Aryss-Madalin A.

Qa Engineer

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Paradox Security SystemsSeptember 2018 - Présent

Software side:
Responsible with creating test cases based on the provided documentation, performing positive/negative testing, along with issue retesting, regression, compatibility, integration and exploratory testing on mobile devices (smartphones and HD cameras/sensors/other communication modules - integrated with the InsiteGold Paradox mobile application), while being focused on delivering the test results in a detailed and concise manner.

Hardware side:
Responsible with testing new equipment, HD cameras, sensors, communication modules and security systems (also known as "sites") assemblies and maintenance. Also, responsible with creating and presenting a document to newcomers, related to the voltage flow in a simple Paradox system.

Tools & technologies:
- JIRA Bug Tracker
- Bugzilla - Testopia
- MS Visual Studio 2017
- Xamarin UI Test
- BabyWare PC
- InField PC
- WinLoad
- Other Paradox back-end tools
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Deutsche BankJuly 2017 - August 2018

Responsible with creating, executing and updating test cases, based on the documentation provided by the Business Analysts, along with maintaining a good communication with the developer side, all framed by a customized
Waterfall methodology.
Tools & technologies:
- IntelliJ IDEA 2017
- Eclipse Oxygen 2017
- Oracle SQL Developer
- JIRA Bug Tracker
- WinSCP
- WinMerge
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Eminus SoftwareAugust 2016 - July 2017

Responsible with assuring the quality of the Dealer Pro platform (UK BCA), along with writing test cases and performing video presentations for the implemented and tested Product Backlog Items to 3rd parties (BAs, UAT team) in accordance with the provided documentation, acceptance criteria and the Agile - Scrum methodology.

Also responsible with maintaining an efficient communication with the other testers, developers, business analysts and with the project management.

Tools & technologies:
- MS Team Foundation Server
- MS Test Manager 2015
- MS Visual Studio 2015
- SQL Server Management Studio 2012

- RabbitMQ / DHCP / Postman
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IT Smart SystemsNovember 2015 - July 2016

Responsible with writing and developing test cases (using JIRA's Zephyr tool) based on BA's documentation, functionality, performance and accepting testing, submitting bugs and suggestions reports, all in accordance with a customized Agile Methodology.

Tools & technologies:
- JIRA Bug Tracker
- JIRA Zephyr
- WinSCP
- SoapUI
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IpsosJune 2014 - October 2015

Responsible with writing and verifying the applications' documentation, for creating a testing manual to fit the company's needs, developing test cases, bugs and suggestions reporting, maintaining a good communication with the developers and, when requested, with sending the testing reports and statistics.

Tools & technologies:
- The Bug Genie Bug Tracker
- IBM SPSS Data Collection Base Professional (for manual checks within the .mdd files)
- IBM DM Query (for SQL variable selection and table update)
- Field Report Manager (internal tool for survey management and verifying the correct number of respondents written in the database)
- Authoring Tool (internal application for proper checks of the survey documents)
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UbisoftAugust 2011 - June 2014

Game Tester:
Assigned to test the functionality of the titles produced or published by the company (consoles & PC), reporting the encountered problems and verifying the correct implementations of all the features and components of the game.

Task Leader:
Responsible with distributing the tasks inside the team, creating the test cases, extracting the regression in order to verify the newly added fixes, informing the colleagues with the latest design changes, occurred throughout the project.

Tools & technologies:
- JIRA Bug Tracker
- Bloomberg Reporter (JIRA BT side tool, helping the tester to report the issue faster, with all the needed data included: coordinates, log files etc)
- Xbox Watson (Xbox console dev tool, for data monitoring, while the game is running)
- Performance Investigator for Xbox (PIX - registers all the actions the user makes within the game)

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SharePoint, RabbitMQ



Computer Tools

Microsoft Excel

Analysis methods and tools

Agile Methodology, Scrum, Agile, Bugzilla, JIRA, Team Foundation Server


Microsoft Visual Studio, English, Romanian, Dynamic Host Control protocol, survey management, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Waterfall Methodology, Corel Paradox for Windows, Testing, Back End, Bloomberg Reporter, Bug Tracker, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, dev, HP Application Lifecycle Management, Scrum Methodology, Microsoft Office, French, testcase

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Software testing

SoapUI, Regression testing, Negative testing, Black box testing, Positive testing, Performance testing, Manual testing, Functional testing, Exploratory testing, Bug Tracking, Test Planning, Test Cases, Usability testing, Testopia, Postman, Test Manager, System testing, Software testing

Environment of Development

IntelliJ Idea, Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2017, Oracle SQL Developer, Visual Studio, Eclipse


JavaScript, SQL, C#


Quality Assurance, Test management, Teamwork, Documentation, Quality control, Oxygen, WinMerge


Microsoft SQL Server