Lucian C.

QA Engineer

Bucarest, ROUMANIE

Mon expérience

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Endava01.12.2017 - Présent

At Endava, I was involved in the testing process for a project for an international financial clearing institution.
• Main responsibilities:
- Analysis of business flows and requirements;
- Identifying test conditions from project documentation and developing test cases to provide full coverage;
- Planning testing effort and making estimations on tasks;
- Developing system test plans/scripts for testing of the software on assigned project;
- Creating and running manual and automation test suites (Fitnesse framework), in order to reduce the time spent on regression, and reporting the results and the progress;
- Improved the defect management by providing the team with dashboards for easier traceability and adapt the bug workflow to project requirements;
- Live demo for stakeholders;
- Induction and support for new team members.
• Software Tools: Atlassian Tools (Jira, Confluence, Zephyr plugin), Intellij Idea, Postman, SQL Developer, Maven, Git, Jenkins, Fitnesse.

RINF Tech01.07.2017 - 01.11.2017

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Optaros01.07.2017 - 01.10.2017

Gained new experience in:
• Testing eCommerce applications:
- ­test the checkout process with focus on payment methods (CC, PayPal, PayU and more) and orders information after checkout in both front-end and back-end;
- ­test the required data for online shopping: user info, addresses
• Working with Magento platform to configure the application:
­ - add, edit or delete products, pages, elements, forms;
- ­verify the customer information entered in front-end;
- ­export data on customers, orders, forms completed and verify the information;
• Main tools used: Magento Admin, SOAP UI, Postman, Zephyr.
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UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions01.06.2015 - 01.07.2017

Added to my existing experience, knowledge regarding:
• Working in an Agile environment:
     - continuous participation in Scrum events (sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and retrospective);
     - manage the flow of work using a Kanban board (Atlassian JIRA, Trello, Taiga);
- be involved in the continuous delivery of the software iterations: analyse revisions and deployments in Jenkins Continuous Integration server, maintain a local environment (using Eclipse and Tortoise SVN) for a faster verification if commits and builds;
• Collaboration with multiple teams of different roles in the project: e.g. evaluate the requirements and set acceptance criteria for epics with Product owners and Business analysts;
• Testing web and mobile application, especially to:
      - analyse and provide better identification and isolation of the front-end related issues using browser developer/debugging tools;
      - read the request/response logs to evaluate the errors;
• Automation testing:
      - create and update test cases using the existing framework;
      - refactor the code to adapt to framework changes;
      - main technologies and tools used: Java, Selenium Webdriver, Appium, SourceTree, Eclipse, Android Studio;

• Projects involved in:
      - CEE2020 - the new Internet Banking application for Central Eastern Europe countries for the UniCredit institutes
      - Mobile B@nking application for the UniCredit group

Mes compétences

Computer Tools

Microsoft Office Pack


JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C#, SQL, Java

Analysis methods and tools

HP Quality Center, JIRA, Subversion (svn), Scrum, Confluence, Agile Methods

Environment of Development

Maven, DOORS, Android Studio, IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse