Maryam A.


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9 ans

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KantarAugust 2019 - Présent

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NielsenFebruary 2019 - March 2019

* Worked with retail management services (RMS) team focusing on telecom clients

* Automated reporting processes using Python to reduce work cycles

* Performed data analysis using MS Excel to identify outliers and anomalies

* Reported trends in data on different parameters to provide business direction to clients across various segments
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Afiniti.comNovember 2017 - June 2018

•    Developed models and evaluated modeling strategies with the goal of maximizing gain
•    Part of the go-live process on clients in Turkey and Italy
•    Performed various analysis on data in MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and MS Excel to identify trends and anomalies and strengthen model performance
•    Automated multiple processes using Python and R
•    Worked closely with other teams to understand business logic and to refine data and processes for integration
•    Verified if business logic implemented for clients gives expected results
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Lahore University of Management SciencesNovember 2013 - October 2017

* Developed Smart Gardening, a mobile platform that can navigate through different settings and detect plants using LabView and OpenCV, in coordination with a team of engineers

* Tested and compared different classification, object detection, segmentation and tracking algorithms and approaches for plant detection in OpenCV and MATLAB

* Gathered and processed visual data of plants from both laboratory and natural settings

* Performed feature engineering on EEG data and applied classifiers in C++ and MATLAB on Linux

* Provided guidance and technical assistance on EEG projects for emotion detection and neuro-feedback games

* Implemented a rule based module using Java, Drools and MySQL for a telecom alarms management system by coordinating with external teams

* Gathered expert knowledge and applied it to alarms data

* Created a recommendation system in Java based on sequential pattern mining

* Developed KMAT, a knowledge management tool, as per the requirements of various stakeholders to store and share business knowledge

* Created user interfaces for KMAT using d3, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript which were rendered and served through JSP, with Bootstrap for responsiveness

* Developed the backend for KMAT using servlets, JDBC and MySQL and deployed the application on a Glassfish server

* Performed data management activities for each project and identified trends in data using statistical techniques

* Explored research literature for each project - identified current trends, limitations and possible research gaps

* Managed ten internships and final year projects on knowledge management, OCR, machine learning, EEG, computer vision and web app development

* Attended various workshops on human computer interaction, robotics and precision agriculture
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Lahore University of Management SciencesJanuary 2014 - December 2016

* Designed and conducted weekly tutorials on various topics including machine learning concepts and algorithms like neural networks, decision trees, fuzzy rule based systems, genetic algorithms etc

* Prepared and conducted programming labs in Python, Java, MATLAB and C

* Supervised and mentored around 15 course projects at a time

* Assisted in conducting lectures and prepared and graded assessments

* Courses: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Computing, Human
Computer Interaction, Theory of Automata, Introduction to Programming
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UpworkJanuary 2013 - November 2013

* Developed iOS games using Cocos2D, Box 2D and Chipmunk and Java desktop applications using Core Java

* Collaborated with other developers following agile practices with the help of Versions app and Pivotal Tracker

* Gathered requirements and feedback from clients.
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TkXelJune 2011 - July 2011

•    Created an iPhone application for a construction company using Objective-C and JSON that

handled communication with a web server to maintain clients’ site surveys.

Mes compétences

Web development, Software Development, Python, Project Management, OpenCV, Neural networks, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, Matlab, Machine Learning, Linux, Labview, JSON, JDBC, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, Drools, Data Science, Data Management, Data analysis, Cocos2D, C++, Bootstrap, Artificial Intelligence, Agile Methodology