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Freelance Product Owner - Michelin Guide01.09.2017 - Présent

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Product Project Manager - Groupon01.06.2013 - 01.11.2016

Project Product Manager
Jun 2014 – Nov 2016\n  \n 2 yrs 6 mos\n \n \n\n \n

\nDevelop the Booking Tool V2, this tool was used in all WER countries. \nThe first taget was restaurants, indeed, they are used to use this type \nof tool, The V2 aim was to make the current version scalable, with lot \nof new features and a better UX/UI.

This platform can be split \ninto three versions, one dedicated to services (Hairdressers, sport \nactivities, cultural visits etc.) one dedicated to restaurants and one \ndedicated to hotels.
Each version has required an important reflexion\n in order to take into account all con constraints from each partners, \nbut also from Groupon couponing / deal system.

In close \ncollaboration with management, this project was crucial to Groupon. \nIndeed, the aim was to offer the same service level as competitors as \nThe Fork or Bookatable in restaurants market, or Balinea for the beauty \nmarket. In parallel of versions development and / or improvments, this \nproduct has been deployed in 17 countries in several languages, \nincluding RTL languages.

We were awared how much availability \ndata were important. For this reason, I build a lab tool, it was a super\n seach bar, in order to regroup all important search filters for \ncustomer. This tool has been tested on a low percentage of customer in \norder to stress the API scalability. Also we were able to affirm, thanks\n to tracking, that customer transformation rate was higher for \nreservation deals. This lab aim was to test the idea in order to \nimplement this feature globaly in the platform.

Few key numbers :
- - Live in 17 countries accros 3 global regions (EMEA, APAC et LATAM)
- 20% adoption (more than 10K partners)
- More than 15M reservations handled

Product Manager
Jun 2013 – Jun 2014
1 yr 1 mo

Working as a product manager in the innovation business unit, I coordinated the development of the Local Hub in 27 other countries/languages.
Marketing, UX, optimization were a full part of this job.

To answer to a need from teams, we created an occasions version for Xmas, based on the Local Hub development. Following the success of this one, we decided to create an easy way to customize this one in order to allow to create new skin for each events.

With the new Groupon global platform, i worked with the US teams in order to adapt best practices and functionalities to the new platform.

In the mean time, I worked with Groupon teams. As with Key Account Managers, where we developed a new system to redeem coupons for the Key Accounts.

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Project Director - Synerg'hetic01.04.2012 - 01.05.2013

Synerg'hetic is the Web "Junior-Entreprise" from HETIC.
This professional student association is expert in the New Information and Communication Technologies.

I was in charge of the customer relationship and of the student following. Thanks to this situation i managed lot of projects
With around 100 students and 30 projects, this voluntary job I gained my real first professional experience in the Web
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Mobile Project Manager - Bouygues Telecom01.06.2012 - 01.09.2012

Improve the customer experience, marketing campaign on mobile was the major worked I made on\n this version of the website.\n
\n \n
\n \n Also, I worked to prepare the becoming of the m-commerce
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Pluri-competent Employee Self Service - E. Leclerc01.02.2011 - 01.09.2011

ELS dans le rayon crèmerie du centre Leclerc d'Orvault Grand Val (44700)\n
\n J'y effectue de nombreux remplacements dans les rayons Yaourts, Fromages (Traditionnel et LS) et\n MOB (Margarine, Œuf et Beurre)\n
\n \n Marchandisage, mise en rayon, passation de commande et renseignement clients

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ENGLISH: advanced
FRENCH: native




Digital Strategy, Project Management, SEM (SEA, SEO, SMO, CMO), SMO


Web 2.0

Mes études et formations

- OpenClassrooms - Developpement webnDurant un an, suite à un plan de licenciement, j'ai eu l'occasion de me former sur Symfony 3 afin de monter en compétence dans le domaine du développement web.

- HETIC - Expert en Ingénierie et Management de la Communication NumériquenInternet, Management, Communication, Design

- ENSEC - BTS Management des Unités Commerciales - Management, MarketingnTrésorier de l'association de la classe, organisation du voyage de classe (négociation tour opérateur et sur place) Vice champion départemental du 800m et participation aux demi-final