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Release Manager - Ubisoft01.08.2008 - Présent

Release Manager

Ubisoft, Bucharest (Romania)
• Project Portfolio Handling
o Handle the release planning along the project's stakeholders
o Key contact for submission / release topics of a multiple cross platform ( Appstore / Google Play
/ Amazon / Microsoft Mobile) project portfolio
o Handle all aspects of the certification process for these projects
o Team support
• Certification Process
o Technical store setup at early stage:
App setup in the store, configuration of project's features and associated files
Coordination with Line Producers and teams
o Coordination with the Marketing team
Ensure the delivery and marketing assets configuration in the store
• Submissions: Handle submission on different stores iOS, Android (Google, Amazon, Samsung) and
Windows Mobile
• Release in coordination with the Sales team

Data Management International Studio Coordinator

- Project Management for the support tools employed by the department
- EMEA Storage Center: World Archiving Servers (WAS) management / administration.
-\n Digital distribution: Coordinate the digital data transfers from / to \nthird party entities (i.e. partners, contractors, digital distribution \nnetworks). Contribution to the overall data distribution procedures \n(i.e. encryption standards, security, means of distribution (FTP, \nAspera, etc))
- Burning Center: Coordinate the DVD / Blu Ray \nauthoring and distribution process , along with the Manufacturing team \n(i.e. Samples for the press review / preview,, master disk authoring for\n the factory).
- Develop data archiving procedures and supervising the data archiving process.

Data Management International Studio Technical Coordinator

Support\n tools development coordination. It involves gathering the necessary \ndata, identifying the necessary resources, part designing the UI, \nwriting the technical documentation. After the preliminary steps the \ncoordinator monitors the development, focusing on reaching the specific \nmilestones, avoiding or solving specific issues that might appear, etc.
2/ Burning Center
Responsible for the DMIS Burning Center in Bucharest:
- Prepare and create game master versions for manufacturing
- Create watermarked versions of games for journalists and coordinate orders with the PR Department based in Paris
- Manage the stock and order burning media
- Ensure quality and conformity of the burnt media
-- Define and maintain hardware and mastering software, look for continuous improvement of process and methods.
3/ EMEA Storage Center: (WAS) management
Responsible for WAS data providing and retrieving:
- Coordinate requests from Data Managers, Projects Coordinators, Marketing&Sales, Manufacturing departments…
- Understand the data needs, verify requests legitimacy and ask for relevant validation
- Responsible for Closing-Kit and masters uploading, approval and updating :
-\n Check the Closing-Kit conformity, give approval for archiving and \nsupport for development teams, and 3rd party producers world-wide.
- Keep track of access rights in WAS and ensure data access security
4/ Marketing assets for Microsoft and Sony online stores
Responsible\n for handling marketing requests for content submission to 1st parties \nonline stores: Microsoft X360 Live and Sony PlayStation Store
- Check and transform assets (videos, demos, wallpapers) into technical format for submission in relation with marketing
- Make transfer to 1st party
- Follow the submission process in contact with Ubisoft EMEA 1st party team
5/ Data Managers coordination
- Coordinate and update Data Management procedures used by all Data Managers (CK procedure, WAS procedures)
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QA Project Lead - I-play01.09.2007 - 01.07.2008

The QA Project Lead is in charge with the beta testing phase coordinating with the development team until the Release Build is delivered to the market.

The QA Project Lead must identify the necessary resources, define tasks, make sure the specific procedures are followed, waive unnecessary reported issues, define priorities in the fixing process.

The project lead must provide any necessary technical, logistic and informational support for the team. Also he/she acts as liaison between the various departments and the qa teams.
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QA Specialist - Bitcraft01.08.2005 - 01.08.2007

The company is an software solution provider for it's worldwide customers.

The main projects i was involved in, are games for mobile devices, published mostly in Japan (Cybird / KDDI) and Romania (Zapp)

Responsibilities, Achievements
Quality Assurance Department. Mobile games testing including test plan development

Data management for ongoing projects. Liaison between the Japanese engineers and the Romanian dev team.

User interface and graphic concept design implementation. Dragon Fighters project published on Zapp network.
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QA Tester - Gameloft01.07.2004 - 01.08.2005

Functional tests on J2ME, BREW and Symbian based mobile application (games).\n
\n \n True Brew Test Pre-certification for the Brew applications before NSTL submission.

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ROMANIAN: native
ENGLISH: advanced

Analysis methods and tools

JIRA, Scrum



IT Infrastructure



Project Management, Quality Assurance, Team management, UI Design, Xbox, Game Design, Release Management

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- Nicolae Iorga Highschool - high school graduation / baccalaureate - Biology / Chemistry