Alexandru P.

Project Manager

335 dollar
13 ans
Bucarest, ROUMANIE

Mon expérience

Ulma ConstructionJune 2017 - Présent

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Independent Civil Engineer/Project Manager/Designer/ FreelanceMarch 2010 - Présent

Monitoring and tracking all construction works on site (supervising and monitoring the site labour force & specific construction works) in all development stages
Consulting projects involving CAD/BIM/GIS
Specialized consulting projects in the fields of civil engineering and project management
Create technical projects for construction (civil & industrial) such as:
- CAD designing for different clients all over the world using AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Revit
- Technical proposal according to client's needs
- Development of documentation for building permit, and for all required approvals and authorizations from competent authorities involved in the approval process, with full level of details

Plot Plan SLJanuary 2017 - June 2017

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TAA GroupSeptember 2016 - January 2017

Project : Movie Park Germany - Star Trek AST Operation Enterprise

Effective coordination of all project activities in order to achieve the objectives set at the required quality standards.
Supervising technical teams, consultants and other collaborators.
Prepare budget and cash flow per project
Monitoring progress towards the goals achieved.
Maintaining a close relation with the designer, with the local authorities and with the inspectorate.
Constant analysis, management and planning of the costs, in order to ensure that the established budget is not exceeded.
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Alu Design Construction CivileApril 2016 - October 2016

Project: Antin Residence located in Paris, France.
Organizing workflow, planing and management of technical, economic and human resources for fatades projects of residential buildings in Paris area, France
Ensure the correct beginning of the project and to set the objectives.
Elaborate the project’s planning, based on the information received form the Sales Department (identification of the tasks, activities’ planning, identification of the critical activities, evaluation of the material, financial and human resources, necessary for the project’s development).
Apply and follow the implemented evaluation and monitoring systems.
Identify and analyze the risks of the initial faze. Monitor the development of the project according to the execution chart, by ensuring the quality of the delivered products, of the executed works and also by ensuring that the terms and the budget allocated for the project are met.
Organize the deliveries: the site location delivery, the reception at the end of the works, the final reception and all the other fazes of the project.
Centralize all the information regarding the stage of the works, in order to be able to transmit each month the values referring to the income and expenses budgets.
Participate at the negotiations with the subcontractors.
Negotiation of the payment situations.
Propose solutions to the problems that may appear in unpredicted situations.
Deliver the final results of the project and to ensure their quality.
Help with the elaboration of the material for the final meeting for the analysis of the project’s efficiency.
Ensure that the delivery terms are met for the issued invoices, for the works, the reports, the receptions at the end of the works, for the bank guarantees issuing.
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South Pacific GroupMarch 2015 - April 2016

Projects: Sydney Residence, Brooklands Residence, Adelaide and Darwin Residence located in Ilfov county, Romania
Site management of daily activities for civilworks projects (renovation, construction
and rehabilitation of buildings) mainly
Ensuring compliance deadlines, stay within budget and quality assurance for work
Coordination within the design team of the projects for the buildings rehabilitation.
Work in mixed-up teams for identifying, analysing and presenting of solving
solutions for the disfunctions occured at a regional department and local level
Coordination for facility management in the residential assembly Sydney
Residence in Tunari, Ilfov county
Coordination of activities for developement of the residential Adelaide and Darwin
Residence Residence in Tunari and also the assembly Brooklands Residence in
Pipera, Ilfov county.
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Ozone HomesMarch 2015 - April 2016

Projects: Eden Terraces and Avalon Residence located in Ilfov county, Romania
Management and supervising of construction work manufacturing
Planing, organizing and management of technical, economic and human resources for construction work projects
Supervising all construction work (subcontractors on site)
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Vegra InfoDecember 2013 - March 2015

Managing project in AutoCAD, Revit and SolidWorks for fields such as: architecture, space management, building information modeling, telecommunications, buildings survey, facility management and geographic information system.
Plan projects in order to accomplish its goals within constrains such as time, cost and agreed quality standards
Define project scope, goals and deliverables
Plan and schedule project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools
Ensure project documents are complete, current and stored appropriately
Identify schedule uncertainties and risks and minimizes exposure risk on project
Effective utilizes each team member to his/her fullest potential
Motivate team to work together in the most efficient manner
Develop best practices and tools for project execution and management
Constantly monitor and report on the progress of a project
Develop and manage client communication tools such as the corporate website
Analyzing competent market activity and trends.
Find partners and direct customers in Romania and abroad for company services.
Identifying and exploiting business opportunities.

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ARCHIBUS Solution Center - RomaniaAugust 2013 - December 2013

CAD-FM Software Test Analyst
Review technical and functional specifications.
Create test cases according to the technical and functional specifications.
Create business use cases and scenarios from functional specification to anticipate the client's needs.
Check the product's implementation within the AutoDesk software.
Assure a quality product according to the customers needs.
Constant and close communication with the development team and project manager
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Vegra InfoSeptember 2010 - August 2013

Designing pattern, projects and associative documents in AutoCAD 2D/3D Map, ESRI (ArcGIS)
AutoCad customization and unified modeling language for the ongoing projects.
AutoLISP object-oriented programming for AutoCAD.
Analyzing, organizing and completing the technical and economic documentation received from clients in order to make best use of information
Plan drawings and design in infrastructure projects of urban networks (optic fiber networks and telecommunication networks)
Create and use geo-spatial databases in AutoCAD Map 3D, ESRI (ArcGIS)
Prepare technical reports for the project manager


Implementing FOGIS (Fiber Optic Geographical Information System) in all major cities in Romania.
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MagConstructOctober 2009 - September 2010

- Answers to client’s requests through building turnkey projects in France.
- Asisting and managing the rehabilitation of 2 residential building in Lille, France (5 story height)
- House restoration in a protected area in Tulle-Correze Department, France
- Oversaw the construction and renovation of a hotel in Paris Area, France
- Checking and technical documentation, analysis and prices attachments
- Ensured that projects ran to schedule and within budget
- Attended pre-site and on-site meetings with contractors for a better project performance
- Building materials market research in Romania and France to choice of suppliers
- Applied quality control procedures following technical documentation in French and prepared non-conformity reports if necessary
- Conducted regular site safety checks, liaising with local councils
- Resolved problems that could cause delays to the project’s completion
- Participation in weekly meetings with the general contractor work, representatives of the design office and the recipient
- Ensured that all company procedures are followed by all contractors and subcontractors
- Correspondence and meetings with employees, vendors / suppliers and competent authorities


Asisting and managing the erection of 5 residential buildings 4 levels height - 185 appartments , 17,870 sqm in France
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TebodinMay 2008 - September 2008


- Supervising and monitoring the site labour force
- Keeping records on technical economic documentation
- Visual inspections of work, also frequent tours of the site
- Ordering and delivery of materials
- Detailed reports for senior manager
- Ensure smooth communication between the beneficiary and manufacturer
- Attendance at weekly meetings with with the client, builder and general contractor for monitoring construction stages compliance and discuss various technical issues that arise


Asisting and managing the erection of 3 residential buildings 14 levels - 393 appartments , 46,317 sqm - on behalf of ADAMA Group . Project assigned starting June 2008

Mes compétences

Business Intelligence



Graphic Design

Computer Tools

MS Project, MS Office


Visual Manufacturing

Software testing

Quality Center


SolidWorks, AutoCAD



Open Source solutions


Analysis methods and tools


Industrial automation



Analysis, Leadership, ArcView, Project Management, Management, Teamwork, Risk management

Mes études et formations

Master's degree - Construction Project Management Grade Project manager - Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest2011 - 2013

Bachelor of Civil Engineering Field Of Study Civil and industrial engineering Grade Civil Engineer - Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest2005 - 2009