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Self employedSeptember 2017 - Présent

Mobile(Android and iOS platform) and web application , websites (e-commerce, wiki sites, webportal, social networking sites)
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-January 2015 - Présent

Google Hash Code
Hash Code is a team programming competition organized by Google for
students and industry professionals across Europe, the Middle East and
Team Name: root

Team Members: Harshit Verma, Nabil Sadeg, Qamar Zaman and Roque Chan

Email Server

Mail servers can be broken down into two main
categories: outgoing mail servers and incoming mail servers. Outgoing
mail servers are known as SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol,
servers. Incoming mail servers come in two main varieties. POP3, or Post
Office Protocol, version 3, servers are best known for storing sent and
received messages on PCs' local hard drives. IMAP, or Internet Message
Access Protocol, servers always store copies of messages on servers.
Most POP3 servers can store messages on servers, too, which is a lot
more convenient.
I had chosen gmail for the server because it was
very fast and great an easy to setup. Gmail allowed me to open access to
the host servers and was very efficient easy to set up compared to
other client servers using my own methods.
The Gmail server was used for both the main programming files- SendEmailApplication and
as it kept it easy to use and not mix it up too much. This aim was for
simplicity in both programming design and use of functions.
SendEmailApplication was based upon the gmail server as stated before,
for the sender email I hadused the Java API which allowed me functions
to connect to the gmail server, which is called
smtp.gmail.com. The
Simple mail Transfer Protocol is used to send the mails to a server. The
mail senderserver communicates to the mail recipient, through the use
of commands and provides significantinformation over TCP connection. The
protocol session has commands started from the client side of SMTP
which then received responses from the receiver or the smtp server for
the session to open and the exchange of session parameters to operate.
security over a computer network. Several versions of these protocols
find widespread use in applications such as web browsing and emails etc.
Websites use TLS generally to secure all communications within their
communication links such as VOIP etc.

Software Project

Software Engineering Project for the University Module with 4 other
team members, building a website application for the university booking
system (training rooms, trainers, users management and class bookings).
Server-Client Model
The definition of a communication protocol is a system that is compiled of rules in
telecommunications which allow for two or more entities of a communications system to
transfer information via kind of variation of physical quantity. Communicating system use well
defined formats (protocols) for exchanging various messages, files and folders.
Sockets allow communication between two different processes on the same machine or the
different machines.
It follows standard Unix file descriptor, where all I/O actions are undertaken by the process of
reading/writing the descriptor. The descriptor can be described as an integer related to an
open file.
Sockets are probably the most commonly used type of communication transport protocol over
TCP/IP that you will use. TCP sockets provide you with a reliable, nearly error-free data pipe
between two endpoints, both of which can send and receive streams of bytes back and forth,
without data being lost or duplicated.
● Server sockets are bound to well-known endpoints where an endpoint is the (protocol,
address, port) tuple. The endpoint is formed by the protocol specified in the socket()
system call and the addressing information specified in the bind() system call.
● When the server calls the listen() system call, the network stack creates a queue in
which pending connections are placed into. A hint to the size of the queue is given as
the backlog parameter to listen().
● The server then calls accept() to pull a new connection from the queue.
● Client sockets send messages to server sockets by specifying the server endpoint in a
call to connect() and then sending data using send() or write().
● When the client calls connect(), a connection is pushed onto the server-side queue
where it sits until the server accepts the connection.
User Interface (QT)
Develop a partial prototype using QT/QT Designer to demonstrate how
your design ideas may work for the proposed improvement. A small subset
of data will be adequate to demonstrate the ideas.

We made E-commerce website for a client; whose business is based on oil industry. We used WordPress for this project

Benchmarking Sorting Algorithms
1. For this project I have to implement at least 3 sorting
algorithms, bubble sort, quick sort and at least one more of my choice.
2. All algorithms should have the same function prototype, ie. they can be interchanged with minimal code changes
3. The testing framework should allow us to select one or more algorithms to test
4. The framework should allow us to select the length of list, or a series of lengths
5.The framework should produce appropriate data for the tests that can, for example, be plotted in Gnuplot
Baccarat Game
Task is to implement a simulation of the card game
Baccarat —specifically, the simpler ‘Punto Banco’
variant of the game.(In java and javaFx)
Quadtree Application
Task 1: The leaf node list
Task 2: Growing the Quadtree
Task 3: Generating a data-dependent Quadtree
Task 4: Write a report
Anagram Antics (In python)
Anagram Solver uses a massive database of everything to solve anagram puzzles.
Earthquake data (In python)
Earthquake data (In python)
Extract the earthquake data from csv file and show on html page using python.
Fizzbuzz Game (In Javascript)

Created Fizzbuzz game using javascript
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-January 2013 - Présent

Ethical Hacking Training
Core Java Summer Training
Loophole and Ethical Hacking Workshop
Introduction to Electronics
The Music of the Beatles
Programming for Everybody (Python)
Resilience in Children Exposed to Trauma, Disaster and War: Global Perspectives
Sports and Society
Certificate of Merit
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-January 2013 - Présent

Field Coordinator

Company Name
Anant Prakash Foundation - Cause

Social Services

Qualified professional with experience in coordinating and supervising
fieldwork including sampling, mapping, data collection, specimen
analysis, and compilation of results for data entry and management


Company Name
AVR Education Foundation - Cause


AVR Educational Foundation, is an autonomous and non-profit making
society established in the year 2009 and is registered under Section 21
of Society & Registration Act, 1860 of the Government of India. The
society is determined & dedicated for the cause of upliftment of
social and educational development of the humanity through this
centre.AVR Educational Foundation is a centre of excellence, offering
quality education through distance learning mode from NIMS University,
Jaipur Rajasthan,M.S. university Tamil Nadu and Karnataka State Open


Company Name
Savitri Manav Vikas Sansthan - Cause

Social Services

Savitri Manav Vikas Sansthan is a non-governmental organization (NGO)
working in Uttar Pradesh, India. Savitri Manav Vikas Sansthan works in
the area of Aged and elderly, Animal Husbandry, Dairying &
Fisheries, Animal Welfare, Art & Culture, Biotechnology, Children,
Civic Issues, Dalit Welfare, Disability, Disaster Management, Education
& Literacy, Environment and natural resource management, Food and
Agriculture, Health & Nutrition, HIV/AIDS, Housing and shelter,
Human Rights, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) , Labour
& Employment, Land Resources, Legal Awareness & Aid, Micro
Finance (SHGs), Micro Small & Medium Enterprises, Minority Issues,
etc. The NGO works towards the promotion of sustainable development.
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-January 2012 - Présent

Science, Geography, Indian History, Culture, General Knowledge Quiz
Indian History,Science, Geography, Culture, General Knowledge Quiz which
is organised by Bharat Vikas Parishad, it is a school et. state and
national level competition. I have participated for 3 years during my
academic time at RLB. I won first in the School level, first in the
District level and second in State level.
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Webcure TechnologiesJuly 2014 - December 2014

Webcure Web Development Company in India is a website design and development company based in Kanpur, India that provides services of website design, website development, flash website design, website hosting, software development, graphics design, and logo design.
I did an internship(part time) as an assistant developer.

Anant Prakash FoundationApril 2014 - November 2014

Mes compétences

XML, WordPress, Web Design, Training, RESTful Web Service, React.js, Python, OpenCV, Node.js, MySQL, Matlab, jQuery, JavaScript, Java, Ionic, HTML5, HTML, CSS, C/C++, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Android Studio, Algorithms