Florent C.

System Engineer

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Trademark Owner - Zofya01.01.2017 - Présent


Trademark Number (INPI) : 4329456
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IT - Digital & You01.11.2018 - Présent

Client : streaming company (Molotov TV)
Automation using Ansible
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System Network Security Engineer - ORNESS01.11.2017 - 01.10.2018

Client : French cloud provider (Orange Cloud for Business) using OpenStack
Public Key Infrastructure (interne PKI) :
- evaluating existing solutions and choice the right solution related to requirements
- contributing to chosen solution : changes in master branches (repository on GitHub)
- build automated install script for emergency install (disaster recovery)
Responsible for monitoring and testing of vulnerabilities (Meltdown/Spectre) and work on infrastructure reboot
Scan for unexpected settings (sysctl) and incorporate changes into configuration management
Install and configure NetApp Harvest & help teams using it
Ensure operational maintenance tasks : Linux infrastructures and BMCs (iDRACs and different firmware)
Automation using Ansible and Chef
Work with other teams (IAAS, SDN . . . ) on transverse subjects
Agile framework : SCRUM
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System Network Security Engineer - Global SP01.03.2017 - 01.11.2017

Linux system and network administration
Firewall and VPN management
Automation with Ansible and Python
Search and resolve all problems identified by OpenVAS
IP address management
DNS management
Security system (badge) management
Building weathermap using Observium
More detail during a face-to-face
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System and Network Administrator - Webedia01.12.2016 - 01.02.2017

Working on ads infrastructure (no downtime authorized)
Woking on all other insfratructures when needed
Automation using SaltStack
More detail during a face-to-face
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IT - ATE - Avenir Télématique01.09.2016 - 01.11.2016

Certified personal health data hosting provider
User support
Technologies used (partial list):
Database Management System :
- MariaDB
- Percona
- PostgreSQL
Email server : Postfix
Firewall :
- iptables
- Juniper (SSG) - pfSense
HTTP accelerator : Varnish
Languages :
- Python
- Shell scripting
Operating system :
- Debian
- CentOS
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Windows 10
- Windows Server 2003
- Windows Server 2008
- Windows Server 2012
Virtualization : VMware
Web server :
- Apache HTTP Server
- Apache Tomcat
- Nginx
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System and Network Administrator - DevOps - IT Consultant - colundrum.com01.07.2015 - 01.07.2016

Technologies used (partial list) :
- Ingenico Desk/5000 (HTML/CSS/JS)
- NodeJS
- Python
- Shell scripting
- Swift (on GNU/Linux, macOS and iOS)

Self-employment : Freelancer

SIREN : 812 454 924
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System and Network Administrator - DevOps - coaster-radio01.06.2014 - 01.07.2014

Optimizing PHP/MySQL platform
Writing fail2ban rules depending on the needs
Writing shell script to improve tasks (very specific) with Apache2
Settings on the kernel and firewall
Information and choice on some application
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System and Network Administrator - DevOps - ServerGamers01.07.2012 - 01.03.2013

Build infrastructure (Debian based)
Writing fail2ban rules depending on the needs
Settings on the kernel and firewall
Information and choice on server hardware and some applications (ACID for DBMS and more)
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Co-founder & CTO & CSO - Privystorage01.06.2012 - 01.09.2012

Trusted Platform : Backup as a Service

Storage using Self-Encrypting Drives (FIPS 140-2)
Protection forms with reCaptcha
Installation of operating systems Debian GNU / Linux and Scientific Linux via KVMoIP (KVM over IP) for installation LUKS
Implementation of SSL VPN
Sharing of SSL Port (TCP 443)
Compilation of custom Linux kernel
Settings on the kernel, firewall and routing
Monitoring via Shinken

- IPN (Instant Payment Notification) for PayPal and AlertPay
- Several shell scripts using arguments
- Request Features with sorting columns Title and Status
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Inventorist - Faculté des Sciences et Techniques01.06.2010 - 01.07.2010

Inventory of purchased hardware (scientific and computer) by the funds of the university in different laboratories.

Technology : Excel
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IT Specialist - City Hall01.07.2008 - 01.08.2008

Writing special technical clauses
Update Active Directory and Exchange
Economic research for telephony (based on the open source) and the Internet
Search for replacing the intranet business by an open source solution
Inventory and maintenance of IT equipment (GLPI & OCS Inventory / FusionInventory)
User support

Technologies : Microsoft SQL Server, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 & 2003 R2, Active Directory, Exchange, HyperFile, MySQL, IIS, Apache Tomcat, Oracle

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

ENGLISH: advanced
FRENCH: native
SPANISH: beginner


Java, SQL, C/C++, JavaScript, CSS, Shell Scripting, HTML, Python, Bash, HTML5


MySQL, Redis, Cassandra

IT Infrastructure

Windows, Linux, Firewalls, RedHat, Unix, VPN, Git, Windows Server, Debian, LXC, Network administration, Networking, OpenBSD, OpenVPN, PKI, RHEL, Virtualization




IIS, ElasticSearch

Analysis methods and tools



Research and development

Mes études et formations

- 42nComputer SciencenActivities and Societies: hackathons, workshops, conferencesn42 is a revolutionary computer training free and open to all.nWorked on few languages : C, C++, ASM (NASM), Shell, Swift