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Razvan C.


352 dollar
7 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

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  • 7 years of industry experience
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VIAVI SolutionsOctober 2018 - Présent

Frontend and Backend testing for a telecommunications platform developed

using big data open-source technologies such as: Kafka, Elastic Search,

Logstash, Kibana, Grafana, Apache Spark, Hadoop (HDFS), Zookeeper.

- Creating test framework from scratch using Python 2/3 and Pytest

- UI Automation testing using Python 2/3 with Pytest, Selenium Webdriver,

Pytest Needle

- REST API testing using Python 2/3, JSON formatting, Requests library,

Pytest, Logging library

- Performance testing using Apache Jmeter

- Debugging using logs from Linux Centos 7 virtual machines

- Configuring and running nightly Bamboo jobs consisting of various types of

test suites (continous integration, smoke suite, regression suite, e2e, system

testing etc.)

- Configuring Bamboo agents on Windows/Linux machines

- Interpreting tests result reports

- Finding defects and bugs and reporting them

- Creating test plans and test strategies  - Using Agile SCRUM methodology (participate in daily scrum meetings, retro,

planning, grooming etc.)

- Using Jira for reporting and test cases management tool
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Canadian Bank NoteOctober 2017 - October 2018

End-to-end Automated UI testing using Protractor for Angular (Javascript),

Selenium Webdriver (Java) and Katalon Studio (Groovy)

- RESTful Web services automated testing using Rest Assured, Postman,

SOAP UI and Katalon Studio

- SOAP Web services automated testing using SOAP UI

- Performance testing using Apache JMeter

- Automated tests using Maven and TestNG

- Processing and reporting all incidents/bugs/TC issues via bug tracking tools

like JIRA
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CoCoNet GroupFebruary 2017 - October 2017

Black-box testing web based e-banking applications for banks and corporate

customers according to product descriptions, test cases and free tests. The

types of testing I perform include: System, Regression, GUI, Smoke, Migration

and Exploratory testing.

- Creation, adaptation and review of test cases based on documentation for

the new implemented features and customer reported bugs.

- Creation and modification of test files (domestic and international payment

formats like SEPA, SWIFT, CGI; domestic and international electronic cash

management formats like MT940, MT942, CAMT; XML; CSV).

- Querying and manipulating data using tools like SQuirreL and SQL


- Automation using Selenium IDE and Firebug, CSS and Xpath selectors,


- Usage of revision control tools like TortoiseSVN (Subversion) and

SourceTree (Git).

- Processing and reporting all incidents/bugs/TC issues via bug tracking tools

like JIRA.

- Running local server builds using UBUNTU (installed on Virtual Box),

Websphere (WAS) 7/8.5.5, Apache Maven, jboss 7

- Webservices testing using SOAP UI

- Connecting to FTP servers via tools like Putty and Win-SCP.

- Accessing servers information and company's documented processes

through tools like Confluence.


Waterfall and Agile
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QUALITANCEJuly 2015 - December 2016

- Testing principles (functional and non-functional), testing levels (unit testing, integration
testing, system testing, acceptance testing), testing methods black-box (equivalence
partitioning, decision table, boundary value analysis, state-transition testing)
- Test management (test strategy, test plan, how to identify functionalities, how to write a
test case, how to identify defects, how to report defects, roles in the testing team)
- Security testing (the most important 10 security risks and SQL injection for an Android
- Mobile test automation using Java and Android Studio
- Performances testing with JMeter
- Web test automation using JavaScript and Protractor, Firefox add-ons (FireBug and
- Applying software testing methods and methodologies
- Review specification documents and test plans
- Daily meetings with development team and product owner (Hangouts video call)
- Content editing and creation on the admin side (HTML and CSS editor)
- Content editing and creation on the admin side (Wordpress editor)

Mes compétences

Zookeeper, XPath, XML, WordPress, Web Services, Unit testing, Ubuntu, TortoiseSVN, TestNG, Test Planning, Test management, Test Cases, System testing, SQL, Spark, SourceTree, SoapUI, SOAP, Selenium, Security testing, RESTful, REST API, Quality Assurance, Protractor, Postman, Logstash, Linux, Kibana, JSON, JMeter, Jira, JBoss, JavaScript, Java, IBM Websphere, HTML, HDFS, Hadoop, Groovy, Grafana, Git, FTP, FireBug, Exploratory testing, ElasticSearch, Debugging, Black-box testing, Big Data, Apache Maven, Apache Kafka, Android Studio, Android, Agile Methodology, Acceptance testing