of purchases.

Earnings :

* Remove of the team that provided the inputs.

* Input time reduction.

* investigators comfort Improvement.

* Possibility of backup of the input work.

* Financial ernings : € 150 000 per year (2001 value).

Phase 2: Reorganization of user teams and optimization of the solution:

* Developments of automatic tools for corrections and coding tasks.

* Transfer of codification and correction work to the production team to bring the datas near the final customer.


* Improvement of results quality.

* Sustainability of Turnover.

Phase 3: Integration of sample management in the work of the production team:

* Development of a software for sample management and for administrative monitoring of investigators.


* A simplified investigators management .

* An Improved quality of the sample.

* A reduced census costs.

Phase 4: Technical migrations : (Replacing INGRES by MySQL; Replacing the statistical tool):

* Adapting software.


* Sustainability of skills through the use of the company's flagship tools.
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IAE de ParisSeptember 2003 - November 2005

Teacher for managers aspiring to important responsibilities and preparing the Master of business administration. field : information systems.

* Courses preparations.

* Correction of written and oral interventions.

* Correction of final exams.


* Information systems Strategy.

* Implementing ERP.

* Analysis.

* Project (Choice of solution, management, financial monitoring).

* Technological survey.
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AonixSeptember 1998 - August 1999

PSA Peugeot Citroën :

* Design and implementation of a management application for commercial premiums.

* Reports the specific needs of the PSA subsidiaries in Europe. Working language: English.
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MTB 111December 1992 - August 1998

For France Telecom: Application of regional physical network management:
(500 tables, 700 forms, technology Oracle 6 & 7, Uniface)

* Supervision of 18 engineers in the design of two major releases (2000 man-days each).

* Collection of needs among departments. Costing solutions.

* Establishment of a communication for the interface specifications with others Information systems.

* Writing specifications before prototype application developpements.

* Animation steering committees. Indicators establishment to monitor incidents.

* Assigned, monitored, and controled development tasks.

* Organization of tests. Managing deliverables.

* Support for pilot sites. Managed multidisciplinary teams.

* Establishment of level 1,2 and 3 of users support .

* Setting up training sessions for users.

* Design and implementation of software for documentation management.

* Completion of the user documentation.

For France Telecom: Application for regional physical network management:

* Participation in the design and the prototype application development.

* Implementation of the methodology for functional tests.

Headquarters of Thomson group. Payroll management service:

* Achieving the monthly social balance in Cobol MVS.

EDF International. Pegasus CRM application:

* Participation in development of the software in Oracle, Cobol & Unix.
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D.S. HoldingMay 1992 - October 1992

Implementation of a business management software in Cobol, Oracle, Unix.
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8ème Régiment d'InfanterieApril 1991 - March 1992

Member of military contingent with the rank of Sergeant.

Centralization of the designs, achievements, and maintenances of the regiment's applications.
Technical environment: Windows, DBASE III +, Clipper.

leader of the protection section for commander corps.
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SOLERI CIGELMarch 1990 - March 1991

For Crédit Agricole : Participation in the implementation of the mutual fund management application.  Part BATCH computing in COBOL MVS and DATACOM.

For Crédit Industriel d'Alsace Lorraine : Achievement as single engineer of the BATCH computing chain of the mutual fund management application. Technology: COBOL MVS.

For Crédit Agricole (Shares management service of Brunoy IDF). In all team of the service. Achievement of all BATCH computing programs awaiting realization by lack of resources. Technology: COBOL MVS.

Mes compétences

Windows, Visual Basic, VBA, UNIX, UML, Training, Test management, Team management, SQL, Software Development, Python, Project Management, PL/SQL, PHP, Oracle, MySQL, MS Project, MS Office, MERISE, Management, Linux, Java, ITIL, IT Strategy, GanttProject, Consulting, COBOL, Agile