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IteksasApril 2019 - February 2020

In Iteksas we were building MVPs for 3rd party companies. Products I've been worked on:

*the platform for schools and vendors for trading mobile devices

*CRM for a marketing agency

*the app that allows to connect cameras and make timelapse videos

*automation tool for a marketing agency

*shopping website for sports fans

As a product owner I:
1. Established communication rhythm and style with every client as well as managed their expectations
2. Used various approaches for requirement elicitation: prototyping (including high fidelity prototypes), interviewing, surveys, brainstorming

3.Documented requirements and kept them clear, structured, and always up to date (Jira, Confluence, Airtable, Google Docs,
4.Managed 5 product backlogs
5.Reported to clients and arranging demo sessions on a bi-weekly basis
6.Performed acceptance testing

7.Led estimation sessions
8.Facilitated backlog grooming sessions

9.Prepared project documentation (estimation docs, PRDs, QA docs)
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ArtexpertFebruary 2020 - February 2020

In parallel with outsource development, we were working on own product
- mobile application that helps to evaluate the price of antiques. It was the first time I used the "design thinking" approach and validated learning.

As a product manager I:
1.Pitched startup offline (Overkill Ventures) and online (Y Combinator startup school). As a result - super valuable advice and suggestions as well as good feedback from co-founders of other startups.
2.Performed market research that resulted in a new direction due to identified low product-market fit.
3.Launched various Facebook ads for having initial traction as well as having leads for user interviews (e.g. 86% growth of leads starting with the second campaign)
4.Run multiple email marketing campaigns (continuously improving open and click rates, up to 23%)
5.Conducted user interviews that helped to improve evaluating methodology
6.Designed UI/UX for MVP by my own
7.Managed product backlog
8.Was one of the key people on the strategy meetings
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TestmatickMay 2015 - August 2018

Testmatick is an outsourcing QA company. In addition to being a partner of Testmatick, I was responsible for leading teams and served as QA analyst on different projects.

As QA analyst I:
1.Had close cooperation with product managers in defining/writing requirements for complex systems (e.g. Thomas Cook booking portal)
2.Performed static testing (testing of requirements)
3.Took part in release planning and test iterations' planning
4.Communicated to end-users from the user support side
5.Conducted beta-testing
As team lead I:

1.Managed QA teams on up to 5 projects
2.Interviewed, onboarded, and mentored new employees
3.Reported on results to top management and customers
4.Managed clients' expectations
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API testingMarch 2014 - April 2015

1.API testing (Postman)
2.writing automation tests for frontend
3.testing algorithms of payments' processing by the system and debugging them by using breakpoints in code
4.writing test plans and test cases basing on designs and initial requirements
5.facilitating technical meetings: with QAs, devs, product owners
6.coordinating performance, SEO and manual testers
7.configuring tracking events via Google Tag Manager and their verification of different environments

Mes compétences

Wireframes, UX Design, UX, Test Planning, Test Cases, Static testing, Requirements Analysis, Release Management, Product Discovery, Postman, Mock up (prototyper), Market research, iOS, Email Marketing, Debugging, Communication, Backlog management and prioritization, Android, Analytics, Acceptance testing