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HootsuiteJuly 2017 - Présent

Product Liaison & Data Quality Specialist for two HootSuite Enterprise products: Analytics and Impact (formerly known as Liftmetrix). Impact (product) is an enterprise level product for measuring online and social media performance for brands.

Acting as a Product Liaison between Customer Support, Product, and Development Team in order to make sure that any issue is receiving the needed attention from both parties (Customer Support - client facing and Product - software facing);

Translating a customer described issue into how the issue is actually presenting behind the scenes, using appropriate technical terminology;

Regular Quality checks comparing data from our product (UI, MongoDB) with data returned by external consumers APIs (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,)
Monitored data integrity by performing quality assurance checks on client and partner data.

Assisting Customer Support with insight and information on how Impact and Analytics products work, where it gets the data from (what APIs and enpoints) and how the metrics are defined;

Scoping out specs for the tools team in order to semi-automate some Data Quality assurance tasks (Data Discrepancy monitoring tools); (Data Anomaly Tool)

Data Quality Checks for our Data-Warehouse Enterprise feature (Amazon Redshift, S3).

Automation between tools based on Google Sheets and Google Script (javascript)

Supporting role in the Hootsuite-Adobe Partnership;

1) Improved our product's data accuracy by researching the capabilities of the consumer APIs
2) Reduced data quality incidents by implementing monitoring on both external APIs and on our data collection system (MongoDB).
3) Increased Customer Retention

Tools: Tracking everything with JIRA, using PostMan to store needed API calls collections

Working in a global company with AGILE teams that needed to synchronize between different time-zones (NYC, Toronto, Bucharest)
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GvHiresMay 2016 - December 2017

A part time job as a Project Manager for IT Startups (remote work) 

The main task was to coordinate a development team that was in EET (Europe) with PM from EST (USA); Work with developers on new features implementation and bug fixing: tracking every step using JIRA; Documenting all tasks in daily basis release notes.

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AmplusnetApril 2013 - May 2017

In my 6 years of experience at ibVPN (product of Amplusnet) (personal privacy and data security service) I shared 3 roles and. One of the main roles was the Product Manager for a Cross Platform app (Windows - Mac OS);

I was responsible for managing the product throughout the product life-cycle;

I provided app specifications for the developers and as well the behavior and structure diagrams;

Communicated with developers on bug tracking and bug fixing;

Integrated app analytics in order to receive data for our KPIs; Assured that QA is meet by providing efficient test case scenarios for basic functionality and as well for new features;

Proactively came up with innovative methods to improve software quality and test coverage;

A second role at ibVPN was as a product managed for the Android app

I provided mock ups, behavior diagrams and API integration documentation for the developers;

I maintained the application and issued regular updates on the PlayStore.

During this time I learned Java to a degree of implementing libraries, updating layouts and code debugging.

Studied, applied/became familiar with Material Design, UI principles, Android SDK and latest Google Android APIs (up to API 24); I became familiar with Rest web services.
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AmplusnetNovember 2010 - April 2017

Managing the support department for ibVPN:

- Managed 5 support agents for live chat/email/ticketing and remote connection support activities;
- Recruited, trained, supervised, and evaluated department staff;
- Monitored and reported actionable metrics information and KPIs
- Implemented new techniques and process improvements that increase productivity and lowering costs;
- Developed customer service systems and processes;
- Read and interpret product log files.
- Improved customer satisfaction;
- Use of WHMCS, Trello and BaseCamp

Results speak for themselves:
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FreelancerJanuary 2014 - April 2017

Side projects in spare time, working as a remote Project Manager for startups (early stages), leading development team that was on my timezone.
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Startup WeekendJune 2014 - July 2014

Designed all necesary branding materials: logo, facebook/twitter covers, yers, certicates, etc.

Televox Industria EletronicaJune 2010 - October 2010

Mes compétences

Analysis methods and tools

Product Life-cycle Management (PLM), JIRA, Bugzilla, Agile Methodology, Agile

Software testing

Postman, Debugging, Test Cases, LucidChart

IT Infrastructure

Git, CentOS, Cloud Computing, Mint, NAS, OpenVPN, Raspbian, Ubuntu, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, VPN, Nagios, iOS


MongoDB, MySQL

Web Analysis and Statistic

Hootsuite, Google Analytics


WordPress, Laravel, REST, Bootstrap




Project Management, E-commerce, Product Ownership, Technical Support, Web Design, Business Strategy, Documentation, Business Development, Market research, Social Media, API, Digital Product Development




Java, XML, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Bash, Visual Basic, CSS3, HTML5


Axure, InVision

Computer Tools

Google Sheets

Business Intelligence



Software Development, Bootstrap 3, AWS, Web development, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google API


UI, QA, Data Quality, Testing, Data, EC2, Database, Adobe, sales, Material Design

Mes études et formations

- Cloud Academy2016 - 2016

Masters Degree, Automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology - UTC Cluj2012 - 2014

Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor - University of Petru Maior2008 - 2012