Chris A.

Product Manager

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16 ans
Peterborough, ROYAUME-UNI

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News UKSeptember 2019 - Présent

Product Manager
• Carried out a performance review of the times estate, including cookies, tags, trackers
• Using a selection of freely available tools, pagespeed insights, GTMEtrix, established a baseline for performance.
• Worked with the Business and Developers to reduce the page size, remove large cookies
• Presented and reported findings and recommendations for improvement back to the executive board

Scrum Master
• Took over Scrum Master duties for the Times mobile apps team (iOS and Android)
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Mental HamsterApril 2018 - September 2019

•    Took ownership of a multimillion-pound webstore
•    Tasked with reviewing current technology stack, making recommendations and working with
        development team to implement those changes
•    Setup and Review of Analytics
•    Primarily home based
•    Lead on a movie deal with the Orchard (Part of Sony)
•    Created and rolled out sales funnels, loyalty scheme and membership functions
•    Implemented A to B testing functions and reviewed analytics
•    Started design work on a new training mobile app
•    Implemented task boards for the executive board and staff members
•    Lead ceremonies and carried out 1-1 training as required
•    Became a partner in
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NovodaMay 2017 - March 2018

Working through Novoda, I worked with two Clients:

News UK

•    Assigned as Delivery Manager for the Mobile Delivery Team iOS/Android Sun App
•    Working with a large distributed team based in multiple locations, including London and Bangalore
•    Primarily home based
•    Initially spent the first few months firefighting, until the team was stable
•    Created a realistic delivery plan that the team agreed with and then delivered an already largely overdue project on time, releasing a massive update to the old version of the apps
•    A very Challenging project where difficult stakeholders demanding delivery when designs and the business did not fully know what they wanted
•    Fixed scope and Fixed deadlines
•    Eased pressure on the Product team, by supporting them and dividing and conquering


•    Joined a iOS and Android App Development Project
•    Assigned to the MyDrive Project as a Scrum Master to work with the Novoda PO to run two teams
•    Lots of tension initially between the two teams, so focused heavily on bring transparency and enhancing the cross communication between teams
•    Coached the clients PM's on backlogs and how to refine them
•    Joined and contributed towards the Agile Companions Guild
•    Shared war stories with existing scrum masters and offered examples of ways of working
•    Built strong lasting relationships with stakeholders and worked exclusive with the clients head of engineering
•    Invoked changes and conversations to Improve morale and cross site working
•    Stabilised the teams and coached them out of the storming phases of the team formation
•    Took over the engagement lead role from the Novoda Product Owner, as was already working with client PM's
•    Stabilised the teams and coached them out of the storming phases of the team formation
•    Produced and presented the iteration showcase slides to the client
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EmeraldPublishingAugust 2016 - May 2017

•    Coaching teams just starting out on their Agile Journey (Greenfield Agile Transformation)
•    Implemented and run a sprint 0 to get the teams started and getting used to their new ways of working as a scrum team
•    Working with the teams to populate a product roadmap
•    Due to a sudden gap by another SM leaving, picked up SM duties for all three teams, Platform, Cases and Books and Journals
•    Working with the Management team and directors to change cultural and company impediments
•    Helped with the recruitment of a permanent Scrum Master
•    Worked with the QA team to help them establish the team, as they were the first automation testers at emerald
•    Spun up and advised on a task force to deliver the re-branding and 50th Anniversary sites in two months using Kanban
•    Reviewed the team structures and recommend changes to improve the team's performance and morale
•    Recruited, coached and line managed permanent scrum master
•    Promoted to Agile Ambassador for the company and working with and advising the senior Directors, CEO, CTO, etc
•    Working with multiple teams across the business, Software, HR, Editorial, coaching and promoting agile ways of working
•    Scalled agile transformation, working and coaching team by team
•    Winning hearts and minds by spending time with teams and applying pragmatic agile principles, rather than a forced implementation
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Which?January 2015 - July 2016

Ruby, Javascript, React JS, Node, CMS, Heroku, Rhymx, Razuna, AWS, JIRA, Agile

•    Responsible for three scrum masters and five scrum teams (Including offshore team in Bulgaria)
•    Dedicated Agile Delivery Manager for 2 Teams (Including the core product Reviews)
•    Facilitator for the Scrum of Scrums for all products at Which
•    Mentored, supported and developed permanent Scrum Master’s to gradually work with two scrum teams
•    Tasked with Recruiting and placing contract and permanent Agile Delivery Managers and Development Team Members
•    Proposed and implemented the new Full Stack Development teams to allow Which to have two full feature (full slice) teams.
•    Working closely with the development manager to change cultures, create team empowerment and ownership
•    Assisted with project wrap up and kick off sessions in Bulgaria
•    Responsible for raising company/cultural changes to the management team and seeking to generate change
•    Line Management for the other Agile Delivery Managers, 1-1's, performance, appraisals, training, etc.Ruby, Javascript, CMS, Heroku, Rhymx, Razuna, AWS, JIRA, Agile

• Responsible for two scrum teams Memberships and Reviews & Advice
• Requested by management to take on the SM Role of the Flagship project and merge the two teams into one super team
• Day to day running of the scrum team
• Interviewed and selected replacement contract scrum team members
• Wrote and delivered presentations to the business on Agile and Scrum foundations
• Working with the Product Owner to prioritise the backlog, plan the next sprint and forecast the project end date
• Owning the teams impediments and resolving them
• Facilitating all the scrum ceremonies
• Helped increase the transparency of the team, building better relationships with the team and senior management
• Completed an Agile assessment and reported the findings back to management, providing guidance on restructuring the teams
• Setup DVCS JIRA to Github sync to give a higher transparency of github within the JIRA system.
• Acted as the lead scrum master during the live release of the project
• Helped define the scrum teams going forward to deal with BAU, New Features, Consumer Action, etc
• Coached the reviews team to successfully deliver the new Reviews Platform
• Inherited two off shore Bulgarian Scrum teams - Memberships and Consumer Action
• Helped kick off project start and Sprint 0 in Bulgaria
• Spent multiple weeks in Bulgaria coaching and working with the teams in a co-located manner See less
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Cambridge AssessmentAugust 2014 - December 2014

SAP ECC / HANA/ WebDynpro/ ABAP/ BODS/ BO, JIRA, Agile

• Shadowed the current project manager, noting, presenting and implementing agile changes
• Carried out interviews with the project members to get a feel of the project, product, process and people
• Identified current Process was not clearly displayed in the Jira board and took ownership of administration and worked on aligning the board to the current working practices.
• Looking at ways to break down the mini waterfall module
• Compiled and presented an cAssessment Document from the agile interviews and observations, showing what changes needed to occur to become more agile.
• Compiled and presented a Scrum Implementation Document, showing how and why scrum could be implemented into the current team.
• Instigated and piloted a change in the way user stories where written to try and limit the Big Design Up Front (BDUF)
• Created and delivered presentations to the offshore team on agile and scrum foundations
• Covered for the project manager, whilst they where on annual leave
• Introduced the team to velocity, user story points (fibonacci sequence) and used these to estimate the product backlog
• Tracking and reporting burn down during sprints
• Carried out Agile Assessments for multiple project teams
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Cambridge University PressJune 2014 - July 2014

LAMP, PHP, Concrete 5, CMS, Greenhopper, JIRA, Behat, BDD,TDD

• Scrum master for the corporate and academic sites
• Facilitating scrum ceremonies
• Working with the Product Owner to Prioritise backlog items
• Created a Wrangler\Batman Function to deal with dev ops tickets
• Created custom JIRA Workflow to identify bottlenecks in the current process
• Managed dispersed scrum team based in the UK and the Philippines
• Working with multiple project streams to identify paths to live and schedule release dates
• Ensuring releases are deployed successfully to live
• Implemented a roll back procedure for Live
• Introduced the development teams to Gherkin, TDD and BDD techniques
• Created a proposal for the introduction of automation to be approved by the board.
• Interviewed and Recruited additional resources for development and testing
• Setup and migrated the team to a JIRA task based process
• Bringing the scrum team closer to the Product Owners by encouraging we are all one team mentality.
• Breaking down silos so that the team understand that quality is the responsibility of the team not just QA.
• On-boarding, training and coaching of a new permanent Scrum Master
• Presented, obtained buy-in from senior stakeholders and budget, lead the design and implementation of first steps in to automation, unit, api and ui automated tests using Continuous Integration
• Created the automation framework using Bamboo, Behave, PHPUnit and Behat
• Working with multiple project streams on how to gather and create requirements, users stories and scenario's.
• Ensured the successful automation POC had an owner to champion and ensure the ROI was achieved.
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HSBCSeptember 2013 - December 2013

Rule Financial - JavaScript, Cucumber,js, IntelliJ, Webstorm, Node, Grunt, Protractor, Angular, BDD, Jira, GreenHopper, TDD, Grunt, Bower, Make, HTML5

• Reviewing current TDD processes and automated tests
• Introduced the Development team to Cucumber and Gherkin
• Flown out to Guangzhou China as a consultant to train a team on Automation and Agile best practices
• Created a Cucumber framework that combines angular protractor, to run from feature files, instead of specs
• Working with the test team to define how testing should be conducted in an agile manner and help them transition from waterfall.
• Understand and reviewed the current scrum process and suggested recommendations
• Helping the test team understand what their new role is in the new agile world
• Documented user story life cycle flow
• Introduced the project team to standardized user story format and Gherkin Scenarios.
• Facilitating Scrum Ceremonies
• Prioritizing and Creating new back log user stories
• Creating and Maintaining Wiki pages to ensure sharing of information
• Ensuring scrum principles are adhered to and carried out correctly.
• Review current sprint and ensure development team are updating the board.
• Carried on providing Agile training and support to the China team off shore via webex and tele conference from London.
• Working across multiple scrum teams providing support and work on a generic process for both China and London
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Tesco PLCMay 2013 - September 2013

Testing Circle - Java, Cucumber-JVM, Eclipse, Bamboo, Jenkins, Jira, GreenHopper, Behave, Maven, Soapui, Soap, JMS, Websphere MQ, REST, SOA, IBM, SPSS, BPM, IOC, Team City, Spec Flow, C#

• Created the Automation Test Strategy
• Introduced the development team to best agile practices for creating user stories in BDD format and utilising the Gherkin syntax to create acceptance criteria
• Successfully completed a POC using Jira, GreenHopper, Behave, Cucumber, Maven, Eclipse, Git and Webdriver
• Tutored developers on the project how to install and use the cucumber framework I created
• Coached multiple project teams on agile and TDD/BDD practices
• Provided content for the Test Strategy and reviewed the final document
• Observed multiple project teams scrum ceremonies and activities, providing them with a list of improvements
• Customized and administrated Jira, Greenhopper, behave, etc, to reflect the project requirements
• Provided training and demonstrations of agile toolsets
• Created and maintained confluence pages on Cucumber, BDD, Gherkin, etc
• Setting up testing from scratch
• Created and maintained tests in soapui pro to automate end to end calls of api tests
• Incorporated Soapui tests into CI build process
• Created multiple parameterized environments to run soapui tests against
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Motability OperationsDecember 2012 - April 2013

Java, PLSQL, Jira, QTP, Selenium, Jira, Greenhopper

• Introduced Scrum Teams to BDD Gherkin Format to replace there current Acceptance Tests
• Reviewed existing automation and recommended new approach and tools to keep pace with their Scrum Sprints
• Promoting automation and it's ROI
• Improved existing script execution run times by about 50/60% by reviewing and updating existing code.
• Producing automation for user stories within sprint time frames of 2 weeks
• Created a BDD Cucumber/Gherkin framework using vbs and QTP
• Created an end to end regression pack from the sprint scripts which where then handed over to the companies permanent staff to run and maintain in the future.
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Think FinanceApril 2012 - December 2012

E-Commerce, PHP, Unix, MySQL, C#, Webdriver, Nunit, Putty, Target Process

Presented demonstrations to the business for the new functionality
being built before go live, to build confidence and push towards
• Removing impediments from the team and policing process

Coaching development teams and product managers in the core scrum
practices; sprint planning, product backlog, user stories,

• Managing progress of tasks, issues, risks and dependencies.
• Facilitating and managing the daily scrum, ensuring Agile concepts are adhered to, and ensuring the stand-ups are on track
• Rolled out and introduced automation to the team

Managing and maintaining the story walls (electronic and physical);
ensuring key statistics are captured, maintained and communicated
(Velocity, Burn Down charts etc.)
• Acting as an evangelist and
enabler of Agile principles across the wider business; able to promote
and influence it's adoption across the group.
• Dissected project work in to deliverable chunks of work, allowing for continuous delivery of work packages
• Piloted and contributed to the Target Process Kanban System structure and process for Test Management
• Strong understanding of Agile practices like CI, TDD, unit testing, functional testing etc.

Leveraging actual experience of agile practices, having spent many
years working in agile teams and transitions from waterfall to Agile
XP/Scrum/Kanban development processes.
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Norwich and Peterborough Building SocietyNovember 2011 - January 2012

Finance, HTML, .Net, SQL, Java

•    Responsible for manually testing online .net gold account, creating and executing tests
•    Advised on best Agile practices and the best way to introduce test automation systems
•    Managed Agile Scrum SDLC, Test Driven Development and Object-orientated programming
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ASOS.comFebruary 2011 - November 2011

Testing Circle - E-Commerce, HTML, VBSCRIPT, SQL, Java, Oracle, Citrix, Flash, .Net

• Responsible for the day to day management of a team of 5 QA Automation Architects
• Implemented an Automation Test Lab enabling overnight, unattended regression pack runs
• Managed rollout of a selenium / webdriver using VS2008/2010 Nunit framework in C#
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UBS Investment BankOctober 2010 - February 2011

Rule Financial - HTML, VBSCRIPT, Oracle SQL, SmartGWT, Ruby, Selenium IDE and RC, JIRA, Quality Centre

• Carried out POC on platform to ensure that correct autoamtion tool was used
• Advised on best automation practices to senior management
• Roled out a Selenium RC Automated Framework, as QTP could not identify objects within SmartGWT.
• Advised on best automation practices to Senior Management and Project Stakeholders
• Solely responsible for the creation, maintenance and running of the Selenium Automated Testing
• Installed and reviewed HP ALM 11
• Agile Scrum SDLC
• Carried out POC using Loadrunner on the platform to ensure that the tool can be used.
• Carried out analysis on the FX trade system and gathered SLA’s, KPI’s and Non Functional Requirements
• Customized Quality Centre to produce correct reporting.
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Axa Distribution ServicesFebruary 2010 - September 2010

British Consulting - HTML, VBSCRIPT, SQL, Java, Oracle, Citrix, Flash, .Net
• Selected and rolled out a Hybrid Keyword/Data driven Framework to automate the Elevate Investment Platform.
• Integrated the framework into quality centre
• Carried out POC on platform to ensure that the automation framework was fit for purpose.
• Advised on best automation practices to senior management
• Produced weekly reports for senior management on progress, issues, etc
• Contributed to increasing automated test coverage
• Designed, developed and executed automated tests from business processes and existing manual scripts.
• Contributed to the overall testing effort on projects
• Contributed to evolving SDLC, QA Strategy and automated testing processes
• Provide training and mentoring to less experienced automation engineers
• Assumed ownership of project automation requirements and deliverables
• Created Documentation and Material, for training and eventual handover of the framework
• Attended, provided and asked technical automation interview questions for the recruitment of permanent QTP candidates
• Created XL macros and spreadsheet links to reduce the maintenance overhead of updating the data manually.
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AccaNovember 2009 - February 2010

Rule Financial - HTML, VBSCRIPT, SQL, Java, Oracle, Citrix, Flash, .Net
• Contributed to increasing automated test coverage
• Designed, developed and executed automated tests
• Maintained and developed existing automated test frameworks
• Contributed to the overall testing effort on projects
• Contributed to the overall testing effort on projects
• Contribute to evolving SDLC, QA Strategy and automated testing processes
• Provide training and mentoring to less experienced automation engineers
• Assume ownership of project automation requirements and deliverables
• Investigate and prototype new test harnesses to improve automation testing capabilities
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DefraJanuary 2005 - October 2005

• Review of test documentation, test plan, test strategy, test scripts, etc
• Mapping of requirements to test conditions
• Liaise with relevant areas to ensure the interface environments where set up and maintained
• Creation and completion of manual scripts
• Tools used PVCS Tracker and Test Director
• System under test is Genesis and is a web based application
• Co-Ordinate Cross Site testing Atos Origin/Defra
• Ensure environment has been setup and all interfaces are available for test
• Administration of Test Director Projects, uploading manual and automated scripts, setting up test sets, customizing fields, setting up users, etc.
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BMW Financial ServicesNovember 2004 - December 2004

•    Working to a high degree of accuracy and to tight deadlines
•    Completion of manual scripts with a minimum of supervision
•    Testing against FAMOS in an Oracle DB
•    Tools used SQL Navigator

    Dealing with a wide variety of contacts e.g. BMW internal resources –
Customer Services and Dealer Services reps, IT Management and teams
dealers, and communicate with them effectively either by phone or e-mail

•    Log, report and ensure resolution of errors identified using PVCS Tracker
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Vizuri LimitedDecember 2003 - September 2004

• Responsible for completing the regression testing on Government websites, Department of Health, Office of Energy Efficiency and UK Online.
• Running, debugging and creating new scripts for the regression pack
• Log, report and ensure resolution of errors identified
• Writing and completion of manual testing scripts
• Administration of Test Director Projects, uploading manual and automated scripts, setting up test sets, customizing fields, setting up users, etc
• Setup a WinRunner Test Lab of twenty pc’s, which was maintained by me and another during testing
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AMPSeptember 2000 - December 2003

• Testing system alterations/ corrections and enhancements
• Log, report and ensure resolution of errors identified
• Develop test scripts that meet the business requirements and produce relevant testing documentation.
• Running, debugging and creating new scripts for the regression pack
• Communicate and provide support to the business when the results are being checked
• Testing on various environments CICS, CLOAS, ALIS, PACE, Point of Sale systems, Workflow systems, PowerBuilder Systems, Lotus Notes Applications
• Testing completed Manually and Automated
• Test tools used TestDirector and WinRunner
• Administration of Test Director Projects, uploading manual and automated scripts, setting up test sets, customizing fields, setting up users, etc. 

Mes compétences

Software testing

Quality Center, Integration testing, Selenium WebDriver, Test Cases, LoadRunner, Manual testing, NUnit, WinRunner, Unit testing, Test Driven Development (TDD), User Acceptance Testing, Test Execute, Regression testing




Waterfall, Test automation, SDLC, BDD, Test management, Continuous Integration, A-TDD

Analysis methods and tools

Agile, Scrum, Selenium, BDD (Behat), Kanban, Junit



IT Infrastructure


Mes études et formations

BTEC and NVQ Field Of Study BTEC and NVQ - Isle College1993 - 1995

GCSE's Field Of Study GCSE's - Neale Wade Community College1988 - 1993