Cristian M.

Front-end developer

Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA
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Provider of regional banking services and products within all domains of activity01.08.2018 - Présent

Front-End Lead Mobile Developer.
  • Ionic 3 application development from scratch.
  • UI implementation using HTML5, Ionic 3 components, CSS3, Angular 5, SASS.
  • Initiator of technical-related discussions and decision-making within the team.
  • Proposing design corrections to the client for a better UX of the final product.
  • Specifications analysis.
  • Development of new features in compliance with the designs.
  • Maintaining the application performance.
  • Contribution to the continuous improvement process.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Following the Agile-Scrum principles.
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Media Content Provider01.05.2017 - 01.07.2018

Front-End Developer.
  • Application development and maintenance.
  • UI implementation using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SASS.
  • Participation in technical-related decision-making within the team.
  • Respecting the deadlines.
  • Bug fixing.
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E-Learning Solutions Provider01.03.2017 - 01.05.2017

Front-End Developer.
  • Front-end development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, SASS.
  • Specification analysis.
  • Development of new features.
  • Maintaining the web application performance.
  • Contribution to the continuous improvement process.
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Digital Services Agency01.02.2017 - 01.05.2017

Front-End Developer.
  • Creating and styling web applications.
  • Maintaining the performance of the web applications.
  • Adding new features.
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Pentalog01.02.2017 - 01.02.2017

Front-End Developer within the Pentalog group.

Participation in an extensive training session focusing on Angular 2:
  • Extensive study of the features and concepts related to the front-end development, using Angular 2 Framework.
  • Implementation of new features on the front-end part of the application, using Angular 2 and Bootstrap.
  • Carrying out estimates concerning the complexity and duration of the tasks for a potential Pentalog project.
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Aktan01.07.2015 - 01.01.2017

Front-End Developer.
  • Application development according to technical and functional specifications.
  • Testing the implemented features so as to identify possible defects and assure a high quality of the developed solutions.
  • Implementation of Agile - Scrum methodology.
  • Contribution to the continuous improvement process.
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Digital Services Agency01.05.2016 - 01.09.2016

Front-End Developer.
  • Front-end development.
  • Estimations: complexity and duration of the tasks.
  • Unit testing on the implemented features to assure code standards are respected.
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Pentalog01.05.2014 - 01.07.2015

Developer within an internal project aiming to develop an application used as an aggregator of restaurants, pubs, cafes etc., allowing the owners to present their establishments and all related events.
  • Training on Angular JS: extensive study of the features and concepts related to front-end development using the Angular JS framework.
  • Implementation of new features on the application front-end using jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • Development of several web services for the application back-end based on Symfony 2.
  • Migration of the existing application from jQuery to Angular JS.

Redesign and development of the back-office for an external project (Angular JS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, Google Maps JavaScript API, Google Places API Web Service Autocomplete, Facebook  API, HTML5, PHP, OOP), which required the implementation of several web technologies:
- Angular JS: extensive work on front-end development (Functions, Templates, Forms, Directives, Services, Factories, Filters and Types);
- Bootstrap: responsive interface, pagination and tabs;
- Google Maps JavaScript API: handling Google Maps and init in the web page;
- Google Places API Web Service Autocomplete;
- Facebook  API: Login, get user details (name, ID, link, email, photos, etc.).
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Pentalog01.01.2014 - 01.05.2014

Participation in an internship program on PHP and web technologies focusing on two main aspects:
  • Extensive study of PHP development technologies, concepts and principles:
- PHP basics: Language and Platform; Data Types; Variables, Constants; Operators; Control Structures; Errors and Error Management; Functions and Constructs; Web Programming; File Manipulation, Streams, Network; PHP Sessions; PHP and Databases; PHP Security;
- OOP General: Class Methods and Properties; Constants, Static Methods and Properties; Interfaces and Abstract Classes; Exceptions; Design Patterns;
- XML and Web Services: DOM, XSL;
- Web basics: HTML, HTML 5, CSS, jQuery/jQuery Mobile, Backbone.js, Require.js;
- SQL and MySQL: Create/Drop, Select/Joins, Insert/Update/Delete, Indexes/Column Types, Views, Transactions, Stored Procedures, Functions, Database Theory;
- Symfony2;
- Design Patterns.

  • Application development based on the studied technologies:
- Blog in Symfony 2;
- Interface in HTML 5 (jQuery, CSS);
- Calculator in JavaScript.
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IMOBILINVEST01.09.2012 - 01.01.2013

Database Processing and Validation Operator within a real estate agency.
  • Processing new information.
  • Data entry in the database.
  • Promotion of the obtained data.

Mes compétences

Langues parlées

FRENCH: Beginner
ENGLISH: Average
ROMANIAN: Native speaker

Networks and systems



JavaScript, PHP, XML, Assembler, C/C++, JAVA, SQL, TypeScript

Web technologies

Angular 5, Angular 2, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery mobile, Angular Material, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, Bower, Django, Grunt.js, Require.js, REST, SASS, Symfony2, Web Services, WebSockets



Analysis methods and tools

Design Patterns, OOP, Sonar

Development Environment

GIT, GitLab

Software testing





Agile, Scrum, Facebook API, Google Maps API

Computer tools

MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

Mes études et formations

"Angular JS Advanced" Training.2014

"Angular JS Foundations" Training.2014

Symfony 2 Training.2014

Master Studies in Computer Science, Faculty of Science - "1 Decembrie" University, Alba-Iulia.2012-2014

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Faculty of Science - "1 Decembrie" University, Alba-Iulia.2009-2012