Monica J.

Agile coach

Bucharest, ROMANIA
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DIRICKX GROUPE01.08.2005 - Présent

Ensured a BPO series for the Dirickx Group:
  • Carried out the updates of Diricks Group’s websites, by using Easy2Publish.
  • Coordinated the translations (in English, Czech, Slovak, Chinese) and the page settings for different technical charts and documents.
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    Pentalog High Tech01.06.2004 - Présent

    Ensured the coordination of the Bucharest agency:
  • Carried out and managed the activity of resources recruitment.
  • Took care of the availability of the technical resources and ensured this availability if needed.
  • Controlled the management of the fixed-price and distant-control contracts.
  • managed the team’s planning.
  • Treated the team’s activity reports.
  • Sponsor of the fixed-price projects.
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    Clementz & Associés01.04.2004 - Présent

    Project manager for Marcom operations, within Clementz:
    \n - Database management
    \n - Planning realization and following-up.
    \n - Councelling for operational marketing activities
    \n - Participated in the drafting of the contents
    \n - Participated at the graphical realization of the HTML newsletters
    \n - File request and extraction in respect with the defined targets of the campaign
    \n - File deduplication
    \n - E-mailing operations using iNet Sender (text or HTML mailing, personalised or non- personalised).
    \n - Feed-back processing and requalification of the database
    \n - Behavior tracking, following the emailing operation, using the iNet Tracker application and the realisation of a top visitor classification
    \n - Results analysis to facilitate the commercial exploitation
    \n - Issued final reports regarding the operation.

    \n\nMission carried out in collaboration with Manuel D.
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    Clementz & Associés01.03.2004 - Présent

    In charge of the setting up and management of a unique database belonging to Clementz :
    \n - Realized a standard model for the data files concerning the clients and the possible customers
    \n - File qualification
    \n - Integrated all the clients and prospects files in a single database
    \n - Deduplicated the unified database.
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    Groupe Pentalog-iNet01.01.2004 - Présent

    Project manager of the CRM Center :
    \n - Implementationof the work methodology
    \n - Management of the offer and the commercial actions
    \n - Ensuring the communication with the clients
    \n - Planning realization and follow-up.
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    Pentalog01.09.2003 - Présent

    In charge of Pentalog's commercial operations on the Romanian market :
    \n - Emailings
    \n - Contents drafting
    \n - Drafting the commercial offers
    \n - Participation in business meetings
    \n - Customer follow-up.
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    Pentalog01.08.2003 - Présent

    Participated in commercial and marketing operations for the Romanian market :
    \n - Drafting a brochure for Pentalog Romania
    \n - Updating the web site content of Pentalog (CV up-dating, collaborators, press releases...)
    \n - Realization of the functional presentations of the applications
    \n - Updating the databases containing information on the Romanian companies
    \n - Building up new databases \n

    \nMission carried out in collaboration with Manuel D.
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    Transylvania University, Brasov01.03.2000 - Présent

    Teacher at the Faculty of Economic Sciences: Marketing lectures
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    Pentalog High Tech01.05.2003 - 01.08.2003

    Mission in France, at Pentalog High Tech :

    \n\n - Updating and creation of databases
    \n - Participated in the drafting of commercial and marketing documents
    \n - Participated in e-mailing operations
    \n - Phoning activities
    \n - Participated in business meetings.
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    Transylvania University, Brasov01.10.1998 - 01.06.1999

    Final thesis: marketing in sports « The Opportunity of Creating an Olympic Lottery ».

    Mes compétences

    Langues parlées

    GERMAN: Beginner
    FRENCH: Advanced
    ROMANIAN: Native speaker

    Networks and systems






    Analysis methods and tools


    Business Intelligence / ETL



    The Port


    Photoshop, Quark Xpress



    Computer tools

    MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Internet Explorer, MS Outlook

    Mes études et formations

    Postgraduate Degree in Marketing and Production - University of Orléans

    Master's Degree in Marketing and Business - Transilvania University of Brasov