Lu L.

Project Manager

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12 ans

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ALUOTECHNovember 2019 - Présent

Key words : Market research, Outsourcing, Web development, Content creation, Digital communication, Digital marketing, SEO, Media contact, Business development, Deep Learning, Data science, AI

Details (4 team members)
Web platform and mobile application for sharing useful information from stores
(queues, product availability)

 Market Research
 Business development
 Customer contact and partnerships
 Content creation (social networks)
 Media communication
 Website development
 Digital Marketing/Referencing

+5000 shares, media interview (2 team members)
Platform for bringing together pet owners and veterinarians specialising in

 Market research
 Business development
 Website development
 Customer contact and partnerships
 Digital Marketing/Referencing
 Definition of the business plan

Clinical trials assigned and cases recruited

 Android Studio (Java), WordPress, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Innosetup
 Deep Learning : RCNN(Tensorflow, Keras)
 Jupyter Notebook (Colab, Kaggle Kernel)
 Slack, Trello
 Zeplin, MarvelApp,
 Google/Facebook Ads
 Google Cloud Platform(GCS, AI Platform) / AWS(S3, Lambda, CloudWatch, API
Gateway, SageMaker) / Microsoft Azure(Machine Learning)
 Google Play Console/Apple Developer

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ALSTOM TRANSPORTJanuary 2012 - November 2019

Keywords: Component, Integration and System Testing and Validation, Leading Integrator, Test Environment Configuration, Process Improvement, Test Automation

V&V Leader/Manager (2 years)

Test Architect and Automation Leader (Coordinates 5 people) on the train supervision
and SCADA computer systems

 Studies of technical solutions for the implementation of automation
 Carrying out pilot tests
 Setting up the process and script implementation rules
 Management of team activities (Agile Scrum)
 Improvement of Test Management and Process (impact 40 people)
 Studies of test management tools
 Implementation of a new test management tool and pilot study
 Defining a new process and writing the user guide
 Training of project leaders
 Technical referent on all test means / tools (impact 40 people)

Important Milestones of the SINGAPORE project passed

Training and coaching of newcomers (20 people)

Implementation of a Test Management and Configuration Management tools
(impact 40 people)

Project V&V Leader (1 year)
Coordination of the activity of the V&V project (Coordinates 10 people, international)
on the train supervision and SCADA computer systems

 Realization of the impact analysis and scope of the tests
 Definition of test plans and test campaign
 Realization of the Kick Off Meeting
 Execution Monitoring and Bugs
 GO/NOGO decision, implementation of KPIs to Project
 Elaboration of the validation report (maturity/quality/risks)
 Realization of recipes (Acceptance test) with customers

Important Milestones of the RIYADH project passed

Integration Leader (2 years)
Integration Leader (Coordinates 6 people, impact 30 people) on the CBTC train and
wayside control simulation systems (Test Bench)

 Collect testers' needs in terms of testing means
 Design of test bench environment architecture (system, subsystem, software and
 Definition of the delivery and resource roadmap
 Implementation of a configuration management tool
 Writing Delivery Sheets
 Technical referent on all test means / tools (impact 30 people)
 Define the communication protocols and data between subsystems
 Define the functions of the simulated subsystems
 Define the architecture of the addressing and routing of virtualized environments
 Configuration management, Version control and Bug-tracking of configuration files.

Creation of the test environment team (2 years)

Implementation of a Configuration Management tool (impact 30 people)

Validation Engineer and Leader (2 years)
Coordination of the V&V activity of a subsystem (3 people) on the CBTC train and
wayside control systems

 Performing subsystem tests
 Technical referent subsystem

Important Milestones passed in the LILLE project

 Standards : CENELEC 50126, 50128, 50129, 50159
 Test script/tools: NI Testand, Image recognition method (Sikuli), OCR
method(Tesseract, OpenCV), Python, SQL, Wireshark, Innosetup
 Test management: DOORS, Testlink, Xstudio(Xqual) (Studied: TestRail, Squash, qTest, SpiraTest, QAComplete, TestFLO)
 Bug tracking: ClearQuest, JIRA, Mantis
 Configuration management: Clearcase, GIT
 Test simulation : NI Veristand, VMWare(VCloud, VSphere), VirtualBox, Network
protocol (TCP, UDP, Modbus, Adressing/Routing), C++, XML
 Other Corporate tools: MS Office, Teams, Sharepoint, Project

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GE HEALTHCAREJanuary 2010 - January 2012

Integration and Development Engineer (1 year)
Interventional radio-imaging dose management software
 Continuous integration
 Development and execution of unit tests
 Automation of unit tests in Tcl (env. VxWorks)
 Implementation of a data analyzer in C++
 Automation of Test Plan Execution in CAPL

Integration and Validation Engineer (1 year)
Interventional radio-imaging positioning software
 Development of the integration testing strategy
 Writing and reviewing test procedures for positioner subsystem and system
 Participation in the review of specifications
 Execution of Test Plans
 Report (Archiving, review)
 Reporting/Analysis/Verification of SPRs software and documentation
 Traceability monitoring
 Features(functions) owner
 Reports and reporting (archiving, review)
Intervention within 3 teams (sub-systems) on 5 qualified equipments

 Development: XMLRPC, C++, Python, Tcl, CAPL
 Tools: DOORS, ClearQuest/Mantis, MyWorkshop, ClearCase, CANOpen (CAN

Mes compétences


WordPress, OpenCV



Analysis methods and tools

Rational ClearCase, JIRA


XML Schema, Matlab, C++, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, TCL/TK, C/C++, PHP, Java, XML


Image Processing

Environment of Development

Eclipse IDE, Android Studio, DOORS



IT Infrastructure

Git, VMware, Linux, VMware vSphere


Software Development, Machine Learning

Embedded and Telecom



Continuous Integration, Social Media, Mantis, Teamwork, Tesseract, Test management, Business Development, VirtualBox, V-model, Wireshark

Application servers

Microsoft SharePoint

Software testing

Integration testing, Unit testing, Test Planning, Test Manager, Rational ClearQuest, System testing

Industrial automation


Mes études et formations

Foundation Certified Tester - Udemy2020 - 2020

Course, Machine Learning - Coursera2020 - 2020

Master 2, Astronomical and Space- based Systems Engineering - Université Paris 62009 - 2010

Master 1, Master Program - Ecole Polytechnique2008 - 2009