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PentalogDécembre 2018 - Présent

VP Data and Automation within the Pentalog group.
  • Marketing Automation offer owner in the Collaboration Framework, Maturity Model and 100% Agile in compliance with Pentalog Software Factory’s business method.
  • Providing support to the Pentalog Growth factory’s clients:
    -persona workshops focused on the content strategy of a client engaged in the food and agricultural industry;
    -a prospective analysis of new digital products and a GO / noGO analysis for the 3rd Marketo year, designed for the clients engaged in the journalism area.
  • Interim CMO for 5 months in order to ensure business continuity for content, SEO, PPC, website maintenance, social networks, events, data collection and marketing automation during the entitled CMO’s absence. It represented a proper opportunity to ensure the new launch in the summer 2019.
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CarrefourMars 2015 - Août 2018

E-commerce Romania Director within a leading multinational retail-specialized corporation based in France, a hypermarket pioneer.

Involvement in two main projects within Carrefour:

I.    The complete (back-office and front) redesign of
Role: Proxy Product Owner alongside the CEO, who was the product Stakeholder, and the ComEx (= CoDir) who were all my clients.
  • Redesign of three old Carrefour Romania websites, an old application and a marketplace project not yet launched => in a unique portal in the Agile business environment and 2 weeks’ sprints.
  • The design of the website was GDPR-based through its design, low maintenance by design, SEO by design, multi-outsourcing agencies (with production and specific code validation environments).
  • Setting up the basics of the first fidelity program of Carrefour Romania.
  • The specifications were set up by three interns integrated in the E-commerce department (the IT E-commerce team was composed of 12 people out of which 3 architects, 2 QAs and 7 POs) and validated by myself before pre-grooming and, subsequently by the ComEx and discussed with the two production agencies during grooming.
  • Monthly demos (both two sprints) (always) with the CEO and certain ComEx members involved in functionalities (on a-case-by-case basis).
  • Setting up focus groups (external users) 5 months prior to the website launch for functionalities testing.
  • Setting up a stress and penetration testing strategy with two external and competitive agencies.
  • Providing assistance to the building a recovery plan in case of natural disasters.
  • Hosting Oracle cloud.
  • Cost: 1 million euros.
  • Duration: 18 months for the launch of the “must-have” version; 24 months for financial flows.

II.    Building an E-commerce ERP for Carrefour.
- The first internal soft developed by Carrefour.
- The ERP includes a WMS (warehouse management system) and a TMS (transport management system), an OMS (order management system), a Price simulator (partly launched) and an Employee planning tool (never launched).

    Role: Product Owner and Stakeholder.
  • Building the technical architecture together with the architects consultants of two outsourcing agencies and functional architecture together with the E-commerce teams of Carrefour France, which had been using a 18-year-old WMS.
  • Coordinating a second team of developers (besides the first one who was focused on the website building) composed of Carrefour personnel and two outsourcing agencies working according to the Agile principles; the maximum numbers of team members were 45 and 23 people at the website launch moment, namely May 17th 2018.
  • Training the ComEx and the teams (18 people) followed by the second and third ones (a total of 150 people) according to the Agile principles.
  • Cost: 2 millions euros.
  • Duration: 24 months of internal validation + 12 months of implementation until the “must-have” prod launch.
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NielsenMars 2013 - Mars 2015

BPI Black Belt within an American information, data and competitive sales measurement company.
  • Repairing and designing new global IT processes with business impact > 0.5$.
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ParadaNovembre 2013 - Septembre 2014

Pro-bono Leader for a foundation involved in taking care of the children living in the Bucharest streets.
  • Assisting the foundation to optimize its operational process.
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MarketScience FranceAvril 2012 - Avril 2013

Product Manager within a French marketing company.

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RetailNet GroupNovembre 2008 - Mars 2012

Retail Consultant for a leading-edge thinking expert company in retail strategy, brand leadership, operations, merchandising and consumer marketing.
  • Strategic consultancy for French headquartered retailers.
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KantarAvril 2004 - Mai 2008

Business Process Manager for a global leader in market research, world market information and business analysis company.
  • Running the process and coordinating the analyst team for forecast production.
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GNFAOctobre 2000 - Mars 2004

Account Manager for a network developed in the vehicle industry.
  • Running the consultancy program for Volkswagen Group in France.
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HeinekenSeptembre 1997 - Septembre 1998

Area Marketing Manager for an international brewer.
  • Running the marketing and sales activity in the north-western Romania.

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ITALIAN: Advanced
ENGLISH: Advanced
FRENCH: Advanced
ROMANIAN: Native speaker

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Marketing Automation



Data Architecture


Facilitation, Teamwork, Leadership, Growth Marketing, Product Ownership, Mentoring, Agile, Market research, Data and Automation, Business Process Design, Product Management, Data Modeling, Consulting, Growth Hacking, Project Management, Data Forecasting, Business Strategy, Coaching, Marketing Automation, Sales, E-commerce, Digital Strategy, Financial knowledge, Six Sigma, Confluence



Mes études et formations

Master's Degree in Law, Economics and Administration, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - University of Orleans.1998 - 1999

Master's Degree in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - "Babes Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca.1997 - 1998

Bachelor's Degree in Commerce and Marketing, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration - "Babes Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca.1993 - 1997