George Stefan C.

Scrum Master

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Paddy Power BetfairSeptember 2019 - Présent

Servant Leader for multiple co-located and remote Scrum Teams.

Main Responsibilities :

- Facilitate my teams for better creativity and to improve the efficiency of the development team.
- Responsible for managing the scrum process with the coordination of the scrum team in Agile methodology.
- Responsible to remove the impediments for the scrum team.
- Arranged daily stand-up meetings, facilitate meetings, schedule meetings, demo, and decision-making processes to ensure quick inspection and proper use of the adaptation process.
- Helped the product owner to make the product backlogs in good shape and make them ready for the next sprint.
- Conduct retrospective meetings.
- Organize and facilitate the sprint planning meeting.
- Improve communication and documentation across all internal teams;
- Using Agile performance metrics (Velocity, Cycle Time, Throughput, Predictability, Quality) for awareness and continuous improvement;
- Multinational team experience and proven ability to operate within distributed teams;
- Use concepts from Spotify (like tribes, squads, release trains);
- Stakeholder management for release planning; milestones of the project; during the implementation of features
- Act as a safeguard for his team.
Acting Project Manager:

- Project scoping, scheduling, and approvals
- Resource management
- Run: Planning sessions, Weekly project meetings, and Project Retrospectives
- Risk management
- Status reporting to team members and stakeholders

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GoodWill Consulting Ltd.March 2018 - September 2019

- Meetings with interested potential clients in accessing european funds.
- Delivered presentations about the funding opportunities
- Developed business plans and economic forecasts.
- Project plans submissions.
- Worked on investment projects in rural and urban areas.
- Designing GANTT charts for implementation activities.
- Analyzing the economic indicators of companies.
- Drafting the budgets of the investment projects.
- Providing the most effective business solutions.
- Coordinating project implementation.
- Advising clients in order to solve the unexpected problems.
- Stress management.
- Working with stiff deadlines.
- Analyzing the eligibility and the feasibility of the investment idea.
- Managing the entire project, from design to completion.
- Writing quarterly progress reports in Romanian and submit them to the contracting authority.
- Building business models for Start-Ups.
- Coordonating the project implementation team ( financial, administrative, technical heads).
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MEDIA INVESTOctober 2016 - March 2018

- Studied and analyzed relevant national legislation for SME’s.
- Writing market analysis.
- Assisting the project manager in meetings.
- Involved in deep learning processes about project cycle management and funding opportunities

Mes compétences

Analysis methods and tools

Agile Planning, Agile Methodology, Confluence, Kanban, Scrum, Agile, JIRA


SDLC, Project Management, Agile Scrum, Agile Estimations, Scrumban, Data analysis, Strategic Planning, Management, Release Management, Leadership

Computer Tools

MS Office



Mes études et formations

Certifications - LinkedIn

Scrum Master Accredited Certification - International Scrum Institute™2020 - 2020

Master's degree, Project Management - "Babes-Bolyai" University2016 - 2019

Certified Project Manager (CPM) - Romanian National Authority for Certifications2017 - 2017

Bachelors Degree, Political Science and Government - University of Bucharest2013 - 2016