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A Seamless PlatformMars 2021 - Présent

Developer with EDI technologies.
  • Developing, testing and implementing EDI transaction maps.
  • EDI documentation maintenance.
  • Transforming corporate decisions into technical specifications.
  • Close collaboration with the team members.
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Pentalog Products DevelopmentJuillet 2019 - Présent

Data Engineer.

Member of the DataOps team in Pentalog Products Development department.

Data viz.
  • Exploring data, assessing values, visualizing them in charts and putting them on dashboards.
  • Finding new ways of representing data that open new perspectives.
  • Designing data and integrating data modeling gaps.
  • Giving feedback to Data Engineers and asking them to integrate more data, structuring them differently and evolving data models.
  • Finding new ways of exploring data.
Business data analysis.
  • Analyzing collected data and business processes for further improvement.
BI Tableau Developer.
  • Consuming API data or data from Speed layer in order to build Tableau reports / dashboards.
Legacy BI.
  • Maintaining and migrating legacy reports from Spago BI.
  • Analyzing, understanding customer / user reporting needs.
  • Building reports.
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A leader in the Pool and Spa industryOctobre 2020 - Décembre 2020

Developer in the ESB team.
  • High quality development and source code maintenance.
  • Testing components and bug fixing.
  • Gaining hands-on experience with web service creation and their integration in ESB platform workflow.
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Pentalog FranceJuillet 2016 - Juin 2019

Business Intelligence Developer.

Member of the Pentalog Products Development department.
  • Working on SpagoBI 5.1/5.2 knowage Business Intelligence server.
  • Using Talend Open Studio for ETL Data integration.
  • Reporting based on Birt Eclipse.
  • Databases and warehousemanagement using MySQL.
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BIESSE SOLUTIONSeptembre 2011 - Avril 2016

Developer within an IT solutions company, providing software development and IT services to corporations worldwide.
  • SQL database development.
  • SAP B1 add-on development.
  • Building desktop applications using C#, VB6 as well as web applications using ASP.NET.
  • Development of AS400 terminal applications.
  • Development of a common platform for the management of bank debits.
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IntellCredit SpA - Telkom SpAJanvier 2011 - Janvier 2014

Developer within one of the most important credit management companies in Italy, providing different financial services.
  • Application development according to functional and technical specifications.
  • Interacting with other team members and providing solutions to given problems.
  • Finding and implementing solutions to overcome different device bugs.
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it-4eachJuin 2010 - Septembre 2011

Developer within a company which designs, develops and integrates different business solutions in order to build a top quality software system.
  • Database development using ADO.NET and ASP.NET.
  • Web application (ASP.NET – C# code behind) / desktop application development.
  • Use of several technologies for the database environment, such as: SQL Server 2008R2, MySQL Server 5.0; (stored procedures, functions, triggers (SQL), dbmail, import/export).
  • Use of Visual Studio 2008/2010 (C# Language), Visual Web Developer 2010 (web application) for the development environment.
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Delphi Diesel SystemsOctobre 2008 - Juin 2010

Maintenance Engineer within a leading global technology company delivering solutions for automotive and commercial vehicle markets.
  • Being part of the powertrain division.
  • Maintenance in the automation field.
  • Maintenance and control for plant infrastructure installations such as: chilled water systems, compressed air networks, close circuit television systems, demineralized water network, low voltage outlet distribution.
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Software si Sisteme Informatice BucovinaSeptembre 2002 - Octobre 2008

Scientific Researcher  in Programming within a company working on applied scientific research and technological transfer, specialized design, software development, web design and high value expertise in information technology (training, testing, advisory).
  • Design,development and integration of several platforms/systems using hardware and software resources.
  • Development of desktop/web applications.

Development of various projects within the company as a member of the development teams:
- A multiple sensors platform based on biometrical technologies for the management of the restricted areas access.
- An open platform based on new technologies for mobile communications for traveling services in tourist areas.
- A new technology for electronic tickets and for the management of transactions in the urban transport for public.
- A pioneer advanced platform for the online management of information regarding automobiles, traffic and transport, related to socio-economic environment evolution at national level and European integration requests.
- Innovative solutions for intelligent vehicles for a more appropriate public transport, respecting tough rules of the new European laws.
- An information system for the online management of urban traffic, citizen mobility with comfort and safety conditions, as an endurable development component into the European context.
- A decisional support for the management of the landslide risk on a geographical natural disaster exposed area.

Mes études et formations

Bachelor's Degree in Automation and Industrial Devices, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science - "Stefan cel Mare" University, Suceava.1997 - 2002