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Avangarde Consulting srlJuly 2019 - Présent

Business Analyst | PM Digital in a disruptive program handled for an international European bank. Many foreign stakeholders involved:
• Requirements definition and management,
• Assisting with the business case
• Development of Epics and user stories writing with related acceptance criteria,
• Planning and management of test and incidents,
• Creation, update and refinement of the product backlog,
• Prioritization of user stories,
• budget,
• governance,
• team management,
• executive reporting.

Scope: Sales & Digital Channel area focused on integration of Internet / Corporate mobile banking portals, Android and IOS App, Prospect Client portal, Online documentation management portal and Third-party transactions management.
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ProjectMarch 2016 - Présent

Reason for this project: Operative CRM-Small enhancements which are not covered by regular maintenance activities. Effort (0-5 MD), Analytical CRM-Small enhancements on CRM DWH which are not covered by regular maintenance activities (Implementation of new business rules (e.g. NDG_POOL, … and adaption of business rules according to current business situation or add new attributes and/or tables from existing legacies or Changes of updates cycles, historization)
Effort of these individual activities do not justify a project.

Goal and benefit: Possibility to react to daily business issues (selections, reports, analysis, ..), support daily business alignemnets (Effort of single acitivits < 5 MD, Scrum approach)

Consequences in case of non-implementation: For ensuring system stability and satisfying current customer needs, these enhancements are important. Additionally inconsistencies may occur. Management reports and strategic projects cannot be supported as required.

OrganizationFebruary 2017 - Présent

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ProjectJune 2019 - September 2019

As part of the PMI-NIC Volunteer Management Team's strategy for the development of volunteers, the PMI-NIC proposes a training cycle of four meetings open to members engaged in voluntary work in their own chapter.

Interaction Type:
Four themed workshops lasting one day each.
Group activities that VEP participants will perform "outside class time" to produce a paper that will be ed at the conclusion of the Volunteer Empowering Program.
The event is reserved for the maximum participation of 20 members. Nominations will be considered in strictly chronological order; in any case it will be considered a preferential title to have been a volunteer for at least two years (registered with the VRMS)

Description of the topics:

LEADERSHIP: Evolution of the different leadership styles in the project matured over time to then deepen the most modern concept of "collective leadeship".

COMMUNICATION: Development of narration as a useful tool for managing complex projects.

CHANGE AND ETHICS: Uncertainty and in-depth projects from three different points of view: that of the individual, that of the team and that of the company.

ORGANIZATION and BEST PRACTICE with group work: Organizational structure of the PMI and the NIC, roles and responsibilities in the Chapter.

Path of growth of the NIC from its foundation until today, deepening of the successful initiatives that have contributed to defining its identity.
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Avangarde Consulting srlJune 2011 - June 2019

Business Analyst | PM Digital in a disruptive program handled for an international European bank. Many foreign stakeholders involved:
• Creation of cost-benefit analysis and ROI assessments that have been used as a basis for decision-making on proposed IT implementation projects.
• Organization, planning and execution of all the phases of the implementation of software, hardware and business systems.
• Evaluation of the business implications for each phase of the project and monitoring of progress to meet deadlines, standards and cost targets.
• Making significant improvements across the business as a result of IT implementations.
• Excellence guidance of the of technical teams works.
• Objectives and purpose articulation of the project.
• Translation of commercial needs into technical terms.
• Preparation of the structures for the distribution of work (WBS) and instilling of shared responsibility for the achievement of the project goals
• Resolve numerous project-related issues, including staff shortages, tactical issues, oscillation creep, and divergent business and user needs.
• Research, design and implementation of saleable applications for information identification, extraction, analysis, recovery and indexing. Interface with many teams to determine the optimal software specifications.

Scope: Data management area focus on building a new data management, quality and lineage system for all data manage in UniCredit Group (Germany, Italy and Austria). Implementation of many software applications using in data warehouse management unit.
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ProjectJanuary 2017 - May 2018

Data quality and data management enhancement in UNICREDIT.
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ProjectJanuary 2016 - January 2016

Objective: design, develop and deploy a single Internet Banking platform in the three main countries (Austria, Italy, Germany).
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Avangarde Consulting srlJanuary 2009 - June 2011

Senior software engineer at the National Center of Oncology Adrotherapy (CNAO) in Pavia Italy. Many stakeholders involved. My role included the following tasks:
• Research, design and implementation of real-time applications for identification, extraction, analysis, recovery, modification and transmission of information in the main control room.
• Design and development of direct software, while remaining focused on customer needs.
• Collaborate closely with other team members to plan, design and develop robust solutions.
• Interface with business analyst, electricians, developers, mathematicians, doctors, doctors and technical support to determine the optimal specifications.
• Evaluation of the interface between hardware and software.
• Development and documentation of the application of the main level 3 control system of cancer treatment. The level 3 application was based on real-time data collection from the main control room (neutron accelerator) and transmission to the treatment room.

Scope: Realization of a system cancer treatment using nuclear therapy.
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DATA3 Informatica e OrganizzazioneJanuary 2008 - December 2008

Software Engineer in three projects that imply some major Italian telecommunications company, Vodafone, Tele 2 and WIND Infostrada.
• Research, design and implementation and documentation of telecommunications’ software for major customers such as: Vodafone, Tele 2 and WIND Infostrada.
• Clear operational specifications and standards and formulated software requirements.
• Development of maintainable and extensible software in a team environment.
• Collaboration with design teams to ensure advanced client-side software solutions.

Scope: Development of telecommunications software
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Systems and Software InternationalJanuary 2000 - June 2007

Research, design and implementation, and documentation of many telecommunications software for the national telecommunication company INTELCAM.
Established clear operational specifications and formulated software requirements in accordance with the client.
Write maintainable and extensible code in a team environment. Work with design teams to ensure software solutions elevated client side.
Development of accounting software and commercial management on C / Unix / Aix / C-ISAM / Vermont Views on IBM Risc / 6000 and C / D-ISAM / Vermont Views / Dos / Windows 9.x / NT.
Development of software for billing and credit recovery of communications products (01CAM) for the Cameroonian national telecommunications company. Languages used: C / Unix / AIX / Oracle / Vermont Views on IBM Risc / 6000
Team Leader..
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Systems and Software InternationalSeptember 1998 - December 1999

Oracle Database Management.
Involvement in the working group for the development of software for billing and credit recovery of telecommunications products (01CAM). Languages used: C / Unix / AIX / Oracle / Vermont Views on IBM Risc / 6000..
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AIESECJanuary 1994 - January 1996

Management of the flow of money and all sources of income and expenditure in the organization. This includes basic financial management, budgeting, cash flow, management, accounting and auditing. Assisted the president of the association in the administration of the local committee.
Organized with the president many projects such as "Unterstanding UNCED", a follow-up to the 1992 Rio Earth Summit and "AIESEC Seminar on Sustainable Social Development", a follow-up to the 1995 UN Summit on Social Development in Copenhagen.
Improved collaboration with UN agencies, embassies and NGOs.
Increase youth awareness of leadership and management, social issues, etc.

Mes compétences

XML, Web Services, Web development, Unix Shell, UNIX, UML, TCP, Sybase, Strategic Planning, SQL, Software Development, SAS, Risk management, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Problem Solving, PHP, Oracle SQL, Leadership, JSON, jQuery, JDBC, JavaScript, Java, Financial Accounting, DB2, Database Design, Data Modeling, Corba, Communication, COM+, C++, Business Intelligence