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540 dollar
10 ans
Bistrita, ROMANIA

Mon expérience

Ness Digital EngineeringSeptember 2018 - Présent

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ISSCO RomaniaDecember 2017 - August 2018

- help to spec out technical requirements for new features
- release planning
- monitor epic progress
- ensure blockers are solved in decent time so it does not affect the ETA
- bring teams up to date when when new features developed on a stream would have impact on other teams
- raise to product owners the lack of specifications to avoid downtime when epic is in development
- negociate with PO what would be best to start working on when the volume of work is quite big
- follow up customer success tickets so that the CS team would have better visibility over the progress of the issues
- plan customer success tickets into the current sprint so that it does not have a big impact over the current epic in development
- find best approach for issues we have trouble reproducing in collaboration with PO/CS and/or affected parties
- manage QA resources across all of the streams to get the best throughput
- manage automation support across all streams
- setup automation infrastructure
- provide technical support for the API
- make teams talk to each other to share the knowledge over what's being developed across streams
- help out as a DevOps so that teams could focus more on coding
- mentoring
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Ness SESFebruary 2014 - November 2016

o    B2B discussions with Product Owners
o    Lead of the Collaborative design process
o    Creating JIRA stories
o    Review created JIRA stories by Product Owners
o    Lead for story estimation process
o    Lead for sprint planning sessions
o    Lead for backlog grooming sessions

Email marketing platform project:
o    Development of Java automation framework for V7 platform - PHP
o    Development of Java automation framework for V8 platform – AngularJS + Scala
o    Development of JavaScript automation framework for V8 platform
o    Development of automated tests – JAVA + JS
o    Execution of manual and automated tests
o    Analysis and communication of the test results
o    Defect tracking and reporting
o    Configuration of the testing infrastructure
o    Integrated automation framework in the client CI(Travis/Jenkins)
o    Often bug fixing in the F/E AngularJS application

Private project:
o    Development of cross-browser / cross-environment Java automation framework for their platform(AngularJS)
o    Development of Jira integration for Zephyr/Zapi inside the automation framework for their existing test cases in Jira
o    Development of a custom TestNG listener that works with the Zephyr / ZAPI integration in order to have the automated tests log results in JIRA
o    Development of automated tests
o    Integrated the automation framework in their CI(Jenkins)
o    Investigated seed data solutions (based on the client’s existing platforms) that would take care of the entire test data generation for the automation framework

PentalogFebruary 2013 - January 2014

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-October 2013 - December 2013

Communication networks company
Communication networks company October 2013 - now Duration: 2 months Client
Our customer offers solutions to telecommunication operators in the following areas:
- Real-time SIM activation;
- M2M network optimization;
- Real-time charging mediation.
The scope of the project is to provide automated tests for the licensing project for validating both the client and the server part automatically using the test automation framework and integrating this test suite in it.
Technical environment
C, JAVA 6, Maven, Spring, Shell Scripting, Google API (IMAPS protocol), VMWare Workstation, Virtual Box, Redmine, Eclipse, NetBeans
Mission description
QA Automation Engineer.

Development of a set of scripts to automate the manual test cases for the licensing project. The developed scripts are written in Shell scripting language, and they integrate two tools that are used to simulate the project behavior. One tool is written in C language, and is used to call specific API functions from a C library that is being used by the real product. This tool is used to simulate the client actions (mainly to report usage of licenses). The second tool is written in Java, and uses the Maven/Spring framework to make specific calls to a core library that is written in Java, a library used by the project under test. This tool is used to simulate server actions (create deliveries, licenses, change states of the deliveries, licenses, get different information from the server DB of the deliveries licenses, basically simulates a real-time server action).
Creation of a solution to be able to run the test scripts on remote machines (library functions and binaries will be packed in a rpm package and installed on the remote machine, future calls to the functions will be made via SSH on the remote machine).

NetBeans, Eclipse, Redmine, Virtual Box, VMWare Workstation, Google API (IMAPS protocol), Shell Scripting, Spring, Maven, JAVA 6, C

Transport Company

Feb 2013 – Oct 2013

Transport Company February 2013 - October 2013 Duration: 8 months
• Manual testing of the application UI and functionality.
• Development of Selenium automated tests for functionality and Web services.
• Reporting, tracking and investigation of the found issues.
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Embarcadero TechnologiesFebruary 2011 - January 2013

-SDET IDE-RAD Studio within a company specialized in software development.
• Creation, maintenance and execution of test plans and test cases to verify the functionality, security,
usability and performance of the application.
• Development of automated tests and testing tools.
• In charge of enhancing and extending the automation library and framework written in Delphi.
• Identification of test tool requirements.
• Execution of manual and automated tests.
• Review of the test strategy with the leads.
• Analysis and communication of the test results.
• Defect tracking and reporting.
• In charge of creating tasks, proposing estimates and assigning the tasks to the team members.

Participated in the following projects:
- AppWave (AppWave provided a virtual environment where applications were cached and launched).
• Running, monitoring and analysis of automated test results run on RAD Studio launched from AppWave.
• Defect reporting and tracking based on specific environments for both AppWave Browser and RAD
• Investigation of test failures for RAD Studio in AppWave Browser, and tracking down the problem.
• Deployment of each build of RAD Studio app on AppWave Server.
• Configuration of the testing environment.

- Installer – RAD Studio.
• Creation and execution of test cases on TestLink.
• Defect reporting and tracking.
• In charge of fileset generation, extending and enhancing the batch scripts that generated the fileset,
generating reports for missing/added/modified files.
• Development of tools for efficiency improvement.

Mes compétences

XML, White box testing, Web Testing, Web Services, Web Applications, Visual Studio, UNIX, Unit testing, Travis CI, TestLink, Test strategy, Test Planning, Test management, Test Execute, Test design, Test Cases, Test automation, Subversion (svn), Software Development, SoapUI, Selenium, Scrum, Regression testing, Quality Center, OOP, Non-functional Testing, Node.js, Manual testing, JUnit, JSON, Jira, Jenkins, Java, Integration testing, Functional testing, Exploratory testing, Eclipse, Delphi, Confluence, C#, Bug Tracking, Black box testing, Agile