Mohamed E.


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7 ans

Mon expérience

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AUBAYJune 2020 - Présent

Clients: Accenture / Unicre / KPMG - Portugal
Project: Create a Tax and Interest Calculation Integrated with UNIBANCO - Unicre Banking System

* Developing and testing spark notebook (Python, Scala) to perform data Extraction, Transformation, Loading (ETL)

* Performing the data processing, migration and validation between Spark and SAS/ Control-M.

* Reviewing and validating my colleges notebooks and performing the testing, migration and GIT branching

* Data processing and migrating between the different environments (Development, QA, Production)

* Databases Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) queries depending on the orchestration processes and Cycles.

* Creating and Repairing ETL Pipelines and Power Apps within the Azure Data Factory

* Performing and validating the data inputs and the Spark streaming batch processing workflow

* Training, supporting and reviewing the codes of my collogues and junior/new coming member.

* Data repairing and validation with the clients and defining/correcting any errors or mismatch.

* Validating and Testing python/ Scala notebooks including Review, Bug Solving, and Documentation

* Assisting to build the ELT layer (Airflow) from internal and external systems into the data warehouse

* Problem-solving with large sets of complex data - making the data transparent and visible when curating/collecting

* Developing API's/ Requests that synchronize multiple data sources

* Performing the Data storage and conversation into multiple outputs ensuring the ACID transactions
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WMDOctober 2013 - November 2015

* Corporate online ERP/ CRM application developing and maintaining (Java, Spring, Hadoop)

* Data mining, Structuring for marketing / finance purposes (Python, Scrapy, JS, Selenium, PowerBI, Orange .. )

* Multilanguage Hotel Reservation Platform with Inhouse Hotspot and Staff Management (Zubara Hotel)

* Developing Ecommerce/Service Exchange Mobile Application (Kotlin, JS and AWS) (SIANA APP)

* Migrating engineering and logistics datasets to online ERP Platform (OCR, Azure, PowerApps) (MZPartners)

Reference Projects:

* Email/ SMS Marketing SAAS Platform (Twilio, AWS, Mautic, Ajax, Rest API)

* Multilanguage Ecommerce/ Classified Ads Platforms (JS, PHP, Microsoft Azure)

* Warehousing and Stock Management Web/ Mobile Application (PHP, JS, REST API)
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OMEDEVJuly 2011 - August 2013

During my studies, I was working as a part time/ freelancer developer.
I was creating and helping to maintain a set of personalized websites and corporate platform (ERP, Stock Management, HR..), basically using SQL, HTML/CSS, and PHP with the integration of JavaScript.

Mes compétences

Tableau, SQL, Selenium, Scrapy, Scala, REST API, REST, React, Python, Problem Solving, PostgreSQL, Oracle, NoSQL, Node.js, MySQL, MongoDB, Kubernetes, Jscript, Jira, JavaScript, Java, HTML, HDFS, Hadoop, Go, Git, ETL, Django, DevOps, Data Warehousing, Data processing, Data Mining, Cucumber, CONTROL-M, Chef, Big Data, API, Apache Kafka, AngularJS, Amazon Web Services, AJAX, Agile Methodology