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31 ans

Mon expérience

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ORZ ConsultingMay 2019 - Présent

It's gone and it's my choice!
A new adventure begins. I fly on my own.
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EDFFebruary 2018 - April 2019

Setting up agility by drawing on SCRUM & SAFE frameworks. Team 50 FTEs.
Stakeholder training.
Establishment of the new organization.
Establishment and animation of agile ceremonies.
Technologies: Haddop Hive - Oracle ODI - JAVA - Unix - DevOps.
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EDFFebruary 2018 - April 2019

Setting up agility by drawing on SCRUM & SAFE frameworks. Team 50 FTEs.
Stakeholder training.
Establishment of the new organization.
Establishment and animation of agile ceremonies.
Technologies: Haddop Hive - Oracle ODI - JAVA - Unix - DevOps.
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PMUMay 2017 - December 2017

Implementation of detailed budget monitoring.
 Implementation of project reporting tools.
Assistance in driving teams in agile mode. 65 FTEs.
Management of internal program and B.U. communication.
 Technologies: JAVA - COBOL - C - DB2 - Unix AIX - DevOps
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Daylight GroupFebruary 2017 - April 2017

On assignment for the Banque de France. Project Management Office. In charge of internal applications portfolio.
* Pass audit quality on projects. Presentation of the results.
* Realization of the financial analyzes of the projects.
* Realization of project agility diagnosis.
* Realization of optimization tools for the Project Management Office
Tools / Methods: MS Project - MS Office - Project Piloting Method inspired by Prince2.
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Decision Performance ConseilApril 2015 - February 2017

On assignment for the PMU
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PMUApril 2015 - January 2017

Directeur de Projet adjoint - P.M.O.
Programme EASY de portage technique du S.I. de IBM Z OS vers Unix.
Projet 2016 finalisation de la bascule vers Unix.
* Budget: 12 M€. 18 000 J.H.
* Mise en place du suivi budgétaire. Suivi détaillé du planning.
* Mise en place du reporting automatisé.
* Pilotage des équipes en mode agile. 60 ETP
* Gestion de la communication interne au projet et avec les parties prenantes.
* Pilotage du chantier sécurité.
* Technologies : Mainframe IBM z/OS – COBOL – C – DB2 – Unix AIX.
Projet réglementaire de séparation des masses d'enjeux entre web et point de vente.
* Budget: 8,5 M€. 14 000 J.H. Délais incompressibles. Qualité non négociable.
* Mise en place du suivi budgétaire. Suivi détaillé du planning. Mise en place du reporting DG.
* Mise en place du suivi des actions. Gestion de la communication.
* Assistance au pilotage des équipes en méthode agile : 50 ETP plus parties prenantes.

Technologies : Mainframe IBM z/OS – COBOL – C – DB2. Développements délocalisées sur 3 sites
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TNS WorldPanelsSeptember 1999 - December 2015

Product launch and Projects compliance for « Y2K » :
* Establishment of an emergency organization to go through the Y2K.
* Setting up communication with General Management and IT Management Group in London.
* Identification of the products concerned (5 panels, 40 software, 80 users).
* Reorganization of the team of 10 engineers.
* Software corrections in Visual Basic – C – Unix – Window - Ingres.

Managed the service of computer developments : (10 engineers, budget : € 900,000)
* Implementation of the Information Technology Master Plan.
* Optimization of the budget : 20% cost reduction and transfer to other projects.
* Implementation of methods for taking into account the changes and corrections. Analysis’ needs.
* Recruitment and placement of engineers.
* Organization of the changeover to euro currency.
* Organization of the transition from Ingres to MySQL.
* Prioritization between immediate fixes and significant improvements.
* Reorganisation of tasks distribution between computer team and user team.
* Implementation of a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Restoration Panel ( Analytical marketing tool for purchasing behavior of restaurants) :
* Full management of the redesign of the product (Budget: € 450 000. Reduced costs of € 150,000 / year.)
* Steering committees animation.
* Purchasing steering. Engineers recruitment . Monitoring  the implementation and deployment.
* Users teams work reorganization.
* Change management.
* Implementation of development rules.
* Analysis of a LBO of € 1,000,000 on the Restoration Panel for a spin-off.
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AltecaOctober 2013 - August 2014

Mission for Group Prunay. Insurance experts. 1300 employees. Turnover : € 130 Millions.
Led the new business information system implementation
Managed and recruit 10 engineers
Selected subcontractors
Technologies: PHP - Symfony - TALEND ESB - Java
Methodology : Praxeme
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Diverses PME & TPE ( various SMEs & VSEs )December 2012 - September 2013

Location Normandy, Brittany, Nantes area, Paris area, and Limoges area.

led this activity until I found a job as an IT project manager.
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SuperdevJanuary 2006 - January 2011

Start-up specialized in the development of real-time 3D Web interfaces without plugin.

Project Virtual Ocean Races. Offshore sailboats race simulator in persistent universe. 5 engineers. JAVA, PYTHON, MYSQL, LINUX.

Project management:
* Implemented the Information Technology Master Plan.
* Drawn up  development rules.
* Offered computable development solutions
* Team management: planning, assigning tasks, monitoring progress, financial monitoring.
* Applications testing.
* Creation of technical documentations.
* Implementation of a Business Continuity Plan and a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Functional aspects:
* Documentary researches and processes collection with industry experts (professionals skippers, coaches, physicists, mathematicians, experts in meteorology).
* Writing algorithms. Development of the simulator. Continuous optimization of response times.
* Design and implementation of a four-daily automatic processing chain with fault tolerance, alarms, and many checkpoints.
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-January 2001 - December 2005

Restoration Panel : Overhaul of the data collection and reorganization of production
Budget: € 450,000 ( year 2001 )NPV over 5 years: € 250,000
ROI: 5 years: 32% ; 3 years: 12%

For all phases:
* Needs analysis. Designs, costings, and achievements of solutions.
* Users teams work reorganization.
* User Training. Change Management.

Phase 1: Consolidation of data collection: Replacing the paper's input by a seizure on laptops:
* Purchase of 100 laptops for investigators.
* Completion of two software:
1 / Entering purchases on laptops.
2 / Coding and Corrections of purchases.

Earnings :
* Remove of the team that provided the inputs.
* Input time reduction.
* investigators comfort Improvement.
* Possibility of backup of the input work.
* Financial ernings : € 150 000 per year (2001 value).

Phase 2: Reorganization of user teams and optimization of the solution:
* Developments of automatic tools for corrections and coding tasks.
* Transfer of codification and correction work to the production team to bring the datas near the final customer.

* Improvement of results quality.
* Sustainability of Turnover.

Phase 3: Integration of sample management in the work of the production team:
* Development of a software for sample management and for administrative monitoring of investigators.

* A simplified investigators management .
* An Improved quality of the sample.
* A reduced census costs.

Phase 4: Technical migrations : (Replacing INGRES by MySQL; Replacing the statistical tool):
* Adapting software.

* Sustainability of skills through the use of the company's flagship tools.
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IAE de ParisSeptember 2003 - November 2005

Teacher for managers aspiring to important responsibilities and preparing the Master of business administration. field : information systems.
* Courses preparations.
* Correction of written and oral interventions.
* Correction of final exams.

* Information systems Strategy.
* Implementing ERP.
* Analysis.
* Project (Choice of solution, management, financial monitoring).
* Technological survey.
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AonixSeptember 1998 - August 1999

PSA Peugeot Citroën :
* Design and implementation of a management application for commercial premiums.
* Reports the specific needs of the PSA subsidiaries in Europe. Working language: English.
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MTB 111December 1992 - August 1998

For France Telecom: Application of regional physical network management:
(500 tables, 700 forms, technology Oracle 6 & 7, Uniface)
* Supervision of 18 engineers in the design of two major releases (2000 man-days each).
* Collection of needs among departments. Costing solutions.
* Establishment of a communication for the interface specifications with others Information systems.
* Writing specifications before prototype application developpements.
* Animation steering committees. Indicators establishment to monitor incidents.
* Assigned, monitored, and controled development tasks.
* Organization of tests. Managing deliverables.
* Support for pilot sites. Managed multidisciplinary teams.
* Establishment of level 1,2 and 3 of users support .
* Setting up training sessions for users.
* Design and implementation of software for documentation management.
* Completion of the user documentation.

For France Telecom: Application for regional physical network management:
* Participation in the design and the prototype application development.
* Implementation of the methodology for functional tests.

Headquarters of Thomson group. Payroll management service:
* Achieving the monthly social balance in Cobol MVS.

EDF International. Pegasus CRM application:
* Participation in development of the software in Oracle, Cobol & Unix.
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D.S. HoldingMay 1992 - October 1992

Implementation of a business management software in Cobol, Oracle, Unix.
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8ème Régiment d'InfanterieApril 1991 - March 1992

Member of military contingent with the rank of Sergeant.

Centralization of the designs, achievements, and maintenances of the regiment's applications.
Technical environment: Windows, DBASE III +, Clipper.

leader of the protection section for commander corps.
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SOLERI CIGELMarch 1990 - March 1991

For Crédit Agricole : Participation in the implementation of the mutual fund management application.  Part BATCH computing in COBOL MVS and DATACOM.

For Crédit Industriel d'Alsace Lorraine : Achievement as single engineer of the BATCH computing chain of the mutual fund management application. Technology: COBOL MVS.

For Crédit Agricole (Shares management service of Brunoy IDF). In all team of the service. Achievement of all BATCH computing programs awaiting realization by lack of resources. Technology: COBOL MVS.

Mes compétences

Analysis methods and tools

Agile, Merise


Oracle, MySQL

Computer Tools

MS Project, MS Office

IT Infrastructure

Windows, Unix, Linux


Consulting, ITIL, Team management, IT Strategy, Training, Management, GanttProject, Test management, Project Management


Software Development


Cobol, UML, SQL, Python, PHP, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, Java, VBA

Mes études et formations

Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Université Panthéon Sorbonne (Paris I)2002 - 2003

4 years technical degree in computeur science - Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers1993 - 1997

BTS Informatique de Gestion : 2 years technical degree - Lycée Paul Lapie1989 - 1990