Ionut Adrian C.


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16 ans
Bucharest, ROMANIA

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mySMTPJuly 2014 - Présent

* System Administration

* Dedicated servers deployment, update, monitor, troubleshoot, diagnose etc
            -- virtual machines build/deploy/manage using Citrix XenServer, resources allocation based on user's needs
            -- services configuration (virtualized linux): network / firewall setup, rotating IPs, dns, httpd, mysql, postfix, policyd, monit, nagios and custom built daemons and scripts, etc
           -- perform routine/emergency maintenance of linux machines (install security patches, software deployments/upgrades/downgrades, etc).
            -- mailserver routing using buffer servers to facilitate sendings for vip clients, throttling and transport-based rotating ip setups

* Dedicated servers troubleshooting and support
        -- troubleshooting problems with linux services in use     
        -- receiving / resolving tickets and offer support on call/remote

* Development
        -- various automation scripts for managing local services  (apache, postfix, cluebringer (policyd), mysql, dnsmasq) and syncing/updating machine's info and statistics with the dedicated platform's web app (dashboard), using Bash / Perl
        -- various web applications for the admin & user dashboard of the dedicated platform using Perl (cgi) and Shell scripting
        -- shared website part of development including frontend development (using HTML / CSS / JavaScript for creating custom content/apps over Joomla Framework) as well as backend development (Perl modules for an - in house built - services spawner)
        -- development of the shared website's user dashboard application using PHP / JavaScript
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UTI GRUPApril 2014 - July 2014

* Installing and maintaining software on UTI equipments for RATB (now STB - Bucharest Transport Company).
   - On site installation and configuring OS (Windows) and proprietary software for ticket offices equipment
   - On site hardware troubleshooting, maintenance and/or replacement for ticket offices equipment
   - Remote support for ticket offices
   - NFC equipment installation, troubleshooting and repair

* Various troubleshooting - repairs including cabling, computer and network configuration for other UTI clients (ALPA - Lakes, Parks and Recreation Administration of Bucharest)
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Self-employedJanuary 2010 - April 2014

Freelancer during studies at Spiru Haret Music University

* Various projects for personal usage and small businesses (real estate firms, computer shops, etc) including:
   - Linux desktop configurations (DE, WM installation / configuration) for clients wanting to migrate on linux but keep a traditional interface look to make the transition smoother
   - Linux server configurations (apache, postfix, bind, ftp, openvpn, firewall, sshd)
   - NAS configurations based on linux and/or embedded linux
   - Network setups (cabling, routers setup, switches installations)
   - Web Development

* DTP work for various small advertising firms (most relevant: Complete Image, Brasov)
   - graphics for: business cards, flyers, meshes /banners, logos, catalogs / brochures, posters, etc

* Music transcription for various projects including the "LearnToPlay" app (not available on AppStore anymore)
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La FantanaJune 2008 - September 2009

* System Administration for Windows server 2008
   - domain administration
   - user management

* System Administration for windows desktops
   - users setup on client side (user deploy enrollment)
   - data backup, restore and recovery

* Computers and other office equipment repair and maintainance (printers, print servers, copy machines)

* VoIP equipment setup and maintenance for internal communication
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Macsys-ConectixOctober 2005 - May 2008

* Managing network infrastructure teams on various projects for UPC (Astral Telecom)
   - Receiving project tasks from UPC
   - Organising tasks among the specialised teams
   - Managing the workflow for high efficiency
   - Quality control after each task was completed
   - Reporting back to UPC about both completed and in progress tasks
   - Analysing (system/technological) situations which exceed the competence of the team and
     forwarding the issues towards the relevant higher level departments
   - Managing working materials for the teams
   - Participating in various meetings concerning the infrastructure expansion and our role in it

* Hands-on cabling and network configuration for UPC and own clients of Macsys-Conectix
   - Optical Fiber soldering, Cabling CATV, UTP
   - Client side network setup for different OSes (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
   - Server side network setup for Linux (DHCP, iptables)
   - Network Troubleshooting

Mes compétences

Xen Server, Xen, Windows Server, Windows, Web development, Web Design, Virtualization, Troubleshooting, Technical Support, System administration, Software Development, Shell Scripting, Quality control, Python, Postfix, Perl, MySQL, Linux Red Hat, Linux, KVM, JavaScript, Inkscape, HTML, Gimp, Firewalls, Docker, Debian, CGI, CATV, Bind, Bash, Arch