Roberto M.

Sysops Engineer


Mon expérience

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Jota – erreSeptembre 2015 - Présent

Technical Support.
-Repair of Computer Equipment.
- Technical Support of SW and HW.
- Maintenance of Laser and Matrix printers.
- Technical Support via Remote 1. TeamViewer.
- Data backup and recovery.
- Structural Wiring.
- Staff training.
- Programming in bbx.
- Unix backups.
- Installation of electrical wiring
 - Installation of structured cabling.
- Installation of telephone wiring.
- Calibration and maintenance of Sensormatic antennas.
- Installation of closed circuit cameras.
The disposal of computer equipment has been reduced thanks to the
training that has been given to the personnel for its use, as well as in
the implementation of techniques to achieve the restoration of the
equipment so that they have an optimal functioning.
 - Learn to program in bbx to be able to provide support to the branches since all its programs are made with this language.
New security cameras have been rewired and installed since many of the
cameras previously installed did not have the adequate image quality
- Maintain the computer equipment and the structured cabling of the branches that are in different parts of the country.
- Installation of pipe and change of wiring of CCTV cameras.
- Installation and revision of electrical installations for sensormatic antennas as well as their maintenance.
- Basic administration of our fortinet team.
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FreelanceAoût 2004 - Présent

Teacher / Technical Support.
- Responsibilities:
- PC management.
- Private Classes of the Technical Area.
- Results:
One of the factors that have allowed me to continue with this business
has been the constant search for updating the topics in the classes I
teach, as well as updating courses on my own to learn the new
architectures and assemblies of computer equipment, as well as as of
printers and cell phones.
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Instituto BritánicoJanvier 2014 - Mars 2015

Technical Support.
- Maintenance of the Computer Equipment.
 - Maintenance of the Network.
- Teacher Mathematics.
- Web Developmen.
- Computing.
- Basic Programming (Java and C ++).

Created the curriculum of the subjects that I had in charge,
implementing educational techniques, based more on practice so that
learning was optimal.
- Implementation of a user manual for the computer center to keep the machines in top condition.
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TranspoverJanvier 2010 - Juillet 2010

Administrative Assistant.
- Customer Support.
- Inventory control.
- Billing.- Maintenance Report.- Provider Assistance.
- Updating of all outstanding collections, as well as a better way to control the entry and exit of products in the warehouses.

Mes compétences

IT Infrastructure

OS X, Virtual Box, Unix, VMware, Windows, Linux


Matlab, Python, PHP, C/C++, Pascal, HTML, Delphi, Java

Environment of Development

NetBeans, Eclipse


SQL Server

Mes études et formations

- Computer Systems Engineering - Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Xalapa.2013 -

- Bachelor's Degree in Faculty of Mathematics - UNAD.2015 -

- Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics - Trunca.2005 - 2008