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TIF GroupAoût 2019 - Novembre 2019

TIF group is a Medium sized online travel insurance company based in the Kings Hill area within
Duties and responsibilities:
* Exploratory tests on the different travel insurance sites and platforms
* Creating scenarios for web API testing using Postman
* Creating Manual test scripts and test plans
* Getting familiar PyCharm and Pytest
* Setting up Selenium Webdriver to be used with the IDE: Pycharm
* Using fiddler to conduct thorough testing on mobile apps, tablets and desktop site
* Using browser-stack to allow for cross-testing on different mobile and tablet platforms
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Daily MailMai 2019 - Août 2019

Duties and responsibilities:
* Executing regression test packs and checklists daily
* Worked on in house CRM using it to manipulate data for testing on both website and mobile apps
* Dealing with many live releases per week into the live production
* Using fiddler to conduct thorough testing on mobile apps, tablets and desktop site
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Sitekit LtdMars 2019 - Mai 2019

to be used for QA team to conduct regression testing

Senior Test Analyst [Short term Contract]
Working on a NHS project which was in the process of digitalising the NHS `red book' which traditionally is book used by pregnant '' females and mothers of new born babies. The focus of the project was to continue to support the digital `''e-
Redbookprocess and allow for easier interaction between mother and her child's NHS records.

Duties and responsibilities:
* Exploratory testing where required
* In-depth Analysis of HTML headers (Send and receive) and web traffic
* Strong communication with developers who were based in different cities which truly helped to meet project deadlines
* Backend testing was 70% and frontend 30%
* Conducting API testing where required in order to ensure in depth testing was done.
* Creating a test strategy and plan which allowed for improved testing to be performed
* Regular daily meetings both in office and remotely with all levels of stakeholders
* Providing reports to senior management's on the progress of testing which allowed for stakeholders to keep updated on a regular basis
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FSB technologyJuillet 2018 - Janvier 2019

Duties and responsibilities:
* Being the only Test analyst in the company I was tasked with the role of ensuring continuous testing was done on the 25 different client websites for both mobile and desktop and the mobile app.
* Building the QA platform from scratch which has helped to dramatically reduce the number of bugs found by clients or customers
* Liaising with CTO and programme manager - explaining my plan on how to improve quality assurance in the team
* Creating a test process and strategy which helped to ensure quality assurance is maintained in the team which in return as contributed to a decrease in customer complaints
* Taking ownership of test management and setting up and managing the test management tool TestRail and integrating it with JIRA
* Delivering test summary reports and defect reports to stakeholders frequently
* Liaising with CTO and programme manager - explaining my plan on how to improve quality assurance in the team
* Providing test estimations to assist in effective agile project planning
* Creating test scripts and test suites to be executed for many different projects
* Involved in projects from inception to release to live production - ensuring that products were thoroughly tested before going live to customers
* Improved defect management by organising the way defects were raised leading to an increased rate in which defects were being fixed
* Backend testing was conducting using a mixture of the Backoffice [Custodian] and testing on API using postman
* Continuously . planning new ways to improve the efficiency of testing on the many different sites for both the back and front end

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Test management, API, Mantis

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Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Network Communications - Kingston University2007 - 2011

A Levels, ICT, Biology, Business Studies - Coulsdon College2004 - 2006

GCSE, Math's, English - Ernest Bevin College1998 - 2003