Yassine A.

Product Owner

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Mon expérience

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Strathclyde Business SchoolSeptember 2018 - Présent

• SEN Enterprise Academic
• Consulting
• CYBG Greenhouse Programme

• The Learning Manager • Exploring the International Business Environment • Analytical Support for Decision Making • Managing People in Organisations • Operations Management • Financial & Management Accounting • Finance & Financial Management • Marketing Management • Strategy, Analysis & Evaluation • Making Strategy • Strategic Consulting in Practice • Information & Technology Management • Comparative Corporate Governance • Entrepreneurial Management & Leadership
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Go SmartechMay 2017 - September 2018

Developed strategic roadmaps to achieve business vision that organised and presented important information related to future as well as to accomplish the business objectives. Implemented Scrum framework to pursue agility that enhanced company’s productivity and agility. Developed and maintained the product backlog to communicate vision and value to the Scrum team that improved company mindset to less waste, more creativity and more releases.

Design and implementation of E-commerce Platform for Travel Agencies:
• Designed end-to-end e-commerce platform for the Moroccan Tourism Market resulting in increased profit +25% 1st year and +60% 2nd year.
• Directed and presented C-suite executive meetings to gather requirements and manage expectations in the implementation of the new digital e-commerce strategy.
• Implemented linear regression technique to analyse and identify solutions for improving service offered with the mission to enhance long term profitability.
• Created and executed inbound marketing strategy that improved customer user experience increasing site traffic by +60% 1st year and 85% 2nd year.
• Devised and facilitated training for the digital department to master new e-commerce platform to update contents and knowledge that increased employee satisfaction by +70% 1st year.
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MYA IT AgencyMay 2016 - April 2017

This role demanded continuous research, evaluation and analysis to provide innovative and strategic recommendations for enhancement. Assessed the company strategies designed to enhance its long-run profitability as well as to build sustainable competitive advantages. Always focused on business objectives, KPIs and targets.

Key tasks:
• Designed innovative, creative and sustainable solutions that elevated company’s position in the market.
• Developed digital strategies for varied industry such as education, tourism, energy and healthcare to achieve its business objectives.
• Conducted interviews with stakeholders to identify and agree on issues that delivered detailed scope.
• Implemented data analysis to improve business relationships with customers that boosted sales growth.
• Applied data analytics using regression analysis and sensitivity analysis to identify and structure issues for building business cases as well as assessing risk.
• Presented strategic recommendations for enhancing its short-medium-long term profitability as well as to establish sustainable growth.
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Fly Now Pay LaterSeptember 2014 - April 2016

Worked as part of multi-functional and cross-functional team to develop and deliver incremental value that elevated FNPL’s position in the market as well as optimized customer experiences adopting agile software development approach. Motivated on business objectives, success metrics.

Key responsibilities:
• Managed 5+ products, interfacing with 3 delivery teams to ensure on-time delivery of FNPL solutions, leading to 90% retention rate and 20% increase in customer accounts.
• Implemented A/B testing to enhance customer experience and user interface that increased conversion rates by +60% and reduced 85% bounce rate.
• Adopted agile software development approach to develop solutions that improved FNPL innovation rate by building new functionality 70%, maintaining the existing 25% and expanding capacity 5 %.
• Implemented Jira, Netbeans, MockFlow, Blossom, Git and Slack tools to enhance relationship with team and also developed and maintained product backlog to ensure that all members of the team are delivering only high-value features which increased productivity and effectiveness.
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Freelance / Self EmployedOctober 2013 - August 2014

The project has following process:

Redirect the customer to Login
1.Lookup is EmailRegistered?
1.1. The Email is registered
1.1.1. Redirect the customer to Welcome with all the information( make booking, happy hour, cocktails, offers, etc..)
1.2. The Email is not registered
1.2.1. Redirect the customer to Register and the customer needs to fill up our form
1.2.2. Redirect the customer to Welcome with all the information

Involved in a project with latenight London using Spring MVC & Apache Maven

My responsibilities included:

Installation of eclipse, Java SE, apache Maven, apache Tomcat onto a Linux Mint
Development using technologies: Spring MVC, Maven, GIT, XML, JSP, Servlets, CSS, HTML, Java.
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The Informatics Research Centre of AndalusiaOctober 2011 - December 2012

During my time at CICA, I was able to acquire valuable experience in Systems Administrator. I also had the opportunity to work with Linux to manage tasks such as Firewall, DNS, virtualization, monitoring, protocols & networking concepts.

My responsibilities included:

Managing the firewall & DNS
The installation of IPs (using Terminal) & VPNs
Manage LDAP
PKI and certificate management.
Nagios monitoring systems, logwatch etc...
Virtualisation with KVM.
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Freelance / Self EmployedJanuary 2012 - August 2012

Involved in a project with Tourism Marrakech (voted best tourist city in Africa, 2013).

My responsibilities included:
Installation of CMS Liferay, Eclipse and apache Tomcat onto a Linux Server
Adding the rules into Firewall
Developing hooks, themes, portlets
Following Technologies: html5, CSS, Servlets, XML, jQuery, JDBC, MySQL, PhpMyADMIN to manage my database
Certificate ssl for apache on Linux to protect sensitive client data
Google Analytics + Wireshark for checking the security of the web application.
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The Informatics Research Centre in AndalusiaOctober 2011 - January 2012

Security department.

Mes compétences

Analysis methods and tools





DDD, Digital Strategy, Product Ownership, IT Strategy



IT Infrastructure






Application servers


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Mes études et formations

Master of Business Administration - University of Strathclyde2018 - 2019

Bachelor's Degree in Digital Imaging with Adobe Photoshop - University of London2015 - 2016

Master's Degree in Web Development and Mobile Device - University of Sevilla2011 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree in Technical Engineering in Computer Systems - University of Sevilla2007 - 2011