Lucian C.

QA Engineer

Bucharest, ROMANIA
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Senior Software Test Engineer - Endava01.12.2017 - Présent

At Endava, I was involved in the testing process for a project for an international financial clearing institution.
• Main responsibilities:
- Analysis of business flows and requirements;
- Identifying test conditions from project documentation and developing test cases to provide full coverage;
- Planning testing effort and making estimations on tasks;
- Developing system test plans/scripts for testing of the software on assigned project;
- Creating and running manual and automation test suites (Fitnesse framework), in order to reduce the time spent on regression, and reporting the results and the progress;
- Improved the defect management by providing the team with dashboards for easier traceability and adapt the bug workflow to project requirements;
- Live demo for stakeholders;
- Induction and support for new team members.
• Software Tools: Atlassian Tools (Jira, Confluence, Zephyr plugin), Intellij Idea, Postman, SQL Developer, Maven, Git, Jenkins, Fitnesse.

QA Engineer - RINF Tech01.07.2017 - 01.11.2017

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QA Engineer (Contractor @RINF Tech) - Optaros01.07.2017 - 01.10.2017

Gained new experience in:
• Testing eCommerce applications:
- ­test the checkout process with focus on payment methods (CC, PayPal, PayU and more) and orders information after checkout in both front-end and back-end;
- ­test the required data for online shopping: user info, addresses
• Working with Magento platform to configure the application:
­ - add, edit or delete products, pages, elements, forms;
- ­verify the customer information entered in front-end;
- ­export data on customers, orders, forms completed and verify the information;
• Main tools used: Magento Admin, SOAP UI, Postman, Zephyr.
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Software Testing Engineer - UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions01.06.2015 - 01.07.2017

Added to my existing experience, knowledge regarding:
• Working in an Agile environment:
     - continuous participation in Scrum events (sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and retrospective);
     - manage the flow of work using a Kanban board (Atlassian JIRA, Trello, Taiga);
- be involved in the continuous delivery of the software iterations: analyse revisions and deployments in Jenkins Continuous Integration server, maintain a local environment (using Eclipse and Tortoise SVN) for a faster verification if commits and builds;
• Collaboration with multiple teams of different roles in the project: e.g. evaluate the requirements and set acceptance criteria for epics with Product owners and Business analysts;
• Testing web and mobile application, especially to:
      - analyse and provide better identification and isolation of the front-end related issues using browser developer/debugging tools;
      - read the request/response logs to evaluate the errors;
• Automation testing:
      - create and update test cases using the existing framework;
      - refactor the code to adapt to framework changes;
      - main technologies and tools used: Java, Selenium Webdriver, Appium, SourceTree, Eclipse, Android Studio;

• Projects involved in:
      - CEE2020 - the new Internet Banking application for Central Eastern Europe countries for the UniCredit institutes
      - Mobile B@nking application for the UniCredit group
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Software Testing Engineer - Thales Systems01.05.2014 - 01.06.2015

Transitioned from game testing to software testing, improving my testing knowledge by:
• Participating at creating, reviewing and maintaining of documentation (not only test related);
• Creating or updating test cases based on requirements and specifications;
• Working in a safety critical development environment adhering to ISO and CENELEC standards;
• Working with embedded software (train control and signaling - on train and track-side), requiring hardware configuration for system test;
• Performing Hardware-in-the-loop simulation testing technique;
• Evaluation of the test output against a gold expected result;
• Creating test reports according to controlled standards;
• Gaining experience using: IBM Rational Software: ClearQuest, DOORS, ClearCase, TortoiseSVN, Unix systems.
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Senior Game Tester - Ubisoft01.05.2010 - 01.05.2014

~Apply, create or improve test\n plans, test cases and work procedures for different testing \nmethodologies: Functionality testing, Compliance testing, Compatibility\n testing, Localization testing, Regression testing and Load/Stress \ntesting.\n ~Help prevent bugs by testing integrations within the production \nitself, validation of the integrated features versus design \ndocumentation.
~Direct support to the assigned \ndevelopment team, real-time bug isolating/reproduction, integration grid\n updates and special requests from production (specific\n tests, video captures, build reviews, bug entry, etc.).
~Tag team testing and troubleshooting alongside production to help identify and fix bugs on the fly.\n ~Entering the issues in the bug database (Jira) and communicating them to the different members of the production team.\n ~Evaluate the severity and probability of the issues that are found \nduring tests.\n ~Working closely with the QC Team Lead in the follow up of the \ngame's development\n (Validating versions to be sent to other testing teams, putting \ntogether various reports and also help with risk assessments).
~Help\n create, fol ow and fill out checklists made by the QC Team Lead.\n ~Identify and report bugs as wel as make a methodical verification \nof the assigned portion of the game or the game in general.\n ~Fol ow security measures regarding version manipulation.
~Communicating\n test status reports: design and write daily, weekly or game version \nreports containing detailed information regarding the covered \ntest-cases,\n reported bugs, major issues experienced that hinder the test process\n and any other helpful information for the development team.
~Coaching/ training the junior testers as needed and col aborate efficiently with the team members.
~Lead and coordinate several teams within the projects, varying from 2 to 5 testers, depending of the area assigned.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

ROMANIAN: native
ENGLISH: advanced


Java, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C#

Analysis methods and tools

HP Quality Center, JIRA, Subversion (svn), Scrum, Confluence, Agile Methods

Environment of Development

Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Android Studio, DOORS, Maven

IT Infrastructure

Unix, Git


Trello, Taiga



Computer Tools

Microsoft Office Pack


Atlassian Suite, SourceTree, Xbox

Software testing

Appium, FitNesse, Postman, Selenium WebDriver, SoapUI, Test Planning, Zephyr