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UI & Print Designer - Freelance UX01.09.2015 - Présent

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UX/UI Designer - Ligatus01.07.2017 - 01.12.2018

UI/UX design of the company's online advertising tools, implementation of a Design System, and graphic design
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Corporate Graphic Designer - ATEME01.11.2016 - 01.02.2017

Design of a new corporate website, development of the company's branding guidelines and tools, and graphic design (print, events).
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Freelance Content Editor & Designer - AppTurbo01.10.2015 - 01.01.2016

Content curation, design process optimisation and market research for a mobile app
- Image, video and text content curation
- Process automatizations using Photoshop scripts
- Press kit and various visual assets design - Various Marketing, PR and research tasks
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Product & Project Manager - Anuman Interactive01.10.2013 - 01.02.2015

Project, product and publishing management, for 10+ games on mobile platforms (Google, Apple, Amazon)\n\n- Headed the external production of 10+ games for PC, Mac, iOS and Android as well as a XBLA & PSN game, including the "Monument Builders" series, "The Wall", and "The Bluecoats: North vs South"\n- Researched and analyzed F2P mechanics to include in existing games\n- Wrote and designed product information sheets and sales presentations\n- Coordinated the creation of icons, logos, and other game assets, writing the initial brief and communicating with external freelancers \n- Tested games on iOS, Android, PC and Mac and tracked bug resolution with the developers \n- Recruited and supervised interns specialized in game design and QA
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Assistant Producer - Magic Pockets01.04.2013 - 01.10.2013

Production assistant for several mobile and console games projects: daily management, reporting, and coordination with external contractors and publishers\n- Under the Producer's guidance, managed and planned the production of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (3DS, Wii, Xbox360), "House of the Dead\nOverkill" (iOS, Android) and "Mini Ninjas" (iOS)\n- Managed internal production : workload distribution, drafting plannings and following team progress\n- Acted as an intermediary between the development team and the design team\n- Handled communication with the publisher, ensuring quality standards are respected\n- Handled communication and organisation of external production of 3D\nanimations and sound design \n- Managed debug and localisation, assigning bugs and monitoring progress
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Web Project Manager - Adveris01.09.2012 - 01.02.2013

Managing several web projects, from the original brief to the final delivery, coordinating with the client(s) and reporting to the Web Director\n\nHandled client meetings and wrote specifications documents detailing the\nclient's vision \n- Assigned tasks within the design and development team\n- Oversaw the project's progress, handled acceptance testing and final delivery of the product \n- Created and monitored AdWords marketing campains and emailing campains
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Overseas Production Planner - NanaOn-Sha01.03.2011 - 01.03.2012

Launched and administrated 20 + websites, including :,,,,\n\nUnder the Producer's and Creative Director's guidance \n- Designed pitch documents for mobile and tablets games\n- Wrote Game design documents, created game design charts and designed game mock-ups\n- Monitored localisation and playtests for Haunt (Kinect)\n- Designed assets, worked with the level editor of WINtA (Rhythm game on iOS)\n\n- Designed a blog to improve visibility for WINtA (iOS)
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e-Commerce Assistant - Ubisoft01.07.2009 - 01.01.2010

Weekly update of, maintenance, and customer support\n- Increased customer service's responsiveness to improve customer satisfaction\n- Increased our user base's engagement with the brand with contests and giveaways on Facebook\n- Worked with Ubisoft US' and Ubisoft Canada' sales teams to create a new sales website \n- Analyzed the current website's front- and back-office's strengths and weaknesses\n- Benchmarked other online eshop websites\n- Designed mock-ups, formalizing ideas and remarks after meetings\n- Created emailing campaigns, from PSD design to HTML format
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Assistant Graphic Designer - Musiwave01.07.2008 - 01.08.2008

Designed wallpapers, illustrations, icons and other artworks for mobile and web use\n- Hardware testing of mobile phone prototypes

Mes compétences


English, German, French, Designer, PC Hardware, Apple Mac, 3D, User Experience Design, UX/UI Designer, Visual Designer, Web Project Manager, Daily management, publishing management, PSD design, UI & Print Designer, Corporate Graphic Designer, Product & Project Manager, Assistant Producer, Overseas Production Planner, Production assistant, e-Commerce Assistant, Assistant Graphic Designer, Assistant Handset Team, Chef de Projet Multimédia, Project management, Art, User Interface Design , Project Management


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite



IT Infrastructure

iOS, Android




Google AdWords, Market research, Branding, Product Ownership, Project Management, Quality Assurance, UI Design, UX Design, Game Design


Graphic Design, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom

Software testing

Acceptance testing, Hardware testing, Debugging

Mes études et formations

Chef de Projet Multimédia, Project management, Art - Institut International du Multimédia