Hugo A.

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Freelancer - Webpages to daily money loans01.01.2017 - 01.01.2018

* Webpages to daily money loans. Medellin-Colombia, Webpages from legacy WinForms desktop system. Development & Full-Stack.* From the database to the browser in solitaire. Software Intranet to appointment and services reserve for esthetic center (Backend) Applied Technologies mvc', jQuery, JavaScript, C#, ASP.Net, Razor, Server, Bootstrap, Ajax, Entity Framework 6, HTML,CSS, LINQ. * Full Stack Developer website for Food Delivery Applied Technologies: MVC, jQuery, JavaScript, C#, ASP.Net, Razor, SQL Server, Bootstrap, Entity Framework 5, Ajax, Identity Framework, HTML, CSS, LINQ. * Corinto POS EF Database Access Reengineering. Applied Technologies: Entity Framework, Layered Application, Fiscal Protocol Printer Bematech. SQL Server.
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Senior Net Developer - CORPORACION EXPERTA IT SERVICES S.A.01.01.2007 - 01.01.2016

* Lead the Digital Transformation of company customers. Collect User requirements and manage updates required. Propose software solutions. Build business desktop applications and optimize code for optimal performance. * Coding & Design and code Restaurant POS System (Corinto) and supervise implementation and training fulfilling customer needs. Built mobile application for Food order on table taking executing from start to finish. * Visual Basic .Net, C#, Fiscal Protocol Printer Bematech, Access, SQL Server, Fast-Report, XML, REST, Payment platform implementation thought Instapago. * Recruit IT Personnel to cover all areas from Technical Service to Developers and Training. Assisting CEO Hiring functions on budget basis. Maintain and supervise elaboration of Technical and Users Documentation Manuals. Define and orientates the principles and rules for organization.
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Outsourcing Developer - SIMCO Consortium Aberdeen-based01.01.2003 - 01.01.2006 collected from SCADA in Oracle databases was refined to SQL Server Database. The development generates the Invoicing of pertaining services and gets customer the approval Online.
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IT Coordinator - TRICOMAR01.01.2000 - 01.01.2003 Float Transports Services to the Oil IndustryCTO. IT Coordinator and ACCESS Developer (Logistic VBA Software)Ideate and Design Logistic software to support logistics of maritime transport units.Automated Log Book and Multi Currency Invoicing functionality based in Time/Hours, Statistical analysis and Accounts Receivable. The Software reduced the processing operation time and resources by 80%.

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English, Microsoft C-SHARP, Cascading Style Sheets, Developer, Microsoft Access, Microsoft ASP.NET, FULL STACK DEVELOPER, Chief Architect, Visual Basic .NET, Freelancer, Project Leader, .net developer, Intranet, system analysis, Back End, Full Stack, IT Coordinator, Mobile Applications, Fiscal Protocol Printer Bematech, Fast-Report, .NET Project Leader, developer Sr. Full Stack, Senior Net Developer, ACCESS Developer, Outsourcing Developer, SISTUCA Integral Programmer Degree, TSU > TSU Informatics


XML, Visual Basic, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, LINQ, MVC


Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQLNET


AJAX, jQuery, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, REST, .NET

Mes études et formations

- Online Universidad Complutense

TSU, Informatics - Inst. of Technology Pedro Emilio Coll.