Omar N.

Test Manager

Guadalajara, MEXICO
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Senior Member - QAminds01.04.2016 - Présent

I'm part of a network of professionals who meet every month to discuss our experiences in the\n Software Testing and QA area. I have participated in the organization of two events, and held talks on Software Test Automation, involving Hybrid Test Automation frameworks.
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Test Automation Teacher - Cool Testers01.01.2018 - Présent

I mentor Software Testing Professionals to transition into test automation using a number of different tools, such as Selenium, Protractor, Dockers, etc.
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Test Automation Specialist - Freelance Software Engineer in Test01.06.2018 - 01.01.2019

As a Test Automation Specialist I am focused on testability, robustness and performance, become\n involved in all parts of the development process by designing, developing and testing code. I currently work with Endpoint testing and software automation test tool development.
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Sofware Engineer in Test - Kueski01.01.2017 - 01.06.2018

Test Specialist in building test automation framework based out in Selenium + Ruby + Cucumber. \n \n Currently working on dockerized environments and building a CI pipeline.
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IT Teacher - QA Minds Lab01.11.2017 - 01.03.2018

TI Teacher in Software Testing Automation, Dockers, Git, etc.
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TI Teacher - Tec Gurus01.02.2017 - 01.11.2017

Software Testing Automation, Dockers, Git, etc.\n\n Tec Gurus\n TI teacher\n\n Teacher in two main courses:\n-Software Test Automation with Selenium IDE/WebDriver, Java, JUnit, Page\n\n Object design pattern\n\n -C/C++ basics.
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QA Automation Lead - Tata Consultancy Services Latam01.02.2016 - 01.04.2017

As a Test Automation Lead I'm in charge of I designing and leading a team to build, enhance and\n maintain automated test frameworks based on HP Mercury QTP. I also mentor Jr. Engineers to meet\n \n the need of high end clients requiring experienced employees.
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Project Manager - Infosys Technologies de Mexico01.04.2012 - 01.02.2016

I designed and led a team to build an automated test framework based on\n\n HP Mercury QTP, but extensible to any test tool. I also scripted some of the\n\n framework components and test scripts. Due to the customized nature of\n\n the GUI controls, we researched and utilized QTP add-in extensibility feature\n\n for .NET and Java Projects, as well as Coded UI Tests in Visual Studio 2010.\n\n I created an excess of 100 automated scripts in a tool called VeriFIX, used to\n\n simulate stock exchange FIX messages.\n\n Participated in a GUI test automation using JUnit and FEST frameworks.\n\n Additionally, I have succesfully mentored Jr. Engineers to meet the need of\n\n high end clients requiring experienced employees.
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Sr. Software Engineer - HCL Technologies01.09.2010 - 01.05.2012

I'm in charge of issue follow up with onsite team, leading a team of 20 and\n\n two of two internal projects involving agile methodology and test automation\n\n framework implementation.
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Sr Software Engineer - Neoris01.08.2008 - 01.09.2010

* I designed an automated test framework based on HP Mercury QC and\n\n QTP, and led the efforts to develop it. I also scripted some of the framework\n\n components and test scripts, using descriptive programming most of the\n\n time. .\n\n * I worked on the existing SAP TAO Framework automating test cases\n\n based on HP Mercury QC and QTP, and led the efforts to develop it. I also\n\n scripted some of the framework components and test scripts, using descriptive\n\n programming most of the time. I'm currently leading Manual QA efforts with a\n\n small team.
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Sr Consultant - FocusFrame01.08.2007 - 01.05.2008

I served onsite as liaison between the client and the offshore team, clarifying\n\n SAP business processes and setting up data when necessary. Additionally,\n\n in a later phase of the project, I was involved in the Automated Script Sign\n\n off process, mostly debugging failures, fixing scripts and again, being the\n\n middle man whenever a doubt arises in the offshore team. I finally supported\n\n automated test execution fixing test scripts and setting up data.
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Java Developer - Dextra Technologies01.04.2006 - 01.08.2007

* Code an Automated Test Framework (ATF) for Carbide, an Eclilpse based tool.\n\n * Implement test scripts based on the ATF.\n\n * Maintain and extend ATF code
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Sr. Test Engineer - Softtek01.11.2005 - 01.04.2006

* Associate, and hired as Senior Test Engineer, I worked in a nearshore\nproject for EMC Storage systems.\n\n * Among my day-to-day chores were to execute automated test assertions,\n\n and interpret/debug execution logs to identify potential bugs. In planning\n\n phases, I was aiding in estimating testing efforts and resources needed for the\n\n ongoing phase.

Sr. English Teacher - Interlingua, S.C.01.01.2001 - 01.01.2006

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Jr. Test Engineer - IBM de Mexico01.08.2004 - 01.11.2005

* Subcontracted by ManPower Mexico and NextIRA One, I collaborated in\nsetting up a testing lab in a variety of environments and platforms, as well as\n\n implementing and executing testcases for that project\n\n * I additionally performed functional tests manually as well as automated for\n\n three other projects.\n\n * I was part of a Linux Community and an R&D team dedicated to investigate\n\n procedures and tools for implementation in IBM Projects.

Mes compétences


Java, C++, Ruby


English, C Programming Language, Agile Methodology, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft .NET Technology, Project Manager, Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Teacher, GUI Applications, Mercury Interactive Quicktest, IT Teacher, Automatic Testing, Software Project management, Automation, Test Cases, Selenium > Selenium WebDriver, SAP-netweaver- Business, Selenium > Selenium IDE, Sr. Software Engineer, Java Developer, Agile Methodologies, Endpoint testing, software automation test tool development, Post Mortem Analysis, SAP QM QC, CooL, Senior Member, Test Automation Teacher, Software Engineer in Test, Test Automation Specialist, Sofware Engineer, Test Specialist, TI Teacher, Sr. English Teacher, Jr. Test Engineer, Sr Consultant, Sr. Test Engineer, Senior Test Engineer, Test Automation Specialist Freelance, HP QuickTest Professional (QTP)

IT Infrastructure

Linux, Git



Environment of Development

Visual Studio

Analysis methods and tools

Junit, TestNG, QTP, Agile, Selenium, Scrum, Design Patterns






Quality Assurance, Spanish, Test automation

Software testing

Cucumber, Functional testing, Manual testing, Software testing, Debugging

Mes études et formations

- University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

- Technological Institute and of Superior Studies of Monterrey